8 Best Sheets for the Money You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2022

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Bedsheets. They are one of those household staples that you really HAVE to have. They are also home goods that can be found in lots of different places – everywhere from high-end bedding stores to big box discount stores and certainly all over the Internet – at lots of different price points.

Speaking of price, some sheets can be very pricey. Eye wateringly so in some cases. So being aware of your budget when shopping for bed linen is more than understandable. However, opting for unbelievably cheap bed sheets can be a false economy as they won’t offer a great night’s sleep and probably won’t last too long either.

Here we want to offer a look at some of the best sheets for the money that strike a great balance between affordability, comfort and durability. But before we do that, let’s take a look at some basics to keep in mind when shopping for the best bed sheets in general.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

Choose the Right Fabric

Bedsheets are offered in lots of different fabric choices. Which you opt for will depend on a number of personal preferences, buy it’s important to realize there are significant differences between them.

Bamboo, for example, is great for hot sleepers as it is naturally exceptionally cooling. Cotton, especially Egyptian cotton is cooling too and is durable and relatively easy to care for. Microfiber tends to be the most affordable choice but may sleep hot unless the weave is one that will add breathability.

Thread Count Isn’t Everything

Lots of people think that the higher the thread count, the better the bedsheet. Thread count DOES matter, but the highest thread counts do not always mean that the sheets you are considering are the best, or even the softest, sheets.

A ‘good’ thread count for cotton is between 200-800. Yes, those 200 thread count sheets may be as soft and durable as 600 count sheets if they are made well and don’t have lots of artificial dyes and feature a breathable weave.

Know the Difference Between Weaves

Speaking of weaves, what is the difference anyway? There are three major weave types it will help you to understand as you shop:

Sateen: Sateen does not refer to satin (which is a fabric type and something quite different) but to a type of weave. Sheets with a sateen weave are soft and a little shiny though but as it is a looser weave may lack the durability that sheets with a tighter weave will boast.

Percale: A percale weave is the most common weave used for bed sheets. It makes use of a thread count of at least 180 and produces a durable, easier to launder finish.

Combed Cotton: You may see some cotton bed sheets marked as combed cotton. This means that the cotton is combed prior to weaving to remove any stray short fibers, leaving only the longer ones that will help produce a softer finished product.

Measure Out Your Mattress

Even the best bed sheets won’t offer a great night’s sleep if they do not fit properly, especially if they are too small. Take a few minutes to measure your mattress before you shop. Often people think they have a full mattress, for example, that when measured turns out to be a Queen. And as a standard full mattress measures 53 inches by 75 inches versus a Queen at 60 inches by 80 inches, the size difference can be significant, even if you have never noticed it before.

Always Check the Return Policy

If you spend $20 on a set of bedsheets and they cannot be returned for sanitary reasons, it’s not a huge loss. On the other hand, if you pay over $100 and the same policy applies it’s a problem. That’s why it is essential you understand any return policy attached to a set of bedsheets before you buy them.

The 8 Best Sheets for the Money Reviews

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets: eLuxury

Teal colored Egyptian cotton sheet set
Credit: eLuxury.com

Why You’ll Love Them: If you’re looking for hotel-quality linen, these high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are soft, durable and available in some great color choices to match almost any décor.

These sateen weave sheets boast not only a 1200 thread count, assuring you they will be wonderfully soft – and will only get softer every time they are washed – but also that they are durable enough to last for years with the right care. Available in shades that range from a traditional bright white to a subtle, stylish cream and a dramatic, rich burgundy. Fitting deep pocket mattresses up to 15 deep, these sheets come in twin, full, queen and king and comes with free shipping.

Ready to try these breathable sheets for yourself?

See this luxurious 1200 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set on eLuxury »

Best Eucalyptus Sheets: SIJO

Sijo 100% Austrian Eucalyptus Lyocell Tencel Sheet Set in Sky Color
Credit: sijo.com

Why You’ll Love Them: These eco-friendly and chemical-free sheets sleep deliciously cool and come in a wide range of beautiful colors.

Eucalyptus isn’t just for koala bears; it can be a terrific addition to bedsheets too. Eucalyptus can be used to create a very eco-friendly fabric called Tencel, and that is just what you’ll find in these great bedsheets. They are cooling, durable and they are certified organic, so you can enjoy an even better night’s sleep knowing you are doing your bit for the planet! These silky soft and smooth sheets are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king, offered in 8 neutral colors and comes with one fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases. Sijo offers a 30-night trial period.

Check out this 100% Austrian Eucalyptus Lyocell Tencel Sheet Set on Sijo »

Best Pima Cotton Sheets: Peru Pima

Peru Pima Cotton Breathable/Deep Pocket, 415 Thread Count, Solid 3-Piece Bed Sheet Set (1 Flat, 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Pillow Covers)- Twin Bed Sheet Set, Ash Grey

Why You’ll Love Them: These Pima cotton sheets are the choice of lots of luxury hotel chains, so you know they’ll give you a better than average night’s sleep and last a long time too!

When big hotel chains like the Hilton chain purchase bedsheets they want them to be soft and comfortable, but they also want them to be durable and easy to launder. Peru Pima is a high-quality cotton that can offer all this and more, and the bright white color these sheets are offered in add that hotel bed vibe too. These 415 thread count 100% Peruvian Pima cotton sheet sets are available in 15 colors and offered in 6 sizes.

Buy these 4-piece Percale cotton sheet set on Amazon »

Best Tencel Sheets: Brooklyn Bedding

Silky tencel sheets in color stone
Credit: brooklynbedding.com

Why You’ll Love Them: Eco-friendly TENCEL™ meets the softness of a Sateen weave to produce a bedsheet you’ll love sleeping on.

The soft, shiny finish that a sateen weave produces usually sleeps as good as it looks. Plant derived Lyocell technology used in these sheets helps keep you cooler as well. We love the cool blue color too. Did you know that color experts say that blue is a sleep promoting color? That means that these bedsheets may help you fall asleep faster too! Comes with a 30-night trial period, free returns and a 3-year warranty.

Ready to try these silky soft sheets for yourself?

Get this 4-piece TENCEL™ Lyocell sheet set on Brooklyn Bedding »

Best Bamboo Sheets: Nolah

A bedroom featuring stone colored bamboo sheet set from Nolah
Credit: nolah.com

Why You’ll Love Them: Bamboo and cotton are some of best bedsheet fabrics you can buy, so combining the two makes for an incredibly soft, silky, and supple bed sheet!

Bamboo is an increasingly popular choice for bedsheets as not only is it very cooling – even cooler than Egyptian cotton – but exceptionally durable and boasts natural antibacterial and moisture wicking properties too. These 240-thread count sheets are crafted from 60% bamboo and 40% cotton. This means that they offer everything that a good bamboo sheet does, but also the easier care and slightly shinier finish that a high-quality cotton bedsheet does.

There are five bedding sizes available, ranging from Twin XL to California King, and you can choose between two different colors white and grey.

Click here to see this 4-piece Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set on Nolah »

Best French Linen Sheets: SIJO

French linen bedding and duvet cover set in color blush
Credit: sijo.com

Why You’ll Love Them: Linen is cool, soft, durable and static-free. People have been choosing to sleep on linen sheets for centuries, so why shouldn’t you enjoy the same comfort?

These hypoallergenic French linen sheets are stone washed the old-fashioned way to help ensure they are even softer than standard linen sheets and yet they are still exceptionally durable and cooling. Linen is also very eco-friendly, and these sheets even come with a 365-night free trial, something that is increasingly hard to find in the bedding industry.

““WOW….. THEY ARE AMAZING!” Just in awe” wrote one customer. “The French Linen Sheets feel so soft and are sleep ready right out of the bag. These are clearly high quality luxury sheets.”

See this 3 and 4-pce 100% French Flax Linen Sheet Set on Sijo »

Best Silkiest Sheets: Layla

White Bamboo Bed Sheets
Credit: laylasleep.com

Why You’ll Love Them: Offered by one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the US today these 100% bamboo sheets will keep you cool and last for years.

Bamboo, as we’re mentioned, is a smart choice for bed sheets, especially if you are a hot sleeper, as they sleep up to three degrees cooler than their cotton counterparts.

“These are definitely the softest, smoothest sheets I’ve had” says one customer.

There are seven bedding sizes available, ranging from Twin to Split King, and you can choose between two different colors white and gray.

These 100% viscose from bamboo sheets are perhaps an even better buy than many as you can try them, risk free, for up to ten days at home.

See these silky soft Bamboo Bed Sheets on Layla Sleep »

Best Crisp Sheets: Luxor Linens

Egyptian bed sheets
Credit: luxorlinens.com

Why You’ll Love Them: If you want to enjoy the wonderful cooling, crisp yet soft Egyptian cotton sheets every night then this sheet set is a wonderful choice.

The Valentino collection is made from the finest 100% Extra Long Staple Mercerized Egyptian cotton. At a 1200 thread count these sheets are super soft and yet exceptionally durable, as well as easy to care for. The standard bright white option is a classic, but the soft taupe is an excellent choice too, especially if your bedroom décor features warmer tones.

“Light weight and smooth, they washed beautifully with no wrinkles. The bottom sheet has deep corner pockets and the top sheet is wide enough to extend comfortably over the sides” noted one customer.

These sheets properly fits mattresses up to 19″ and can custom tailored upon request. Set contains 2 pillow cases, 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet and comes in 8 sizes from Twin to Split-King.

Shop the Valentino 1200 Thread Count Sheets Set on Luxor Linens »

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