How To Put Sheets on a Loft or Bunk Bed In 6 Easy Steps

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Loft beds – essentially bunk beds for grown-ups – are the logical choice of bed for many, especially those living – and sleeping – in a smaller space.

If you live in a small apartment – especially if it’s a studio apartment – a loft bed can not only allow you to enjoy the roomy comfort of a full size bed without gobbling up too much of your precious square footage, but also add both form and function to what can be very hard to furnish spaces.

One thing that some people do worry about when considering whether a loft bed is the right choice for them is how difficult it is going to be to put sheets on a loft bed, and then change them as often as they should be. Some people skip the idea altogether, leaving them dealing with a space that’s probably more cramped than it needs to be.

By definition, a loft bed is significantly elevated from floor level, and often only has a simple ladder or thin set of steps to access it, so the idea of changing its bedding can seem like a challenge it will be hard to overcome.

The fact is that there is no one size fits all solution here. The amount of work required to put on and then change the sheets on a loft bed depends on your bed’s size, where it is in your room, and your personal physical capabilities.

But regardless of your circumstances, you can utilize some or all of these helpful tips to make it all much simpler, which will allow you to buy that loft bed your apartment is perfectly suited to after all.

Step 1: Get Some Help

Bedroom with wooden bunk beds in a hallway for adults or kids

Ideally putting sheets on a loft bed is a two-person job as it involves climbing or elevating yourself off the ground, and any time you do that having a spotter – and/or a second pair of hands – is going to make things simpler and safer.

If you have a partner or roommate, or even just a friend who’s popped by, waiting to put sheets on your loft bed will be a lot easier.

Step 2: Pull the Bed Out a Few Inches

Making a loft bed can be greatly simplified by slightly pushing the bed frame away from the wall. You might be able to access more, if not all four sides of the mattress, depending on how much room you have.

That will undoubtedly make it simpler to firmly tuck the ends of the top sheet in and secure a fitted sheet to each corner, both of which will make for a much comfier night’s sleep.

Step 3: Use a Sturdy Step Stool

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Have no one to help you put sheets on your loft bed today?

Reaching up high enough to reach all four corners of your loft bed safely is probably the biggest challenge of all when it comes to putting sheets on it. Your access ladder will provide you access to one end, but what about the other?

That’s where a sturdy step stool comes in. You can move the stool as you work, and it will be sturdier than trying to balance on one foot to reach the end of your bed!

Step 4: Lift the Mattress a Little

Encasing a mattress with a mattress encasement

Pulling the mattress away from the slats is another simple method you can use to give yourself a little extra assistance when putting sheets on a loft bed.

Then you can rest a portion of it on the safety rails. That makes it considerably easier to reach all four corners from almost any position.

Even better, you could turn the mattress 180 degrees so that the ‘unclothed side’ is resting on the rails on the other side.

Because of this, you can quickly fix the sheet on the mattress’s two sides before moving it or putting it back where it belongs. However, only attempt this if you have the strength – and the room – to move the mattress safely.

Step 5: Add Some Sheet Straps

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It can be stressful to change the sheets on any style of bed, especially a loft bed, but it’s even more annoying when you put in all that effort only to have your sheets come off in the wee hours and you find yourself waking up in a tangle of sheets you’ll need to go to the time and hassle of putting on again.

Sheet straps can be a simple, inexpensive answer to this problem. They only cost a few bucks, are easy to buy online, and they last for years.  When putting sheets on your loft bed, clipping these straps to the fitted sheet will keep everything securely fastened until the next time you have to change your bedding.

Step 6: Make Bed Changing on Bunk Beds Easier Using The Right Kind of Sheets

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You can go a step further and shop for some specialty sheets. The all-in-one Beddy’s bedding set zips together like a sleeping bag and includes your sheets, comforter, and pillowcase in one piece.

You can get everything you need in a single buy, and they are available in a wide selection of sizes, styles and come with a variety of accessory options.

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