The Best Satin Sheets

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There’s no doubt that satin sheets add an instant touch of luxury to any bed, and can enhance the appearance of a bedroom at the same time. But if you begin to shop for satin sheets, you’ll find that there are lots to choose from, and making the best choice can seem rather daunting.

Because many opt for satin sheets for their luxurious look and feel, that’s just what we are going to cover here: our picks for the best luxury sheets. We’ll also be covering just what satin is, how it differs from other bed sheet types and more. However, let’s look first at our top five choices for luxury satin bed sheets we think you’ll love.

Everyday Satin Sheets For a Truly Luxe Bed

1. Pure Bedding Luxury Satin Sheet Set

Satin Sheets Full [4-Piece, Black] Hotel Luxury Silky Bed Sheets - Extra Soft 1800 Microfiber Sheet Set, Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant - Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Pillow Cases

Why You’ll Love Them: Their silky sheen aside, these satin bedsheets are stain, wrinkle and snag resistant, and can easily be tossed in the wash when it’s time to clean and refresh them.

With over 16,000 reviews and counting, these are some of the most popular satin bed sheets on Amazon, and for good reason. They offer affordable luxury, boast an 1800 thread count and are made using microfiber, which is very easy to care for. The sheets are also available in a wide range of colors and all the bed sizes you can think of, including California King.

Pros: very affordable sheet set, can be washed and dried in standard home machines, wrinkle resistant and won’t need ironing, stain resistant, sleep very cool, available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Cons: some people do not like microfiber and prefer a polyester derived satin.

A High Quality, Deep Pocket Satin Sheets At An Affordable Price

2. MK Collection Satin Sheet Set

Mk Collection Soft Silky Satin Solid Color Deep Pocket Sheet Set (Champagne, Queen)

Why You’ll Love These: Available in a range of bright, rich jewel colors, these satin sheets will add instant luxury in terms of both look and feel to any bed.

If you like bright colors and are looking for that very shiny satin finish, then these sheets might be perfect for you. Available in a wide range of sizes and offering a deep pocket flat sheet as standard, the sheets in this set can be washed and tumble dried at home and while they may need a quick iron to lay completely flat the effort will be worth it for many.

Pros: available in a range of beautiful rich colors and a variety of sizes, crafted from a durable polyester based satin, easy to launder at home, high sheen, cool sleeping fabric finish, very affordably priced.

Cons: some people find these sheets ’too slippery’ to sleep on comfortably, may need to be ironed to look their very best.

Satin Sheets With Widest Choice of Colors and Bed Sizes

Royal Opulence Divatex Home Fashions Satin 3 pcs Queen Sheet Set, Red

Why You’ll Love These: Offered by a well known name in bedding, these satin sheets offer 100% polyester comfort and a wrinkle free finish right out of your tumble dryer.

If you prefer ‘traditional’ satin sheet colors – black, white, cream or red – then these sheets are available in all of these and more. The deep stick hem adds additional visual appeal, and the sheets themselves are wrinkle resistant right out of the dryer.

Pros: high quality 100% polyester satin sheets, available in a wide range of traditional colors and standard bed sizes, can be laundered at home and come out of the dryer wrinkle free, offers a luxury satin bedsheet feel at a very reasonable price.

Cons: Not as many color options as some of the other choices on our list, not as shiny as some luxury satin sheets.

Cooling Satin Sheets From a Trusted Brand

4. Ersmak Satin Sheet Set

Ersmak 7 Pieces Satin Sheets Set Full Size, Luxury Silky Grey Satin Bed Sheets Set with 1 Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet, 1 Soft Flat Sheet, 4 Queen Pillowcases and 1 Body Pillowcase

Why You’ll Love These: Wrinkle free and easy to care for these satin sheets offer the Hollywood opulence many people are willing to pay a little more for.

Satin, while not the same as silk at all, is often mistaken for it, especially when the sheen is a thicker, slightly matte texture like the one these sheets offer. The color range features Hollywood glam colors like Pink Champagne and a rich Deep Beige and will certainly look and feel great on your bed.

Pros: silk like sheen adds extra luxury to both the look and feel, cooler sleeping than some satin options, crafted from durable brushed polyester, available in a range of glamorous colors.

Cons: more expensive than some of the other options on our list, not available in California King Size

The Ultimate Splurge-Worthy 100% Cotton Satin Sheets

RUVANTI 100% Cotton Sheets for California King Size Bed - Crispy Cooling Percale Sheets - Breathable & Durable Cal King Sheet Set - 16 Inches Deep Pocket Size Sheets - Erica Floral - 4 Pieces

Why You’ll Love These: If you are looking for patterned satin sheets that are actually woven from cotton, then these offer both floral and more contemporary pattern choices you’ll love.

Some people prefer to add a little more personality to their bed with patterned sheets, and if you are one of those people, then these satin sheets have severe to offer. Personally, we love the modern art inspired lilac and rose pattern! The fact that these sheets can be tossed in the wash and are wrinkle resistant too makes them even more appealing.

Pros: exciting and attractive patterned silk sheets, available in a range of styles, soft 100% cotton sateen that can be washed and dried at home, wrinkle resistant.

Cons: not as silky to the touch as some other options on our list, one of the more expensive choices on our list.

Satin Sheet FAQs

Have a question about satin sheets before you buy them? Hopefully you’ll find the answers here.

What are Satin Sheets Made Of?

Satin is technically only a fabric weave that can be manufactured from a variety of base materials. Natural silk, which satin is sometimes mistaken for, might feel sumptuous but must be dry cleaned or hand washed and air dried and is rather expensive. Satin offers a similar look and feel at a lower price and can usually be washed and dried at home.

The majority of “satin” sheets you’ll find when shopping are a combination of synthetic fabrics such as rayon, polyester, or microfiber.

Is Satin the Same as Sateen?

As you shop for bed sheets you may come across bed sheets labeled ‘sateen’ instead of satin and wonder if the two are the same thing. Although they look and feel very similar, and have very similar looks, satin is usually woven using polyester or microfiber, while sateen is usually primarily cotton and, in higher end offerings, silk as well.

Pros and Cons of Satin Sheets

Should you opt for satin sheets, or for something different like cotton or silk? Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of satin sheets to help you decide:

Satin Sheet Pros

  • Satin sleeps cool, and is usually very breathable.
  • Satin sheets can usually be washed and dried in your machines at home, unlike silk sheets which usually have to be very carefully hand washed and line dried or dry-cleaned.
  • Satin makes for great sheets for dog hair since it resists dust and pet hair thanks to its smooth, shiny surface.
  • Satin sheets are usually quite durable, with the satin weave adding extra durability thanks to the unique stick pattern.

Satin Sheet Cons

  • Some people find satin too ‘slippery’ to sleep on comfortably.
  • Because they sleep rather cool, satin sheets can be unsuitable for use in the winter for those living (and sleeping) in colder climes.
  • Satin is neither as silky nor as durable as real silk.

Are Satin Sheets Hot or Cold?

Thanks to their breathable weave, most satin sheets sleep very cool, making them perfect for hot summer nights, but not so great for cold winter ones.

How To Wash Satin Sheets

Most satin sheets can be washed and tumble dried in standard home machines.   Do make sure you read the labels and follow the proper care instructions, though, as often they will need to be washed and dried on low temperatures.

How To Keep Satin Sheets on the Bed?

Satin sheets can feel very slippery, but that does not mean they will slide off the bed as long as you ensure that, when shopping, you opt for the right size for your bed. For example, don’t try to use King sheets on a Queen mattress, as those extra few inches, combined with the super smooth satin finish, will likely result in a lot of unwanted slipping and sliding!