Can Full Sheets Fit a Queen Bed?

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You need to change the sheets on your Queen bed, but the only ones that are clean are that full sheets set. Or you see a full sheet set that matches your bedroom decor to a t. But it is not available in Queen size. Both these situations – and others – raise a common question. Do full sheets fit a Queen bed?

The answer is, in a push, but it is not ideal. It is easier to use flat sheets designed for a full bed on a Queen version, but fitted sheets can be a real pain, although, with a few tweaks it can be done if you really have to. What are these tweaks? We will explain here, as well as take a closer look at why you should really try your best to fit your sheets to your bed, rather than the other way around.


Are full and Queen sheets the same size?

Some people, who perhaps are not well versed in standard bed sizes, do think that full and Queen sheets are ‘about’ the same size, as, from a distance at least, full and Queen beds can look remarkably similar.

The fact is however that the two are not the same size and neither are the sheets designed to fit them.

Queen and full bed sizes detailed

So, what is the real difference, in terms of numbers and measurements, between a full bed and a Queen bed?

A standard full bed (mattress) is 53 inches by 74 inches.

A Queen bed, on the other hand, measures 60 inches by 80 inches. So, as you can see, the difference between the two is actually quite significant.

Those few inches can take on even more significance if you share your bed with a partner. A full bed only gives each person – if you divide things up equally – 26.5 inches of sleeping width each.

A Queen, on the other hand, offers each of you a roomier 30 inches of sleeping width. For some, those extra four inches may be important!

Why are Queen beds so popular?

A Queen size bed is the one found most often in US bedrooms. But why is that, given that a King size bed is roomier? Or a full-size bed cheaper?

The answer may lay in statistics. According to the CDC the average height for Americans in the 21st century is 5’9″ for men and 5’4″ for women. King beds are often considered to be best suited for those over six feet, but if the CDC data is correct that does not apply to most of us, so a Queen bed fits most just fine.

Shaving off those few inches also often helps better fit a bed into the average bedroom, which has, in many areas of the country, shrunk over the last few decades. In many bedrooms a King size bed would leave little room for anything else, creating a cluttered look that is not incredibly attractive, or even very practical.

Waking up in the morning after a good night's sleep on bed

What size sheets fit a Queen bed?

The average Queen bed sheet can vary a little from manufacturer to manufacturer, but, on average the fitted sheet should be 60 in x 80 in and a flat sheet should measure 92 in x 108 in.

Again, these are rather different measurements than a full-size sheet set. For a full size set the fitted sheet usually measures 54 in x 76 in x 15 in and the flat sheet 87 in x 102 in.

One of the reasons that people sometimes opt to try and fit full sheets onto a Queen bed – and buy the ‘wrong’ sheets in the first place is that they think there is a pricing difference between the two. However, it is often not quite as significant as you might think.

For example, we happen to love these hotel style cotton sheets – as cotton is so breathable, soft, and easy to care for – and the difference in price between the full-size sheet set might surprise you, as the Queen option is actually just a few dollars more.

This is often the case these days as more and more of us opt for a roomier Queen bed over a full size.

Are there different size queen sheets?

Yes, since there are three non-standard queen bed sizes that exist.

The standard queen is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

The Olympic queen mattress is 66 inches wide x 80 inches long, which is 6 inches wider than standard queen beds. These beds are also sometimes referred to as “Expanded queen” beds.

The California queen is 60 inches wide and 84 inches long. Same width as a standard queen but 4 inches longer to sleep taller people more comfortably. Also known as a Queen XL and a common size for waterbeds.

Finally, there is the split Queen – most commonly seen in adjustable beds and has the same dimensions as a standard queen but the mattress is split in two parts, each one measuring 30 inches by 80 inches.

It’s important to note all four variants will have mattresses that range from 9 to 16 inches in thickness.

  • Standard Queen measures 60″ x 80″ and uses queen sheets.
  • Olympic Queen measures 66″ x 80″ and can use queen flat sheets, Cal King fitted sheet and Olympic queen sheets.
  • California Queen measures 60″ x 84″ and uses Cal queen sheets.
  • Split Queen measures 30″ x 80″ and can use half/split queen bed sheets and queen flat sheets.
  • Full/Double mattress measures 53″ x 74″ and uses full sheets.

What is the depth of a queen mattress?

One of the quirks of choosing a Queen mattress is that there really is no standard depth, and yours may be anywhere from seven to sixteen inches in depth! Many of the modern ‘buy online’ mattresses that are so popular right now measure in at around nine inches, but some can be far deeper than that.

This can sometimes present a challenge if you are buying a fitted sheet to fit a queen bed.

One that is not deep enough may slip and slide off or bunch up and become extremely uncomfortable at just the wrong time, as in when you are trying to get a good’s night’s sleep.

If yours is a deep Queen mattress you might want to consider shopping specifically for ‘deep pocket’ fitted sheets. For a Queen size bed these are not quite as easy to find as for a King size or California King bed, but they are out there.

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These fitted sheets, for example, are perfect for extra tall mattresses, as they can cover up to 24 inches in depth and feature an elastic on the fitted sheets that is designed to cling to the bed at any depth and prevent bunching and ride up.

Check out these fitted sheets for extra tall mattresses on Amazon

Can You Use Full Sheets to Fit a Queen Bed?

Remember those hacks we mentioned? The ones that might let you use those heirloom full size sheets on your Queen bed? Or still help ensure your Queen guest bed is comfortable even if you forgot to buy new Queen size sheets to fit it?

These really only need to apply to fitted sheets. Flat sheets do not need to fit exactly while you sleep, and most people will rarely notice the difference between a full and Queen flat sheet. Although there technically is one. Making the bed may not be quite as neat, but you can usually compensate for that fact by covering your sheets with a comforter or duvet.

Bed Sheet Holder Straps - Sheet Straps Adjustable Bed Sheet Clips Fasteners Keep Sheets Stays in Place,2Pcs/Set Black

The first hack is making use of what are known as sheet straps. Sheet straps are also known as sheet suspenders, and they can be used to gently extend a full size fitted sheet to fit a Queen size bed.

They are very inexpensive – usually less than ten dollars per set – and great to have on hand not just to help fit a full sheet to a Queen size bed but to help ensure that fitted sheets in general stay in place.

See these bed sheet holder straps on Amazon

If you are handy with a sewing machine, or even just a needle and thread, you can also try extending the sheet by adding additional fabric to the middle of the sheet. This informative video shows you how it is done, and this technique actually works very well for any deeper bed as well. Sheet suspenders will not always work well with a deeper mattress, so this quick sew method may be great for you.

Tips to Find the Perfect Bed Sheet Sizes

Given both the uncommon bed sizes and the variance in mattress height here’s a guideline to help you find the perfect bed sheet size for your bed:

  • Choose extra deep bed sheets for extra tall sleepers.
  • Choose extra deep bedding for thicker mattresses. A pillow top mattress adds an extra 2 to 4 inches of depth to the mattress. Fitted sheets in particular need to fit snugly over the mattress in a box.
  • Get accurate measurement when buying adjustable bed sheets. Adjustable bed sizing is different from normal beds.
  • Always check the label for accurate sizing.

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