Best Sheets for Dog Hair

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There are lots of pet parents who often share their bed with their pup. As nice as that can be for them and their canine kid there are a few issues that can make the experience less pleasant than it sounds at first. One of those is dog hair all over your sheets!

Is there anything you can do about dog hair on your sheets? There certainly is, starting with buying the right sheets to minimize the problem in the first place.

That is something we are going to take a closer look at now, as well as just what makes for the best sheets for dog hair in the first place.


Best Sheets for Dog Hair Reviews

Best Overall Sheets: eLuxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set


Why You’ll Love These: Available in lots of different stylish colors and offering exceptional durability these everyday sheets offer affordable luxury, something you and your dog will love.

The eLuxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set is a two-piece set – consisting of a fitted sheet and a top sheet – available in four bed sizes: full, Queen, King and California King.

The set is offered in a variety of colors, everything from a dark navy blue to a very elegant ice white and boosts a 1000 thread count. The sateen finish of sheets means that it is less likely to provoke that itchy feeling that some sheets can, especially when new.

Pros: High quality high thread count sheets, all sizes available, available to fit deep mattresses of up to 16″, easy to wash, can be tumble dried.

Cons: Pillowcases are sold separately.

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Best for Durability: Simple & Opulence Pure Linen Sheet Set

Simple&Opulence 100% Linen Hollow Hemstitch Sheet Set -4 Pieces European Flax Pure Washed Bed Sheets (1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet,2 Pillowcases) -Breathable and Soft (Hemstitch Linen,Queen)

Why You’ll Love These: As the name suggests this sheet set offers simple elegance that will match well with almost any bedroom decor and outlast most other sheet sets even with everyday use.

The Simple & Opulence Pure Linen Sheet Set makes use of 100% linen cotton, which gets softer with every wash. Much like your favorite pair of jeans these really do get better with age. Available in five light neutral colors and for twin, Queen and King size beds these bedsheets are an excellent choice for everyday dog cospleeping use.

Pros: 100% linen construction is soft and durable, comes in a number of attractive, muted neutrals, easy to launder, simply toss in the wash, softens over time for an extremely comfortable feel, set comes complete with fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillowcases.

Cons: Not available in full size, light colors only, lower thread count than some bed sheets on our list, not available in California King size.

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Best Luxury Sheets: Colorado Home Mulberry Silk Sheet Set

Colorado Home Co - Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets Set, 100% Silk Sheets, Flat Sheet, Deep Pocket Full Fitted Sheet, Silk Pillowcase 2 Pack Envelope Closure Twin Set, Off White, 4pcs Queen Size Bedding Sets

Why You’ll Love These: Some people love the cooling feel of silk sheets next to their skin. If you are one of them, you will love this versatile, stylish sheet set.

Offered in an elegant ice white or dazzling gold, these 100% silk sheets offer the ultimate in sleeping luxury.

Cool sleeping and soft according to some sleeping on silk sheets even helps prevent wrinkles! Mulberry silk is coveted as the best in the world, thanks to the fact that the raw silk used to create it – as provided by the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth – is some of the finest and smoothest.

Pros: Elegant and cooling, exceptionally soft to sleep on, available in Full, Queen and King sizes, set features fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases.

Cons: Harder to launder, may snag more easily than cotton sheets, not offered for a California King bed.

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Best Crisp Linen Sheets: DAPU Linen Cotton Sheets Set

DAPU Cotton Linen Blend Sheets Set, 55% French Linen 45% Long-Staple Cotton, Breathable and Durable, 4 Pcs Set - 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases (Gray/Cotton Linen, Queen)

Why You’ll Love These: If you like the cool feel of crisp linen and are looking for a sheet set that is durable and versatile, then these may be the right choice for you and your pup.

Offered in a wide range of soft, light neutral colors and available in full, Queen and King sizes these sheets are a blend of cotton and French linen and are dyed using natural pigments rather than artificial dyes. The sheets are pre-washed and pre-shrunk too, so there will not be any size surprises after that first wash!

Pros: Cool sleeping and soft, durable, eco-conscious natural dyes, no surprise shrinkage, two pillowcases included in the set.

Cons: Not available in darker colors, not available for California King size beds.

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Best Budget Buy: Pure Bedding Silky Microfiber Sheets

Satin Sheets Queen [4-Piece, White] Hotel Luxury Silky Bed Sheets - Extra Soft 1800 Microfiber Sheet Set, Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant - Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Pillow Cases

Why You’ll Love These: If you like the feeling of silk, but do not want to spend a lot on sheets these durable microfiber sheets are a smart choice.

Microfiber is one of those modern fabrics that almost has it all. It is affordable, durable, easy to launder and can be woven into lots of different finishes, including a silky feeling fabric like the one used to craft these sheets. They are available in every popular bed size and a wide range of light and dark colors too!

Pros: Very affordable, easy to launder, will not snag as easily as pure silk, come with a limited Lifetime Guarantee against shrinkage.

Cons: Not as long-lasting as many other options on this list

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How to Choose Bed Sheets to Repel Dog Hair

Happy little dog resting in bed with his owner
The best sheets for dog hair are tightly woven, low on static, and durable

The bedsheets sets on our list are just some of the shopping options available to pet parents looking for the best sheets for dog hair, there are many others. However, there are some basics to keep in mind as you shop that will help you find the right sheets for you and your dog whatever the particular product you eventually choose:

Dog Hair Proof Fabric

While there is not a 100% dog hair proof fabric, some choices are certainly more dog hair resistant than others.

Here is a look at some of the characteristics that the best sheets for dog hair should share:

Higher Thread Counts

The higher a sheet’s stated thread count is the more tightly it is woven. A tighter weave means that there is less space between the threads for dog hair to become trapped in. Perhaps the ideal thread count for dog proof sheets is around 600, but anything above 500 is acceptable.

Easy to Launder

In addition to shedding his fur your pup may not always be the cleanest thing that touches your sheets. This means that the easier your shared bedsheets are to wash the better.


Every pup has claws that can be pretty sharp, and thin sheets will snag and tear even accidentally if your pup gets playful at bedtime! Thicker linens are pure high thread count cotton sheets tend to stand up best to dog claws, but silk, as delicate as it looks, is tough as well, and microfiber is woven with durability in mind.

Bedsheet Fabrics to Avoid When Sleeping with Dogs

A beautiful puppy sharing bed with owner
When shopping for sheets, consider the fabric, thread count, and weave

Some fabrics are quite dog hair unfriendly. Loose weave fabrics such as flannel and jersey tend to ‘cling’ to dog hair and a thick, cushy fabric like velvet will do the same.

Dog Coat Color Match

One of the ways you can disguise any pet hair that does cling to your sheets is by choosing a sheet color that will disguise it. This will, of course, depend on the color of your pup’s coat. As a rule of thumb though lighter sheets are better for pups with white or golden coats while darker sheets – especially navy blue – are best for disguising hair left behind by brown-, black- or brindle-colored canines.