5 Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds

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Today we are going to look at a new bedding challenge; sheets for adjustable beds. Finding bedding that stays put on an ordinary bed can be hard enough. What do you do when you have an adjustable bed though?

If you’re wondering how those sheets stay put and whether you can use regular sheets for them, you’ll find those answers here, along with a helpful guide and 5 reviews for the best sheets for an adjustable bed.

Can you use regular sheets for adjustable beds?

Now, try to picture what happens to your fitted sheet with all of that bending and movement going on with your adjustable mattress. You’ll have areas that are too snug or that become too loose when the tension of the sheet changes. This leads to the bottom sheet slipping off and, over time, to the sheet losing its shape.

The main problem with regular sheets on an adjustable bed is the fit. An adjustable bed needs a sheet with deep pockets because they not only tend to have thicker mattresses, but they also need some extra room to accommodate all of that movement. Sheets for an adjustable bed are made specifically to accommodate the mattress thickness and motion.

So, to answer the question of whether you can use a regular sheet on an adjustable bed, the answer is no. You can try to use a regular sheet and buy elastic clips and straps to try to keep it on. However, this can be a lot of hassle and you may end up ruining your sheet.

Sheets for adjustable beds have built-in, thick elastic bands that slip over the corners to make sure it stays in place. They also have deeper pockets so that you have more material running under the mattress, preventing it from slipping off because it’s too close to the edge.

Reviews for the top 5 best sheets for adjustable beds

1. Best Overall: California Design Den Cotton Sheets

California Design Den Luxury Queen Size Sheet Set - 100% Cotton, 600 Thread Count Deep Pocket, Hotel-Quality Bedding with Sateen Weave - Ivory

Why You’ll Like Them: If you have a thicker mattress and want to buy sheets that are going to last for some time, this set from California Design Den is a good choice.

It’s our choice for the best overall sheet set because it covers all the areas we spoke about earlier. Made from 600 thread count 100% long-staple cotton, these sheets have a nice sateen finish to them that makes them feel soft against your skin. They are breathable and moisture-wicking to help keep you feeling cool at night. The high-quality cotton also means they are durable and will last for years to come.

They are very well stitched and the fitted sheet will fit mattresses between 9 to 18-inches deep and has thick strong elastic all around the sheet. This helps keep the sheet securely in place when adjusting the bed. They come in a wide variety of colors, are eco-friendly and certified by Okeo-Tex, and very easy to maintain.

Pros: good-quality 100% cotton, the fitted sheet has deep pockets, durable, breathable, easy to care for, has a very nice looking sateen weave finish, and is eco-friendly

Cons: Prone to wrinkle, the top sheet isn’t long enough for deep mattresses

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2. Best Value: Nestl Bedding

Nestl 5 Piece Luxury Split King Sheets Set for Adjustable Beds - Deep Pocket, Hotel Quality, Extra Soft, Breathable and Cooling, Grey

Why You’ll Like Them: You will like the Nestl Bedding 5-piece soft sheet set if you love the softness of microfiber and want to keep down the cost of your sheets for your split-king bed.

Made from high-quality 100% polyester microfiber, these sheets are double brushed on both sides to give them a super soft feel. They have a nice thickness to them while remaining breathable and lightweight, so you can use these year-round.

They are also hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for allergy sufferers. The tight weave also makes them pet-friendly because they repel allergens. The best part is that they are very inexpensive.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticated and has deep 16-inch pockets that will keep it securely on your adjustable bed. The sheets are durable and resistant to snagging and pilling. You have a nice selection of vibrant colors in a stripe design that is fade resistant and easy to care for.

Pros: Inexpensive, thick fabric that is still breathable and cooling, hypoallergenic, deep pockets, double-brushed, and can be used year-round

Cons:Prone to pill but this can be down to not following the care instructions properly

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3. Best Microfiber Sheets: Southshore Fine Linens

Southshore Fine Living, Inc. 6-Piece Extra Deep Pocket Queen Size Bed Sheets Set, Ultra-Soft Microfiber Bed Sheets with 21' Deep Fitted Sheet, Oversize Flat Sheet, 4 Pillowcases, Marsala

Why You’ll Like Them: If you are looking for a good value sheet that has really deep pockets for your thick mattress, Southshore Fine Linens has a sheet set for you.

Many people choose to add a topper to their adjustable bed. We know that adjustable bed mattresses tend to be taller and longer as it is. Southshore’s microfiber sheet set has solved this potential issue with its 21-inch deep pockets on their fitted sheet. The sheets are also extra-long and wide.

The 100% polyester microfiber material is double brushed on one side and single brushed on the other to give it an extra softness that feels like cotton. The hem has a pleated design that is well stitched for added durability.

The sheets are resistant to pilling and wrinkling. The fitted sheet is elasticated all around and the set comes with 4 pillowcases, rather than the usual 2. They come in 19 colors and patterns and can be machine washed for easy care. They also come with a 1-year warranty. They also come at a very good price for the quality.

Pros: good price and value, pockets are extremely deep, sheets are longer and wider, pill-resistant, double brushed for added softness, comes with extra pillowcases and a 1-year warranty

Cons: If not washed correctly, they can stain and be prone to pilling

Check Price on Amazon here

4. Best Jersey Cotton Sheets: Bare Home Split King Bed Sheets

Bare Home Jersey Sheet Set, Ultra Soft, 100% Cotton - Breathable - Deep Pocket (Queen, Black - Mélange)

Why You’ll Like Them: If you love the quality and feel of cotton and need a fabric that has some stretch to it, this sheet set from Bare Home is just for you.

Made from 1800 thread count 100% Jersey cotton, these sheets are super soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Adding to this the close-knit of the fabric means you can use these sheets year-round. They are hypoallergenic and repel allergens, dust mites, and bacteria, making them a good choice for allergy sufferers.

I mentioned earlier that jersey fabric has a bit of give to it. This means it will hug the mattress while still having the stretch needed when the contour of the mattress changes. It also won’t lose its shape and is easy to care for, making it a durable option, especially if you have children who are hard on their sheets.

The set includes two fitted sheets that are fully elasticated with 15-inch deep pockets, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. They also come in a nice range of colors and a 30-day guarantee.

Pros: Very durable, breathable, hypoallergenic, good for year-round use, deep pockets and stretchy without losing its shape.

Cons: Lack of patterns, only fits mattresses 15″ deep

Check Price on Amazon here

5. Best for Hot Sleepers: Royal Hotel

Royal Hotel 650-Thread-Count Bed Sheets - Wrinkle Free Sheets - Deep Pocket, Cotton Blend, Sateen Sheets, Hypoallergenic, 4 Piece - Queen - Blue

Why You’ll Like Them: You will like this 650-thread count cotton-blend sheet set from Royal Hotel if you are a hot sleeper and also want sheets that are easy to care for.

This sateen weave set is made of a 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend, giving you a super soft sheet that is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool at night. Royal Hotel is also known for its durable high-quality sheets and sturdy stitched seams, so you know these sheets will withstand many washes and bed changes. The sheets are hypoallergenic for allergy sufferers and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

In the split-king set for adjustable beds, you get 1 flat sheet, 2 fully elasticated fitted sheets with seep 18-inch pockets, and 2 pillowcases. You have a range of 16 neutral colors to choose from and 18 size options, making them very versatile. While you do need to wash and dry them on cool setting only, they are still very easy to care for and not prone to wrinkling as much as 100% cotton is.

Pros: High-quality durable fabric, good for hot sleepers, nice range of colors, 18-inch deep pockets, breathable, and hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free

Cons: Lack of patterns

Check Price on Amazon here

Different types of sheets for adjustable beds

Choosing from the many different types of bed sheets
When shopping for adjustable bed sheets it’s vital to choose the right set of sheets.

One of the first things that you need to consider when buying sheets for an adjustable bed is sizing.

A  “Split Queen” mattress is made of two mattresses that each measure 30 x 80 inches.

A Split King bed is the same size as a regular King bed but it features TWO twin XL mattresses, each measuring 38 x 80 inches.

When ordering sheets, select a pocket depth based on the thickness of your mattress. If your mattress is 13 inches or under, a sheet set with 16- inch pockets will work best. If your mattress is thicker than 13 inches, we recommend an extra deep 22-inch pocketed set.

Adjustable Top Sheets

It isn’t just the fitted sheets that are made for this type of bed. You can also get tops sheets that are fitted at the bottom. This helps keep the sheet from being pulled off at the bottom if you have a bed with a moving bottom half. Sometimes you can find a set where the fitted and top sheets have been sewn together.

Another option for a top sheet is buying one that is longer than usual. This works for those who have a medical condition where they need to sleep upright. This will ensure that they are able to fully cover themselves when the top half of the bed has been raised.

Zipper Sheets

Something else you will come across are sheets with zippers around them. Basically, it’s like a sleeping bag for your mattress. You have 2 pieces; the base sheet that covers the bottom and sides of the mattress, and the top piece that will be the barrier between you and the mattress. You have a zippered edge all around the top of the base sheet and the top sheet, which, once zipped in place, won’t come off no matter how much you or your mattress moves around.

Which fabric do you want?

Crispy white cotton-sateen bedding
We spend up to 1/3 of our lives in bed.  Sheets matter, preferences vary, which is why we’re here to help you make the best decision for your snoozing needs!

When buying any type of sheet, the fabric is one of the most important choices you will make and is generally down to your own preferences. Some people may be hot sleepers and need a sheet that keeps them cool at night. Others may need a sheet that is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. You can find sheets for adjustable beds in a range of materials.

Cotton Adjustable Bed Sheets

Most buyers will go for cotton sheets because you can get them in a variety of choices, such as organic, Egyptian, Pima, and cotton blends. Cotton is very breathable and wicks moisture, which helps your body to evaporate moisture. It’s the top choice for many hot sleepers or those with memory foam mattresses, which can get warm.

Cotton is also soft on your skin and very durable, which is something you need in a sheet for an adjustable bed. They are also very easy to care for and less likely to shrink. They don’t trap oils from the skin and tend to dispel odors.

One thing to keep in mind is to check the cotton thickness. Some cotton sheets are seasonal, with a thicker or tighter weave cotton being better for to colder months, and thinner sheets during the hotter ones.

The only downside with cotton sheets is that the higher-quality cotton, the more expensive the sheets. If they are maintained properly, however, they can last for many years.

Different types of Cotton

The price for your sheets will depend on the quality of the cotton used. There are 5 main types of cotton that are used to make bed sheets. The least expensive type of cotton is Upland. It’s more affordable because it uses shorter fibers, which makes the threads weaker and prone to breaking. While you can still get a soft enough sheet with Upland, the quality isn’t the best and it isn’t as durable.

The most expensive type of cotton is Egyptian cotton, which uses long-staple fibers that are much stronger and softer. You then have Pima and Supima cotton. Pima cotton has fibers that are just a bit shorter than those in Egyptian cotton. However, the quality is still considered to be high and they are very soft. Pima cotton is grown in the U.S.A. You then have Supima, a superior type of Pima that has extra-long staple fibers. Supima and Egyptian cotton are fairly equal when it comes to quality and pricing. The main difference is where it’s grown.

Lastly, we have organic cotton, which is more expensive than Upland but cheaper than Egyptian, Pima, and Supima. Organic cotton is eco-friendly and is produced using no harsh pesticides or chemicals. It is dyed with organic colorants as well.

Organic cotton sheets are known to shrink and wrinkle more easily because they haven’t been treated with chemicals that make it wrinkle or shrink resistant.

Microfiber Adjustable Bed Sheets

If you live in a colder climate, microfiber may be your choice is fabric. Microfiber traps heat, which helps regulate body temperature. This is a synthetic fabric that is very low maintenance and durable, making it a good option if you have to change the bedding more often than usual. They also dry very quickly as a result of the fine fibers. Microfiber is hypoallergenic and repels allergens, making it a choice for allergy sufferers.

There are two things that you should keep in mind with microfiber. The first is they are very prone to static, which means they will attract more lint and hair than other sheets. The second is that they can wrinkle and shrink, but this is usually down to care instructions not being followed.

Bamboo Adjustable Bed Sheets

Bamboo is very resilient and durable, making it a good choice for adjustable bed sheets. This is down to the very long fibers used that can stretch the length of your mattress. Longer threads mean less breakage, pilling, and tearing. Bamboo is also incredibly soft and very breathable, making them a good option for using all year round.

Bamboo has natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties as well, which works to deter the propagation and growth of allergens. It makes it a good choice for children and adults who are prone to allergies or who have sensitive skin.

The only downside to bamboo sheets is that they can be expensive. However, their health benefits and durability make them a good investment in the long-run.

Jersey Adjustable Bed Sheets

Jersey is a type of knit that originally was made from wool but is now made from 100% cotton, as well as other types of fibers. The biggest benefit of using Jersey sheets on an adjustable bed is its ability to be snug but stretchy. It’s a durable fabric that is breathable and good for both warmer and cooler climates. It’s also easy to care for, will keep its shape over time, is wrinkle, shrink, and fade resistant.

The downside of Jersey sheets is that they can shrink if not properly cared for. Most manufacturers say you should wash them in cold water, which can put some people off, feeling this isn’t very hygienic.

features to look for when choosing sheets for adjustable beds

A stack of clean white bed sheets
If you’re looking for sheer comfort and that feel-good factor here are the most important features to look at.

Now that we’ve looked at the best fabrics for adjustable bed sheets, let’s take a look at the other features to keep in mind when shopping.

Depth: For adjustable bed sheets, you want to find those that have a deep depth to ensure that they won’t come off. This type of sheet allows you to pull it down so that it reaches deep under your mattress. This means there is less chance of it popping off. When you have a fitted sheet that just barely makes it over the side or just under the mattress, they will more than likely pop off with a lot of movement. The sheet should have a snug fit that also allows for movement when you raise the top or foot of the bed.

Elasticity: Even sheets with elasticated corners can pop off the mattress at times. For adjustable beds, you want a sheet that is fully elasticated all the way around the mattress. Some sheets for adjustable mattresses come with built-in elastic straps as well, which grip the mattress well and keeps the sheet from sliding off. Make sure the elastic is of good quality and thick.

Quality: Regular sheets of through a lot of wear and tear as it is, so you want to make sure the sheets you buy for an adjustable bed of made from a good-quality fabric and well made. This is one reason that it’s worth it to spend a bit more on them. You don’t want to get cheaply made sheets that you have to keep replacing because they wore out too quickly.

Length: I touched on measurements earlier. Knowing the length of your bed is important in helping you to find a sheet that will properly fit. A typical mattress will be between 6 to 6.3 feet. Adjustable beds, however, are a bit longer to help accommodate the beds’ movement, while giving you room to be comfortable. So, your mattress may be as long as 6.6 feet, making a regular sheet too short to fir properly. Buy sheets with the idea that you need to give it extra room for bending.

Dual-action beds: Just to make things more interesting, we have dual-action adjustable beds to contend with. These are usually two side-by-side single or double beds that allow for different positions in a two-person bed. So, if your other half needs to sleep upright, but you don’t, this will make you both happy. But what about buying sheets for them?

Obviously, using one double fitted sheet over both mattresses isn’t going to be ideal. In this case, you would need to buy two separate sheets that will properly fit each mattress.

Tip: When making up your adjustable bed, it can be easier if you have the bed in a semi-contoured position. It will make it easier to get the fitted sheet on, especially if you are using elastic clips or bands that run under the mattress.

Going back to our original question of whether you can use regular sheets on an adjustable bed, we now know that this won’t be ideal in most cases. Buying sheets that are specifically made for one will give you a better chance of not having your sheet come off when you move or change the position of the mattress.

Why is bed making an adjustable bed a challenge?

To understand why you need a certain type of sheet for this type of bed, it helps to understand what an adjustable bed is and how it works. People choose this type of bed for a variety of reasons, from medical issues to getting a better quality of sleep.

An adjustable base bed allows your mattress to move and bend into several positions, from lying flat to sitting up. They range from a 2 part to 4 part adjustable option. With a two-part, you can raise the top half of the bed. A 3 part bed allows you to raise the area around the knees. The 4 part bed offers an additional flat area for sitting. Some even come with height adjustments and a massage function!

Their ability to adjust to certain positions and heights has helped those with back pain, sleep apnea, snoring, asthma, heartburn, and acid reflux. It can ease arthritis pain, insomnia, and leg swelling, as well as improve circulation, digestion, and mobility.

Final thoughts and conclusion

From the reviews we’ve seen for these five sets, they are all good options for adjustable beds.

Out of the 5 sets here we liked the California Den Design set because it offered a lot of what you look for in a sheet for an adjustable bed and the price is reasonable. As always, your choice in the best sheet will depend on what you need in a good sheet set for your adjustable bed. Knowing what to look for, what materials are best for this type of sheet, and having some good examples should, hopefully, get you in the right direction towards a good night’s sleep.

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