Best RV Bed Sheets

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Hitting the road for a trip or a business meeting in your RV can be an exciting experience. But, how comfortable will you be? While several things determine your comfort, one of the most important things is a good night rest on your RV bed.

This means you need a comfortable RV mattress, sheets, and pillows whether you’re an RV newbie or a full-time RV’er. For this reason, we searched the market for the best RV sheets for you to try for a good night’s sleep.

But before that, how do you choose the right ones?

In a hurry? We recommend the 600 TC Rajlinen Luxurious Egyptian 4Pcs Cotton Sheet Set for a comfortable night’s sleep in your RV.

Best 6 RV Sheets Reviews (Bunk, King, Queen, Short Queen & Custom)

#1. Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets For RV Short Queen 60″x75″

Rajlinen 600-Thread-Count Best 4 PC Sheet Set 100% Long-Staple Combed Cotton Bedding Sheets for Bed, Fits Mattress Upto 18'' Deep Pocket, Soft & Silky Sateen Weave - (Ivory Solid, Short Queen)

Why you’ll love them: The 600-TC Rajlinen Luxurious 4Pce Egyptian Cotton RV Sheets 60×75 are made from 100% Egyptian Cotton are durable, soft, comfortable and really FIT! Great choice for full time RV’ers.

Even in your RV, a little luxury is essential. This short queen size sheet set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two 20″ x 30″ pillowcases. The fitted sheet is 15-inch in depth and measures 60″x 75″ (short queen). The flat sheet size is 90″ x 102″ which is big enough to drape well.

Since these sheets are made from all-natural, long stable cotton you should expect a soft and smooth experience using them–they are also extra soft and breathable. They fit perfectly well with the fitted sheet remaining in place throughout the night. Customers highly recommended them for ease of maintenance, the quality, and softness given they’re 100 percent Egyptian cotton 600-Thread-Count, woven with single-ply yarns.

They may come across as rough and crispy while new due to the quality of the fabric. They soften after several washes, and I would highly recommend them to someone looking for long-lasting RV Short queen sheets.

Pros: Perfect fit, smooth, many bright colors, easy to maintain

Cons: Rough while new

Buy the 600 TC Luxurious 100% Egyptian Cotton Set of 4 Short Queen for Camper/RV from Amazon

#2 Best Microfiber RV Short Queen Sheets 60″x 75″

Nestl RV Short Queen Sheet Set - 4 Piece Bed Sheets for RV Short Queen Size Bed, Deep Pocket, Hotel Luxury, Extra Soft, Breathable and Cooling, White RV Short Queen Size Sheets

Why you’ll love them: The Nestl Bedding Microfiber Sheet Set is affordable, soft to touch and silky on your skin.

This 4-piece set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a pair of pillowcases. These breathable sheets are wrinkle-free, hypoallergenic and resistant to pilling and staining. The fitted sheet has deep pockets for a perfect fit for your RV mattress.

One of the features of microfiber sheets is a soft touch and a smooth feel. Customers shared the same sentiments recommending them to people looking for easy-to-manage RV sheets.

However, if you have mattresses deeper than 16″, these sheets might not fit well. Therefore it is important to note the right dimensions of your RV mattress to choose the right one. For the soft feel, I would recommend as some of the lustrous sheets available.

Pros: Soft, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: fits only 16” mattresses, microfiber stains easily

Buy the Nestl Bedding Microfiber Sheet Set for your RV/Short Queen on Amazon

#3 Best RV King Sheets 72″ x 80″

KP Linen RV Camper RV King 72'X80' Bed Sheets Set- 6 Inches Deep Pocket- Sheet for RV –Deep PocketFitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Pillowcases, Light Grey

Why you’ll love them: the Hotel Luxury Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set from KP Linen are insanely luxurious, 5-star hotel quality and 100% double brushed microfiber. 

If you are looking for large RV King sheets, these are your best bet. This RV Camper 4 Pcs sheet set comes with 1 Flat Sheet ( 102″ x 108″ ), 1 Fitted Sheet ( 72″ x 80″ ), and 2 Pillow Cases ( 20″ x 40″). The fitted sheets cover mattresses that are either 6″, 9″, 12″ or 15″ deep. With these microfiber RV sheets, you are guaranteed a comfortable sleeping experience.

These king size sheets are soft, lightweight yet high on durability and strength. You should expect them to fit well on your king size RV mattress without coming off as you sleep.

They are available in 6 neutral colors and a multitude of other RV sheet sizes. These sheets are soft, there’s no pilling and not much wrinkling. Of course, brushed microfiber is easy to maintain and will be soft to sleep on from day 1 of your travels. If you are looking for durable, perfectly fitting sheets for your  Camper/RV king mattress these have an excellent fit and quality!

Pros: Affordable, soft and comfortable, breathable yet great for cold nights too, perfect fit, 6 colors to choose, lots of other sizes

Cons: Hard to find any fault with these sheets

Buy the KP Linen RV Camper RV King 72″X 80″ Brushed Microfiber Sheet on Amazon

#4 Best RV Short King –Egyptian Cotton

Rajlinen 400-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheet Taupe Stripe Short King 72' X 75' + 16' Drop -Sheets Set, 4-Piece, Cotton Best-Bedding Sheets for Bed, Breathable, Soft Fits Mattress 16'' Deep Pocket

Why you’ll love them: If you crave the softness of silk you’ll love the feel of the Rajlinen 800 TC 100% Egyptian Sheet Set for sleeping comfortably in your RV.

The 4-piece package comes with one 102” x 96” flat sheet, a 72” x 75” flat sheet with a 16” drop and two 20” x 40” pillowcases. They are highly breathable, comfortable to sleep on and easy to maintain.

You can be sure of long-lasting results with these sheets owing to the quality of fabric used. For the price, they deliver what you would expect from other expensive brands. Buyers recommended them for the value and the quality that stood out even after a long time of using them.

These sheets, however, are slightly longer than the usual RV short king size. With this size, you can fit mattresses deeper than 16″ and still fit perfectly. I highly recommend them for comfort and durability.

Pros: High-quality, soft, comfortable

Cons: Long size

Buy the 800 TC Egyptian King RV Sheet Set by Rajlinen by Amazon

#5 Best RV Bunk Sheets (All Sizes)

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Why you’ll love them: RV Bunk Size 100% Cotton 400-TC Ultra Soft 4 PCs Bedsheet Set By Aashi are everything you’d like for your camper bunks – five star quality sheets and great value for money. 

These sheets come in all sizes including twin, king, full, California king, etc. The fitted camper bunk sheet has a 16″ drop with an elastic to ensure an excellent fit on your RV mattress. They are highly breathable, soft and comfortable for everyday use.

The sheets are undoubtedly the best when it comes to dealing with wrinkles, stains, and pills. With these, you don’t have to worry about any of that. They are smooth and deliver a softer feel after each wash.

While new, these sheets may feel a little rough at the beginning, a single wash is enough to soften them up.  You should consider these sheets for the quality and ease of maintenance and experience comfort and luxury.

Pros: Wrinkle-free, smooth, durable

Cons: Tough texture

Buy the Aashi RV Bunk Size 4Pce Bedsheet Set on Amazon

#6 Best Custom RV Sheets – 600TC 100% Cotton

Custom RV Sheets

Why you’ll love them: 600TC CinchFit RV Sheets made in Maine are a must have for all seasons! These cotton sheets are breathable and feel very soft to the skin, which means you’ll sleep cool and comfortable. 

These quality RV sheets offered by Quahog Bay Bedding are made of 100% long staple cotton sateen woven at a 600 thread count per square inch.  They’re durable even if washed several times over. Finally, they feature a pull cord to make sure they fit snug on the bed.

While also available in RV King, Queen, Twin XL, Full, Cal King and Bunk – these RV sheets can also be custom made to fit your Motor Home, Camper or RV mattress – be it smaller or odd shaped. Will fit a maximum depth of 15″ – however depth can be customized also. They come in four beautiful neutral colors: white, ivory, sea and grey. Please note customized sheets can take a week and a half to ship. The manufacturer has recommendations on their website for which set to buy to fit your custom made mattress.

Pros: Cool, Durable, Soft, Fits all types of mattresses.

Cons: A little pricey

Buy the 100% Cotton 600TC CinchFit RV Sheets on Quahog Bay Bedding

Quick Buyer’s Guide to RV Mattress Sheets

Mattress Size

Well, RV mattress sizes are entirely different from the usual ones. They’re slightly smaller to save on space. So, when looking to buy, especially fitted sheets, it’s essential to remember this. Below are the standard RV mattress sizes:

  • RV twin single: 34” width x 75” long
  • RV full or double: 49” x 75”
  • RV king: 72” x 75”
  • RV queen: 60” x 75”

It is crucial to note that these terms may be used interchangeably depending on the manufacturers’ descriptions. Also, the sizes may be larger or smaller than these depending on the type of mattress.

Material Type

Choose from cotton, polyester, silk, and linen sheets. The type you choose depends on your preference. The idea is to have fabric that will last you long enough and withstand frequent washing. Also, for RV sheets, aim for warm ones that can beat the cold once you hit the road during the cold season, and for cooling sheets for the summer season.

Thread count

Just like other sheets, this factor is vital. Although a higher thread count (TC) does not necessarily mean that the sheets are of a higher quality.  There really isn’t any need to spend extra for sheets with a TC over 400 but what you should aim for is spending that little bit more on sheets made from the best cottons: Egyptian, Supima or Pima.  Bottom line: select sheets by considering the material quality combined with the thread count.

So, What’s Best Sheets For RV?

Choosing your RV sheets wraps down to getting the right material that guarantees durability and strength. Also, you should counter check your mattress size to ensure a perfect fit.  Most importantly, you should consider your comfort and get what suits you best.

Bottom line…. we recommend the 600 TC Rajlinen Luxurious Egyptian 4Pcs Cotton Sheet Set for a comfortable night’s sleep in your RV.