Best Polar Fleece Sheets

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Polar fleece sheets are the perfect way to keep you warm and ultra-cozy at night during cold weather. You’ll never get into a cold bed every again with these sheets! This fabric is soft, ultra-quick drying and so comfortably… you truly don’t want to get out of bed.

Here’s what you need to know to choose the best polar fleece bed sheets for your bed.

What are Polar Fleece Sheets Made of?

Polar fleece (commonly referred to as “fleece”) is a synthetic fabric that was designed to mimic the properties of wool while also providing a number of other benefits that make it ideal for use in colder climates. Originally it was used to make the kinds of warm winter clothing you need to hit the slopes, or at least go out to walk the dog in, but increasingly it is also being used to create warm, cozy bedding that’s great for the winter.

The Best Polar Sheets To Sleep On

As they become more popular, you’ll find there are an increasing number of polar fleece sheet sets to choose from. To help you get a jump on your sheet shopping research, here’s a look at some of our favorite choices currently on the market.

Best Rated Sheets

Berkshire Blanket Polar Fleece Sheet Set

Berkshire Blanket Polarfleece Sheet Set | Heavyweight Warmth | Super Soft Warm Cozy Fleece Sheets | Light Blue | Full (80' x 90')

While You’ll Like These: Soft and snugly, these sheets are warm without feeling too heavy or ‘swampy’.

These sheets make use of Polartec, a polar fleece fabric often found being used to create higher end winter athletic wear, and the advantages it offers in that niche translate to these sheets too. As warm as they are, they also boast moisture wicking properties and are very soft to the touch. Best of all perhaps they feel light, not at all like the scratchy wool blanket you might remember from your childhood winters.


  • Warm and cozy but feel lightweight
  • Boast good moisture wicking properties, a plus for those who sleep hot even in colder weather
  • Very durable and designed to be long wearing
  • Crafted from 100% polyester, so there are no ‘mystery materials’ involved
  • Available in a range of good-looking pastel colors that will suit most bedroom decor schemes.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • A little harder to care for than some other sheet types, as they need to be washed separately in a very gentle detergent and should not be tumble dried.

Buy the Berkshire Blanket Polarfleece Sheet Set online

All-Season Warmth

Bare Home Super Soft Fleece Sheet Set

Bare Home Super Soft Fleece Sheet Set - Full Size - Extra Plush Polar Fleece, No-Pilling Bed Sheets - All Season Cozy Warmth (Full, Grey)

Why You’ll Like These: If you want to buy a single set of sheets for three season use – these may be a little hot for a steamy summer – then this set is an excellent option.

You do want to stay warm when you are sleeping in the winter, but you don’t want to wake up feeling like you’ve been sleeping too close to a roaring campfire. These polar fleece sheets are breathable and allow air to circulate around your body, preventing that very efficiently.


  • Breathable weave prevents overheating while still keeping you warm.
  • Have a very soft texture that feels soft against the skin
  • Resists pilling, something that has long been a problem with some fleece sheets
  • Crafted using a hypoallergenic polyester
  • Can be machine washed and dried


  • Limited color selection
  • A little heavier than some people may like.

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Best Rated (Budget Choice)

Softan Fleece Sheets

softan Polar Fleece Bed Sheets Set, Warm Flannel Sheet and Pillowcase Set with Deep Pocket, Super Soft Velvet Plush Sheets Cozy Collection for All Seasons

Why You’ll Like These: If you want to spend a little less on new polar fleece sheets but are still looking for warmth and performance, these sheets are hard to beat.

Great for college dorms – which can be notoriously cold in the winter – and the spare bedroom, these inexpensive sheets provide good three season warmth at a very reasonable price.


  • Provide soft, breathable coverage that will keep you warm.
  • Very affordable
  • Available in a range of striking colors, including bright plaids
  • Easy to care for as they can be machine washed and tumble dried with other like colored items.


  • Not as thick and soft as some other fleece sheet options
  • Prone to pilling after a number of washes

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How to Wash and Care for Polar Fleece Sheets

Use a mild detergent when caring for special bed sheets.

One of the reasons that some people avoid trying polar fleece – or fleece in general – as a bedding option is that they are not sure how to care for them, and whether they are harder to wash and dry than the cotton or polyester sheets they might be more used to.

What is true is that polar fleece bedsheets do not offer the toss in the washer on hot and tumble dry fast convenience of pure cotton sheets, but that is true of lots of bedding materials. The fact is that one of the reasons hotels choose cotton for their sheets is that they’re easy to care for and can withstand a high temperature wash. No fleece will, in fact, it will usually shrink, or even melt.

Cotton is not a very cozy choice for the winter though, and fleece, especially polar fleece, is. Warmer bedding not only feels good but allows you comfortably to follow all those expert recommendations that tell you to keep your heat lower at night to save money. And choose the right fleece sheets so they can be used right through fall, winter and spring in many climates (when you can switch to cooling cotton for the summer!)

So, how should you wash and care for polar fleece? Here are some pointers:

Read the label. Lots of polar fleece sheets can be machine washed, but some will last longer, and resist shrinking if you stick top a lukewarm handwash. The label will usually state just how your sheets should be washed and dried, so make sure, above everything else, you read and follow those instructions.

No matter what, stick to using a gentle detergent, like Dreft or Ivory Snow. Harsh detergents may damage the fibers and increase pilling. And never use bleach to wash your polar fleece sheets, either in the washing machine or by hand. If there are stains present, spot tre3

6at them with a gentle dish detergent before you wash them.

To prevent pilling, when you wash your fleece sheets for the first time, add half a cup of white vinegar to the wash water.

Fleece absorbs odors far faster than other fabrics, one of the reasons you may need to launder them more often than other sheets. This means that if you make use of a strong smelling dryer sheet expect that smell to linger for a long time, so make sure it’s one you really like!

Speaking of dryers, some polar fleece sheets can easily withstand a low temperature dryer cycle (check that label) but even the most expensive ones will shrink on higher heat, and some may even melt, which is the last thing you want!

Pro Tip

NEVER iron fleece. Direct contact with even a warm iron may leave a permanent mark on the item.

Other Polar Fleece FAQs

Still have more questions about polar fleece sheets?

Here are the answers to some of the most common we’ve heard.

What is the difference between polar fleece and microfleece?

Microfleece, as the name actually suggests, is essentially a lighter version of Polar Fleece. Microfleece is typically 100 weight or less and very soft to the touch. Microfleece, in general, is a thin material, making it better suited to summer sheets than it is for winter use. It is usually cared fore in much the same way though and has a very similar softness and durability.

Are fleece sheets good sheets?

As a warm and cozy choice for winter, we think they are. There are other choices – flannel springs to mind first – but as a sheet choice for those looking for softness, warmth and comfort in colder weather they are indeed a great choice.

I saw some polar fleece sheets labelled 150 gsm. What does that mean?

The GSM number is a standard figure in the industry. A GSM number is now found on nearly all fabrics, though it is most commonly associated with fleece and microfiber sheets and towels. Thread counts are not the same as this measurement. The GSM indicates the weight in grams of a square meter of the material used to make the sheet.

Are polar fleece sheets prone to pilling?

One of the downsides of fleece is that it is prone to pilling. Pilling, in case you didn’t know, is a group of short or broken fibers tangle together in a tiny knot or ball, known as a pill, that makes the sheet feel rough. While you can’t prevent piling completely, the ‘hack’ we mentioned earlier – using a half up of white vinegar in the wash water every few washes can help minimize it.

Where can I buy polar fleece sheets?

As they have become so popular, you’ll now find polar fleece sheets almost everywhere that bedding is sold in general. Amazon carries a very wide selection, and Walmart, Target, Overstock, QVC, JCPenney and other big box stores often have plenty of options to choose from too.

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