Best Luxury Bed Sheets

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What feels better than a cozy, comfortable bed, with silk-soft snug sheets? You can agree that after a long day at work, restful night sleep is much necessary. Every day, you spend at least a third of your time sleeping. So, it would be worth much more investing on luxury bedding.

On this note, we went out to find you 8 of the best sheets you can buy to experience a touch of luxury every other day. First, what guides you when selecting suitable sheets, we will also touch upon thread count and what that means, as well as some more environmentally friendly sheets and how these fit into the luxury category.

Guide to Buying Luxury Bed Sheets

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Thread Count: Is Higher Better?

For the most part, a higher thread count means better quality sheets and a smoother feel.

Thread count simply means how many threads per square inch as the measurement. For example, you will see numbers like 400 thread count, 1,000 thread count, etc. In this case, 1,000 thread count sheets would have a much smoother feel and tighter pattern to them. The flip side to that is that a high thread count can compromise the breathability of your sheets. This factor is one of the most misunderstood when it comes to buying sheets.

As you consider the count, it’s also important to go by the type of fabric.  Most common sheets are made with cotton. This fabric is the material of choice for its workability, performance and washing properties.

Material Type: Which Is Better?

It’s agreeable that material is an essential consideration when choosing your sheets. There is a variety of material types in the market which includes cotton, polyester, modal, silk, bamboo, etc. The kind of material depends on personal preferences. For example, cotton bed sheets come in various densities meaning you can have light ones when it’s warmer and heavy ones when winter comes.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Another type of quality bedding includes Egyptian cotton sheets. These sheets, like their name suggests, are made from cotton that has been grown and harvested from Egypt. For its silkier feel and sensation on the skin, it is traditionally recognized as a higher quality material. Again, the higher thread count sheets will often employ Egyptian cotton because of its legendary feel as well.

Percale Sheets

There is yet a different name for some other luxurious feeling sheets.  The term Percale sheets refers not to a type of cotton but to the type of pattern woven by the threads.  This tightly woven pattern, more than 200 threads per inch, gives these sheets a nice feel and comfort.

Silk and Satin Sheets

Now, let’s talk about some even smoother feeling sheets. In this section, let’s talk about some silk and satin sheets. These sheets just conjure up images of – again G-rated – passion and intimacy. This is because they feel so wonderful on the skin.

Luxury brings into the bedroom an air of elegance and opulence. We all want to feel that we can afford the best and most beautiful things in life. These types of sheets give us that feeling.

Because of the materials used, silk will cost a pretty penny, so you would probably use them on special occasions and not for your everyday sleeping arrangements. However, if you want to feel like you are living in the lap of luxury each night as you rest your head, then by all means get those silk sheets.

Organic Bedding

A field of ripe cotton bolls
Ripe cotton bolls

Now, let’s talk about some unconventional or modern takes on the term luxury when it comes to the bedroom. There is and has been for some time to get a more environmentally friendly and responsible position in the world.

Natural bedding or organic bedding as it is sometimes referred, is great for us on many levels. It is considered a luxury both because of its higher cost and its health benefits. If we think about the basic sheet as a ‘necessity’, then natural bedding like organic and these other green sheets are certainly worthy of the luxury title. These fabrics may also be cottons, but they are likely to be organically grown and manufactured in a way that uses only natural dyes or non-toxic substances. For these reasons, you can be assured that what you lay your head down on each night is as clean as nature intended.

These are great options for baby bedding and children’s beds. Another interesting player in this natural department is bamboo sheets. These are a relatively newer material to bedding and clothing. Because of its ability to be harvested and grow rapidly, it is a renewable resource. This makes it environmentally friendly. It is ‘biologically’ friendly because it has some natural antimicrobial properties that make it a great choice for bedding.

The Weave

Sheets make up part of your bedroom outlook. Therefore, it is essential to consider the weave to ensure it matches up to the rest of your bedroom fabrics. Common weaves include waffle, sateen, Herringbone, flannel among other types.

What About Finishing

This has to do with the style you choose for your bedroom’s soft furnishings. You can opt for embroidery or threadwork. Either way, your aim should be to create a captivating look and still provide comfort.

The Best Luxury Sheets Set

Below you can see our top 8 picks of the best luxury bed sheets. Remember that it is often the mindset you have regarding luxury that determines the types of sheets you end up choosing.

1. California Design Den Cotton Sheet Set

The material is a key consideration when looking for quality sheets. Cotton, being one of the most popular sheet fabrics, is strong enough to withstand shrinkage, pills, and fading. These 100% long staple cotton sheets are designed to deliver strength while maintaining a soft touch and smooth feel as you sleep.

The sheets are designed with a sateen weave and maintain softness for a lifetime. The sophisticated hem and yarn are made of long staple cotton fiber for durability and comfort. It is a double deal with these sheets as they guarantee quality and luxury for an extended period.

The quality of the sheets stood out among customer reviews referring them to as, “Superior quality,” “pure cotton,” “maintains quality.” Customers were impressed by the fit, comfort and the soft feel of the sheets. A customer had an issue with the texture of the sheets referring to them as rough but stated it was as a result of the stiff cotton fabric. After several washes, they softened up and still maintained the quality. I would highly recommend this sheets to someone looking for a lifetime fix, as these can last a long time with minimal care.

Pros: quality material, durable, maintains color, comfortable
Cons:  A little rough when new

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2. Mellani Bed Sheet Set- Brushed Microfiber

The Mellani bed sheet set, made from 100 % polyester for silky soft touch, is an excellent choice. They are made to suit any bedroom and can make a perfect gift for your loved ones. Not to worry about the quality, the Mellani bed sheets have quality brushed microfiber to last long.

The hit is that the sheets are resistant to fading, shrinking, stains and wrinkles. Also, they are hypoallergenic and highly resistant to dust mites. You can toss them in a cold machine wash and tumble dry on low temperature.

Mellani customers expressed their satisfaction with these sheets referring them as soft, silk and comfortable being the best to resist wrinkles, stains or fading. Customers that bought the sheets recently commented that they are light and soft with a few comments insisting, “Love these sheets.”

A customer had a concern about the feel stating that they were a bit rough, however, mentioned they got softer after several washes. The reviews on Amazon were quite positive about these Mellani sheets which I highly recommend to anyone looking for soft silky sheets at an affordable price.

Pros: Soft, silky touch, comfortable, easy to wash and dry, durable
Cons: Pillowcases are too long, softens after washing

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3. Pinzon Signature 190 Flannel Sheet Set

During cold seasons, a warm flannel sheet is much necessary. On this note, the Pinzon flannel sheet set should be part of your winter must-haves. The sheets are made of 100% cotton fabric and finished with 4-inch hem for the flat one. With the breathable weave, the sheets guarantee comfort, softness and a luxurious feel. More to this, a double-napped finish on both ends ensures a velvety feel while you sleep.

Those who bought the sheets pointed out that they were warm, cozy and felt like a baby-soft flannel. Most customers bought the set for winter and were happy with the results. One customer said, “These are the most delightfully warm and smooth flannel sheets.” It’s evident that most customers had a similar experience using these sheets.

One customer said the sheets were too thick for them, but this can be attributed to the fact that they are designed to suit cold temperatures. So, if you are looking for sheets that will deliver optimal warmth during the cold season, then I would recommend the Pinzon flannel sheet set.

Pros: Warm for winter, quality material, soft, comfortable
Cons: Only fits 15 inches mattresses

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4. Nestl King-Size Bed Sheet Set

Well, luxury sheets come with a hefty price tag. But, that does not mean you can’t get quality sheets at an affordable price. The Nestl King Size bed sheets are an economical buy which guarantees quality and comfort. These sheets are made of 100% microfiber material, brushed on both sides for a soft feel. They are designed to withstand wrinkles, fading or shrinking after washing. More to this, these breathable sheets are hypoallergenic and made to resist dust mites.

Customers who took an interest in buying these sheets shared the same sentiments about the quality, soft feel, and comfort. A good percentage of buyers mentioned that the sheets quality would not compare to more expensive brands. The fit of the sheets is one of the most recognized features.  The deep pockets fit any foam mattress with the round elastic fitted sheet.

Some customers stated the sheets aren’t bulky enough for winter but appreciated the quality for that cost. As expressed in Amazon reviews, I would also recommend these sheets to someone looking for a set of beddings on a budget.

Pros: Soft, durable, easy care, breathable, affordable
Cons: Too light for cold seasons, loose elastic

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5. Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Queen Size Bed, Certified 800 Thread Count Queen sheet set, Luxury Sateen Weave Cotton Queen Bed Sheets queen sheets deep pocket, Egyptian Cotton Sheets Queen Size - White

For someone that loves the sateen weave, this sheet delivers it all. These Chateau sheets, designed for quality, are made of 100% Egyptian cotton yarns. The sheets are crafted with 800 thread count yarns to ensure strength while providing comfort and breathability. The flat sheet and pillowcases feature a marrow stitch for a stylish look.

Users that loved the sateen weave highly recommended these sheets terming them as the best sateen sheets, comfortable and soft on the skin. More reviews unfolded, and customers mentioned the high elasticity of the fitted sheets and the quality hem of the flat sheet.

A customer said they seemed too heavy for them but loved the soft feel and material quality. If you haven’t found quality sateen sheets, these are the right pick. I highly recommend them for the quality and comfort.

Pros: Heavy quality fabric, soft, comfortable, fits well
Cons: Only available for 15 inches mattresses

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6. Malouf Woven Supima Premium Cotton Sheets

If you are looking for premium sheets and not stringent on the cost, these sheets are a great buy. The Malouf woven cotton sheets come in a lustrous sateen weave, breathable and drape beautifully. They are designed to resist pilling, breaking or tearing. The deep pockets with an elastic lining can fit mattresses between 6 and 22 inches in size.

The material is 100% extra-long staple cotton. The fibers are extra-long than those of regular cotton, and the results are soft, smooth and precise yarns.  That guarantees quality after every wash for a softer, more seamless and comfortable sheet.

Those who bought these sheets love the quality and explained that they were worth every penny. The fit seems to have impressed most customers with one stating, “Super soft and fitted my 22 inches mattress.” Other customers commented on the drape and the soft feel of the sheets even after several washes.

One customer had a higher expectation of a luxury set and was not satisfied with the purchase but acknowledged they were of good quality nevertheless. If you are looking for a little more luxury for your bedroom, I would recommend these sheets. High-quality, smooth and comfortable, they are a top pick for value.

Pros: Smooth, high-quality material, deep pockets, beautiful drape, full fit
Cons: Pricey

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7. Chateau Home Collection Sateen Weave Sheets

A perfect fitted sheet should fit all the corners correctly without sagging from the sides. These Chateau Home collection sheets will deliver just that. The sheets come in different dimensions according to the bed size. The package has a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases. They are made of 100% Supima cotton to provide comfort and smoothness. The hems are well-finished, and the fitted sheet has an elastic feature to fit well and remain in place.

Customers loved the fit of these sheets. Comments like, “Beautiful sheets, and deep pockets,” “fits perfectly” were evident. The quality of the sheets did not go unnoticed, and customers appreciated the yarns and the sateen weave. Most referred to them as ‘very high quality’ sheets for everyday use.

There were a few concerns raised by customers after washing the sheets. They said there was shrinkage after washing, but the sheets gained back shape after drying. This was not a widespread issue as they highly recommended the sheets for the quality, fit and comfort. For this reason, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for sheets with a perfect fit.

Pros: High-quality material, perfect fit, smooth and soft, variety of sizes
Cons: Shrinkage

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8. Orose 4Pcs 100% Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set Seamless Deep Pocket

A little splash of silk transforms your bedroom into a luxury hub where you can comfortably enjoy sleep. These silk sheets are soft on the skin and smooth to slide into your bed. They are made of 100% mulberry 19 momme silk 400 thread count which guarantees a smooth feel and bears lustrous weight.  They are designed for quality and are hypoallergenic, breathable and durable bed sheets. If you love a fine-draping look on your bed, these silk sheets will deliver exactly that. Silk will keep your body’s temperature regulated regardless the season, so this luxurious silk bed sheet set suits both hot and cold sleepers.

Users that bought the bed sheets appreciated the quality stating it was much better than cotton. One customer loved the luxury and noted that it felt like sleeping in a soft cocoon with a royal feeling. More stated it was worth every cent explaining the feel of silk as luxurious. Set includes two pillowcases, fitted sheet and a flat sheet and comes in a variety of beautiful colors to choose from to match any decor.

One customer raised a concern with the color white being too transparent. The customer loved the quality and the elegant feel but would have wished for a more solid white. Given the positive reviews this bed sheet received we highly recommend these luxurious silk sheets to anyone looking to transform their bedroom into a luxurious and beautiful look.

Pros: Soft, smooth, quality, luxurious, durable, comfortable
Cons: A little pricey.

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Bottom Line

There are different definitions of luxury bedding. What may be luxurious to some is simply normal for you. Take, for example, flannel sheets. Now, these are not necessarily considered luxury by most standards. But, if you define luxury in terms of comfort, pleasing sleep conditions and looks, then flannel certainly could be in this category.

Luxury bedding is more of a statement about what your bed and sleeping represent to you. Fads come and go in terms of what type of mattress and bed makes someone feel like they are living high on the hog.

Also, if these sheets are for your bedroom, then you know what will or will not be pleasing. However, if you are buying some new sheets to make some guests feel more welcomed or to give them a luxury hotel type of feeling when staying with you, you might want to find out if they would like to sleep on those black satin sheets you have in mind. Just something to keep in mind, sweet dreams.

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