Best Lightweight Sheets For Hot Weather

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When the weather heats up, the last thing you need is to sleep under a heavy winter sheet. However, sleeping without a sheet just isn’t something most of us like to do, especially those of us who like to keep the A/C running at night! But of all the (many) choices out there, which are the best lightweight sheets for hot weather?

The very simple answer is the ones that keep you coolest and won’t make you feel like you are drowning in a swamp rather than sleeping in your comfy bed. Which lightweight bedding is perfect for hot weather is a matter of both ongoing debate and personal choice, not to mention budget.

Is cotton still the best choice, or is bamboo better? Will smooth silk keep you coolest or would a newer fabric like Tencel be a better option? And which of these options is best for your personal budget?

These and other questions are what we are going to take a closer look at now, along with offering you some lightweight sheet options we have found to be deliciously cooling and comfortable when the temperature rises.

Best Lightweight Summer Bed Sheets Reviews

Best Super Lightweight Bed Sheets: PlushBeds Bamboo Sheets

Plushbeds Rayon From Bamboo Sheets Review
PlushBeds’ 4pce Rayon From Bamboo Ultra-Soft Sheet Set

Why You’ll Like These: These sheets are light as a feather, and available in some very attractive, summery colors.

Bamboo is quickly becoming a top choice for bedding in the West (it has been in the East for thousands of years) thanks in large part to its natural cooling abilities when woven into a fabric. People also love bamboo sheets because they are very durable and feel wonderful to the touch (comparable to high thread-count Egyptian cotton sateen) , and these high quality sheets offer a great example of all that and more.

Plushbeds’ 4-piece sheet set is covered by a 5-Year Warranty.


  • Are naturally cooling and breathable.
  • Have a very silky, soft feel
  • Eco-friendly, as bamboo is a renewable material
  • Very durable and launder really well
  • Tight fitted sheets fit extra deep mattresses (6 to 22 inches)


  • One of the more expensive sheet choices you can make
  • Will require careful washing.

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Best Lightweight Soft Sheets: Eli & Elm Tencel Sheets

Eli and Elm’s Whalley Collection
Eli & Elm 400 Thread Count 4-piece Tencel Sheets

Why You’ll Like These: A super eco-friendly choice, these sheets are also deliciously soft against the skin.

Tencel (which is a trademark belonging to the Lenzig company) refers to a certain type of eco-friendly fabric, which in the case of these sheets includes bark from the naturally cooling eucalyptus tree. The result is a cool, silky feel sheet that is also very lightweight and a great choice for hot flashes keeping you dry and cool during the night.

Eli & Elm offer a 45-day money back guarantee.


  • Sleep very cool
  • An eco-friendly choice thanks to the Tencel fabric
  • Boast a high thread count to give a smooth, cotton like feel
  • Fitted sheets have a 15-inch deep pocket


  • Tencel does tend not to be as durable as a high quality cotton.
  • Not an inexpensive choice.

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Best Lightweight Hotel-Quality Sheets: Standard Textile Sateen Sheets

Luxurious Sateen Sheet Set (Centium Satin)
Standard Textile Sateen 4-Piece Sheet Set (Centium Satin)

Why You’ll Like These: Hotel sheets just feel cool and luxurious, and these cooling bed sheets do a great job of replicating that.

Crafted from a blend of 65% ring-spun combed cotton and 35% Centium Core microfilament polyester, these sheets feel like soft silk, but are more durable and easier to take care of. They feel silky to the touch and sleep very cool, while a subtle stripe pattern gives them that hotel sheet look as well.


  • Very silky and smooth to the touch
  • Feel cool to the skin
  • Get softer with every wash
  • Long-lasting thanks to their cotton construction
  • Offered at a good price point for a higher end bedsheet


  • May not be as durable as 100% cotton bedsheets.

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Best Lightweight Silk Sheets: LilySilk Mulberry Silk Sheets

Lilysilk 19MM 4PCS Silk Bedding Set
Lilysilk 19MM 4-Piece Silk Bedding Set

Why You’ll Like These: Silk sheets scream luxury and style, but these lightweight sheets are also very cooling perfect for hot weather!

Silk sheets have long been considered a luxurious choice, but they are not always the most practical. While a little harder to care for, these sheets are crafted from 100% 19 Momme pure long stranded Mulberry silk which gives them excellent durability and their softness is hard to beat.

LilySilk offers returns and exchanges within 45 days of delivery.


  • Crafted from the highest quality Mulberry silk which is considered the finest in the world.
  • Soft to the touch and soft to sleep under
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in several elegant colors, made with nontoxic dyes
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Very durable


  • A rather expensive choice
  • Do call for more care at laundry time

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What bed sheets material is lightweight, cooling and soft to touch?

What is the coolest fabric for sheets?
In general, sheets made from linen, bamboo, and Tencel offer the coolest, most breathable feel

The question posed above basically covers most of the things people look for in a lightweight summer sheet they can make use of at bedtime to keep them cool and comfortable without feeling too exposed (especially to the A/C). But as you will now be able to tell having read this far, no one fabric seems to emerge as a clear winner.

The fact is that there is no clear winner, as they all have something different to offer, and what suits one person may not work for another. Here though, to help you make a more informed shopping decision, is a quick look at what some of the most popular sheets for night sweats and what they have to offer in a little more detail:

Silk Sheets

Weight: Light

Feel: Very soft and luxurious

Cooling: Very, although still cozy enough to use in winter

Hypoallergenic: Yes, and some say very good for preventing wrinkles and hair frizzies!

Care: Can be machine washed on a cool setting. Last longer if hand washed and line dried.

Bamboo Sheets

Weight: Light

Feel: Soft and cool but quite robust, just like a high quality cotton.

Cooling: Yes, thanks to bamboo’s natural cooling properties

Hypoallergenic: Yes, and bamboo also boasts natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Care: Can be machine washed on warm and tumble dried on a low heat.

Cotton Sateen

Weight: Light to medium

Feel: Crisp and robust but with a silky sheen

Cooling: Yes

Hypoallergenic: Yes, cooler than standard cotton thanks to their silky weave.

Care: Can be washed at a higher temperature and tumble dried the same way without damage, making them very easy to care for.

Linen Sheets

Weight: Very light

Feel: Very soft

Cooling: Cool, but also cozy enough for winter use

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Care: Can be washed and dried at lower temperatures in a standard washer and dryer. Do tend to wrinkle easily, so may need to be ironed before being put on your bed. Linen sheets also get softer every time they are laundered.

Cotton Percale Sheets

Weight: Light to medium

Feel: Crisp and cool, rather robust

Cooling: Yes, but can also still be warm enough for winter use.

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Care: Cotton is very easy to care for. It can be machine washed and dried at higher temperatures and can be laundered using a color safe bleach if needed.

How to Stop Sweating While Sleeping

How to stop sweating when sleeping

Whether you’re sleeping is affected by night sweats due to a medical condition or a side effect of medication or any other causes, here’s what else you can try to help night sweats.

  • Keep your bedroom cooler
  • Wear moisture-wicking sleepwear (like these silk pajamas) or no pajamas
  • Use a cooling bed topper (if your mattress is too hot) or a cooling gel pillow
  • Avoid alcohol or hot beverages before bed
  • Avoid exercising right before bed
  • Drink cold water before bed.