The Best King Size Sheets

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If you are shopping for a new sheet set for a king-size bed, you have an almost endless number of offerings to choose from. However, taking the time to shop for the right king-size sheets for you can not only impact the look of your bed, but also the quality of your sleep.

The same set of sheets for your king-size bed might not be suitable for use year round, either. In the warm summer weather, you’ll want cool sheets that don’t stick to your skin, while in the winter months you’ll want something warmer and cozier.

Some people find that certain fabrics irritate their skin, and so for them, a hypoallergenic is the best option if they are to get the good night’s sleep they are hoping for. Then there are considerations about the ecofriendliness and durability of their bedsheets that some people are increasingly concerned about. And price, of course, is almost always a consideration.

This means that here is no such thing as king-size sheets that will be perfect for everyone. There are some that are far better than others though, and if you’ll be shopping for new sheets for your king-size bed soon, knowing which those are may help you make just the right choice.

With this in mind, here is a closer look at 5 top-rated king-size sheets options that are well worth your consideration.

1. An All-Seasons, Organic Cotton King Size Sheet Set

PlushBeds Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet 4-Piece Set


Why You’ll Love These: Cool and silky smooth, these durable cotton sheets are heavy enough for winter use and yet still cool enough for those hot summer nights.

Although these sheets are 100% high quality cotton, it’s the weave that makes all the difference. A sateen weave creates a smooth, sleek sheet that is the closest you can get to silk, but offering far more durability and ease of care than that often very delicate fabric.

These king-size sheets can be washed and dried in household machines and these particular sheets are made using organic, dye-free cotton which means they will not irritate sensitive skin. 


  • Cool, comfortable cotton
  • Boast a shiny, silk like finish that feels very luxurious
  • Organic cotton adds an eco-friendly touch
  • Can be washed and dried at home


  • Not an inexpensive choice
  • Only available in an off-white’ natural’ color.

2. The Finest French Linen King Sheets, That Are Cooling and Durable

PlushBeds French Linen Sheet Set


Why You’ll Love These: French linen is a cool, supple, and long-lasting fabric. For generations, people have preferred to sleep on French linen sheets, especially in the summer, so why should you be any different?

These French linen sheets have been stone washed the old-fashioned way to make them even softer than normal linen sheets while remaining highly durable and cooling. Linen is also relatively environmentally friendly and usually only gets softer with age.


  • Very soft right out of the package and only gets softer with age
  • Easy to launder at home
  • Unique, soft texture feels great against the skin
  • Available in a range of muted neutral colors
  • Very cool sleeping, making them an excellent choice for summer sleeping.


  • One of the most expensive choices on this list
  • May not be as warm and cozy in winter as some people would like.

3. A Breathable, Hypoallergenic King Sheet Made From Bamboo

Cariloha Resort 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets


Why You’ll Love These: Bamboo is super cooling soft and durable, as well as naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. They feel great too, so what’s not to love?

Not only are these resort quality bed sheets crafted from cooling, comfortable bamboo, but they are also created using a sateen weave, which means they are almost as sleek, smooth and glamorous as silk.


  • Very cool sleeping. Bamboo sheets sleep up to three degrees cooler than their standard cotton counterparts.
  • Easy to launder at home
  • Naturally antibacterial, anti fungal and hypoallergenic
  • Available in a range of beautiful, beachy colors


  • One of the more expensive choices on our list
  • May not be warm enough for winter sleeping

4. A Set of T-Shirt Feel King Size Flannel Sheets To Keep You Warm

Standard Textile 100% Cotton Flannel 4-Piece Sheet Set

Standard Textile

Why You’ll Love These: If you are looking for a warm and cozy winter king-size bedsheet, these will be hard to beat.

Flannel sheets are soft and super cozy, and feel almost like you are sleeping under a giant t-shirt. They are that comfortable! These sheets are also very durable and easy to launder, and even come in colorful striped versions if you want to add some extra pizzazz to your bedding look!


  • Very soft and cozy
  • Warm and comforting for those cold winter nights
  • Available in a range of solid colors and even in stripes!
  • Easy to launder
  • An affordable king sheet set choice that offers great durability.


  • Many people find flannel sheets too hot for summer sleeping

5. A Set of High-End King Size Sheets That Hotels Use

eLuxury 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set


Why You’ll Love These: A bedding classic, these are just like those great sheets you’ll find at all the best hotels.

There are very good reasons most luxury hotels choose to outfit their guest beds with high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets like these: they are cool but not too cool, soft but not flimsy, long wearing and easy to care for.

These sheets have a 1000 thread count, ensuring that they are not only beautifully soft – and will only get softer with each wash – but also robust enough to last for years with proper care. There are a variety of colors to pick from, including a traditional dazzling white, a subtle, fashionable cream, and a dramatic, rich burgundy.


  • Soft, but not too soft cotton luxury
  • Hotel quality durability and comfort
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Cool sleeping and great for those with sensitive skin.


  • Not an inexpensive choice

King Size Sheets FAQs

Have questions about king size sheets? We have answers!

What Size is a King Size Bedsheet?

Sheet sets do vary slightly in size, so you will need to shop for your exact mattress size. A standard king-size mattress in the US measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, and you’ll want to ensure that your sheets fit well, as slipping, sliding sheets will not make for a good night’s sleep!

A California King, on the other hand, is larger, measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. Again, shop for your bed size exactly!

What is a Good Price for a Sheet Set?

The prices of sheet sets vary dramatically. You can purchase inexpensive microfiber or polyester sheets for as little as $20, but they will not offer good wear for long. If you are looking for a high quality sheet set, you can expect to pay between $150 and $200, or even more for less usual sheet fabrics like bamboo.

What is the Best Thread Count for King Size Sheets?

Thread count is a controversial subject. Most independent bedding specialists say thread counts of 300 to 500 are common in top-rated bed linens. Anything over 500 thread counts isn’t necessarily better, and you can still buy good sheets with thread counts around 300.

A sheet in the higher thread count range isn’t necessarily of great quality; the fiber composition and workmanship are more significant considerations.

What Kind of Sheets do 5-star Hotels Use?

Most hotels choose bright white, 100% cotton Egyptian cotton sheets. This is because they offer great comfort, but more importantly for the hotel are easy to launder – they can even be bleached – and are very durable, offering hotels a great return on their investment.

What Are the Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers?

As they sleep very cool, cotton sheets, especially linen – are great for hot sleepers, and a newer choice, bamboo sheets, may sleep up to three degrees cooler than even high quality cotton sheets, so for very hot sleepers are certainly well worth considering.