The Best Fleece Sheets

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There’s nothing better than slipping into a nice warm bed on those cold winter nights! To stay cozy and warm, you need the right kind of sheets.

Some fabrics tend to stay cool, which isn’t ideal when it’s cold. Other fabrics can trap heat too much and make you sweat. This is why fleece sheets are the best option. They trap warmth but are breathable enough to not overheat you during the night. Today we are going to look at the 7 best fleece bed sheets sets along with a guide to help you find the perfect ones for you.

What is Fleece Fabric?

When you hear the word fleece you probably think of sheep. However, fleece is a synthetic material that is created using plastic. Who would have thought that plastic could be made into a warm, soft, and breathable material? The actual fiber is polyester, which is derived from plastic. The fiber is then woven into a lightweight fabric. This is then brushed to add volume to the fabric. There are natural fibers that are sometimes added to the mix, such as hemp, wool, and rayon to create certain textures and add vibrancy.

How are Fleece Fabrics Made?

To make polyester fleece, two raw materials form petroleum are used; ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. Some can be made using recyclable plastics. To produce polyester, the two raw materials are heated to create a chemical reaction through several processes until it forms a viscous syrup-like liquid. This is then cooled and broken down into chips.

These chips are heated into a liquid, which is then pushed through a spinneret, which has very fine holes. As it’s pushed through it hardens into fiber forms that are then wound around a heated spool. It looks like a thick rope at this point.

It next moves on to the drawing and crimping stage. The ropes are pulled through a heated roller to stretch it out to 4 times its original length while strengthening the fibers. This creates a smooth strand that is passed through a crimping machine, which gives the threads a zig-zag shape. These then go through a dryer to be cut and baled. It now looks similar to wool fibers at this stage.

From there it is dyed and then spun into yarn that can then be knitted. The next step is napping and shearing, which is how the fleece gets its fuzzy texture. It can then go through a finishing process to be treated and made wrinkle, fade, and pill-resistant.

Now, let’s look at the top 7 picks for the best fleece sheets.

7 Best Fleece Sheets Reviews

1. Best Quality Fleece Sheets: Bare Home

Bare Home Super Soft Fleece Sheet Set - Full Size - Extra Plush Polar Fleece, No-Pilling Bed Sheets - All Season Cozy Warmth (Full, Sand)

Why You’ll Like Them: This fleece sheet set from Bare Home is of a high-quality yet reasonable price. If you want fleece sheets that tick all of the boxes, you will love these!

This 4-piece full fleece sheet set has an extra plushness to it and is pill, wrinkle, shrink, stain, and fade resistant. You couldn’t ask for more in a sheet set! The high-quality construction makes them very durable, so your sheets will last for some time. The plushness is comparable, if not better than, some flannel sheets.

The sheets are also very breathable, which is important when you are looking for a sheet that can keep you warm without overheating you. They are also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites for allergy sufferers. It has moisture-wicking and temperature regulating capabilities that reduced humidity and pulls moisture away from the body. It’s also very lightweight so you aren’t feeling weighed down as you would feel with a heavier sheet.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticized with a durable elastic, giving you a snug fit on mattresses between 8-inches to 15-inches deep. The sheets are easy to care for and can be machine washed on a cold cycle and tumbled dry on a low heat setting. The best part is that you don’t need to iron these wrinkle-resistant sheets.

Pros: highly breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, soft plush texture, and easy to care for.

Cons: it’s questionable whether such a lightweight sheet would last if handled roughly, but they are quite durable.

Buy the Bare Home 4-piece sheet set on Amazon

2. Best Ultra-Soft Fleece Sheets: True North by Sleep Philosophy

Sleep Philosophy True North Micro Fleece Bed Set, Warm, Sheets with 14' Deep Pocket Cold Season Cozy, Matching Pillow Case, Queen, Grey Ogee 4 Piece (SHET20-994)

Why You’ll Like Them: The True North sheets are super soft and make a great alternative to flannel sheets. If you love the feel of flannel but don’t like how they can be too warm, this is a good choice for you!

These sheets are made of 100% polyester micro-fleece, which allows for a thin fabric that can still keep you very warm. They have the plushness of flannel sheets and are pill-resistant on one side, meaning they are less likely to bunch up at night. The lightness of these sheets allows for breathability and moisture-wicking to keep you warm at night without overheating you.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticized with deep 16-inch pockets. This 4-piece full sheet set comes in a nice variety of colors and patterns and is machine washable and dryable, which makes caring for them very easy. You can get them in sizes twin to California king.

Pros: breathable, moisture-wicking, deep pockets on the fitted sheet, easy to care for, very plush and soft.

Cons: some buyers were disappointed that only one side of the sheet was pill-resistant, but many buyers have said pilling was very minimal on the untreated side.

Buy the True North sheet set on Amazon

3. Best Value: Berkshire Blanket

Berkshire Blanket Sailor's Rope Printed Microfleece Set Fleece Sheets, Twin, Grey

Why You’ll Like Them: The price is low but the quality is not lacking. If you want to enjoy the lush softness of fleece sheets without breaking the bank, these fleece sheets from Berkshire Blanket are for you.

Made from 100% polyester, these sheets have a super soft texture with a luxurious feel and look very well made. They have moisture-wicking and temperature regulating capabilities to keep you dry and cool at night. They are breathable and lightweight but also give the warmth you need to stay cozy on cold nights, without overheating you. They can be used for all seasons as well.

The sheets are pill-resistant and won’t bunch up during the night. They are easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried on a low-temperature setting, however, it is recommended to allow them to line dry, which they do quite quickly.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticized with 15-inch deep pockets to keep them securely on your mattress. You also get a wide range of colors and prints to choose from. They come in sizes Twin to King.

Pros: very affordable while not lacking in quality, very plush, moisture-wicking, temperature regulating, breathable, can be used year-round.

Cons: sheets can feel a little too thin.

Buy the Berkshire Blanket 4-piece sheet set on Amazon 

4. Best Fleece Sheets for Twin Beds: Cozy Fleece

Cozy Fleece Microfleece Sheet Set, Queen, Wedgewood

Why You’ll Like Them: We like these sheets from Cozy Fleece, not only because they feel like a cross between a plush blanket and smooth sheets, but because they are perfect for twin-sized beds for teens and children.

Made from 100% micro-plush polyester, these sheets are baby soft in texture. They are lightweight and breathable, yet able to regulate temperature and wick moisture away from the body to keep you cozy but not overheated. They can be used all year round as well, used on their own during warmer temperatures or paired with a light blanket during the colder months.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticized and has a bit of stretch to them, so they can fit a mattress of up to 17-inches deep. They stay on snuggly and won’t tangle, which is great for kids who tend to toss and turn a lot. They are easy to care for and can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dried on a low heat setting. They come in 12 neutral colors and in sizes Twin to California King.

Pros: very soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, temperature regulating, can be used year-round, and easy to care for.

Cons: they are prone to stretching over time, causing them to not fit properly.

Buy the Cozy Fleece 4-piece sheet set on Amazon

5. Best Fleece Sheets for Kids: Elite Home

Elite Home Ultra-Soft Winter Nights Collection Microfleece Sheet Set, Alpine Penguin Red, Full

Why You’ll Like Them: We like these easy to care for sheets from Elite Home because they are perfect for children’s beds with their plush warmth and fun designs.

Made from 100% polyester micro-fleece, these sheets are softer than flannel and just as warm for cold nights. They offer the durability you need in children’s bedding and are considered to be more durable than cotton sheets. They are hypoallergenic and very breathable, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

The sheets are fade, stain, wrinkle, and shrink resistant, as well as very easy to care for. This gives them that durability needed to last through many washes and the daily wear and tear of kids’ sheets. You can machine wash them and dry them with a quick tumble dry cycle.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticized and easy to put on the bed. With it’s 12-inch deep pockets, the sheets fit snuggly enough to stay on even the most restless kids’ mattresses. The embroidered sheets come in fun designs that kids will love.

Pros: hypoallergenic, breathable, very durable, stain, fade, shrink, and wrinkle-resistant, and easy to care for.

Cons: some users complained that the sheets felt too scratchy rather than soft.

Buy the Elite Home sheet set on Amazon

6. Best Rustic Print Fleece Sheets: Great Bay Home

Super Soft Extra Plush Plaid Fleece Sheet Set. Cozy, Warm, Durable, Smooth, Breathable Winter Sheets with Plaid Pattern. Dara Collection by Great Bay Home Brand. (Full, Stone Blue)

Why You’ll Like Them: Great Bay Home’ sheets come in a variety of nice printed patterns, rather than just solid colors.

Made from 100% extra-plush polyester, these sheets are considered to be very versatile, making them great for not just the home but for RV bedding as well. They use high-quality fiber that makes them very durable. The sheets are soft but still have a smoothness that keeps them from bunching up. They are pill-resistant as well.

The sheets are lightweight and breathable but the polar fleece fibers make them as warm as flannel sheets. They also have good moisture-wicking capabilities and can regulate temperature well. We also like the fact that they are very affordable.

The fully elasticized fitted sheet has 15-inch to 17-inch deep pockets (depending on the size you order) that are perfect for deep mattresses with mattress toppers. They are easy to care for, stain, fade, wrinkle, and shrink resistant. They come in sizes that range from twin to king, with a nice choice of patterns and colors to choose from.

Pros: very durable, fade, shrink, stain, and pill-resistant, very soft, temperature-regulating, easy to care for, and come in a nice variety of patterns.

Cons: as soft as these sheets are, they could be softer .

Buy the 4-piece Great Bay Home sheet set on Amazon

7. Best Queen Deep-Pocket Sheets: Peak Performance

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Why You’ll Like Them: We like this queen sheet set from Peak Performance because it is scotch guard treated and designed to not shed or create lint.

Made from 100% polyester micro-fleece, these sheets are brushed on both sides for added softness. They were designed to keep from piling, shedding, or linting over time, and have been treated with 3m scotch guard that works to release even the most stubborn stains.

The sheets are moisture-wicking and breathable to regulate temperature, so you stay warm when it’s cold without overheating. The polyester fibers are hypoallergenic and repel dust mites and allergens, making them perfect for those who are prone to skin irritation and allergies.

The fully elasticized fitted sheet had deep 16-inch pockets that will fit over mattresses with toppers. They are easy to care for and can be machine washed. They come in 7 neutral colors that can match any décor.

Pros: deep pockets, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, treated with 3m Scotch Guard for added stain resistance, easy to care for..

Cons: size options are limited

Buy the Peak Performance queen sheet set on Amazon

Fleece Sheets Buying Guide

If you’re at a complete loss wondering through dozens of sheets trying to figure out what to buy, this short guide will help you walk away with a winning set perfect for your bedding needs.

How to choose the right set for your bed

One area that can let down a sheet set is the wrong sizing. If the sheets are too big, they will end up being too loose and will bunch up at night. If they are too small, you will struggle to get the fitted sheet to stay put and have them popping off when you are sleeping.

Check the fit

It’s important to know your mattress size/depth before you buy your sheets. Not all mattresses conform to the standard size. For example, having a mattress topper can add a couple of inches to the mattress height. Mattresses can vary from 9-inches to 16-inches plus in height. A standard sheet set for a 12-inch deep mattress won’t fit properly on one that is 14-inches deep. Most mattresses with a pillow topper require deep or extra-deep pockets on the fitted sheet.

Measure the depth of your mattress from the bed frame (or box spring) to the very top. If you use a mattress topper or a pad, make sure to also include it. Photo: Wicked Sheets

So it’s always best to break out that tape measure before you buy and get the correct size. Make sure you take into account any toppers and don’t forget to measure the length and width while you are at it. You want to make sure, especially with a fitted sheet, that there is enough material to tuck under the mattress so it stays put.

Be sure your sheet set has an elasticated fitted sheet as well, with sturdy elastic bands. Some sheets use thin elastic that will overstretch and break with use, which means your sheets will be slipping off all the time. A good fitting bottom sheet should be taught on the bed and for the best fit, its advisable to buy a sheet that gives you 2 to 3-inches more pocket depth than the actual size of your mattress. It gives a bit of extra material to tuck under the mattress to keep it firmly in place.

Buying a set vs. individual sheets

The next thing to consider is whether to buy a full sheet set or buy them individually. If you have a standard-sized mattress, a sheet set is a good option. It can be more cost-effective than buying each piece individually.

However, if your mattress isn’t standard or the bed is a custom size, you may find that not all the sheets in the set fit. This is where buying your sheets individually comes in. It allows you to buy different sized fitted and flat sheets that match the dimensions of your mattress. Not everyone uses the flat sheet in a set either, so buying a set would mean wasting a sheet.

Also, keep in mind that your top and bottom sheets wear out differently. The bottom sheet bears our body weight and is prone to more friction, making it wear quicker than a top sheet. Rather than having to buy a whole new set, you can buy a replacement bottom sheet on its own. Buying individual sheets allows you to stock up on extra bottom sheets if you like to change them more frequently.

Whether you choose a sheet set or to buy them individually, it really comes down to your own preferences. Choose the option that is more cost-effective for you.

What’s difference between fleece and microfleece?

We hear the terms fleece and microfleece used interchangeably. Both are soft, very lightweight, and highly durable for everyday use, such as in blankets, sheets, and the lining in cold weather outerwear.

The term fleece is used to describe the general thickness of all types of fleece. Microfleece, however, refers to a specific type of fleece, which is the most flexible and thinnest of all of the thicknesses that fleece can come in.

Fleece vs. flannel sheets

No one likes to slip between cold sheets on an even colder night. For years, flannel sheets have been the answer to this issue.

However, fleece sheets have become the comparable fabric to flannel that can keep us warm in the winter too. So, what are the differences between the two, and which is better?


While both fabrics can be warm and feel soft, they are not made the same. Flannel is made from cotton, which is a natural fiber. The thickness that it is woven into is what makes it so warm. Fleece, on the other hand, is made from polyester, a synthetic fiber. It’s usually brushed on one or both sides and the weave gives the fibers that fluffy soft feel.


Being made of cotton, flannel is quite durable and lasts for many years depending on the quality. Fleece is also durable, however, there are some fleece sheets that are quite thin, which makes them less durable than a thicker fleece sheet.

Pilling and Shrinking

As we all know, cotton can be prone to shrinking, which means flannel can shrink. Fleece, however, is made from polyester, which is shrink-resistant. Both can pill if the fibers uses are of lower quality and not cared for properly.

Using Year-Round

Flannel sheets tend to lock in warmth and aren’t as breathable, which means they aren’t a good option for hot weather. Fleece is more breathable and can be used year-round in some cases. Mainly it is used from the late autumn through spring. Many fleece lovers have said they use their sheets during summer quite comfortable in most cases.


While both flannel and fleece are relatively less expensive than other fabrics, fleece tends to be cheaper in price than flannel.

Pros & Cons of Fleece Sheets

Fleece has become a popular fabric in both the clothing and bedding industry because of its durability and versatility. Like any fabric, it will have its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Warmth: it has insulating properties.
  • Naturally hydrophobic: it repels water as well as wicks moisture.
  • Lightweight: in comparison to wool, which can be heavy bulky (not to mention itchy), fleece is compact, lightweight, and comfortable while still being able to keep you warm.
  • Quick-drying time: because fleece doesn’t soak up a lot of water, it is able to dry very quickly.


  • Impacts the environment: while some fleece uses recyclable plastics to create fibers, it also uses petroleum. The extraction of petroleum has a carbon impact, and the burning process that produces plastic for the polyester fibers raises greenhouse gases.
  • Low melting point: fleece can be damaged by heat, which means you can’t wash or dry them on hot temperatures, nor can you iron it. Most fleece is wrinkle-resistant anyway.
  • Traps odors: that great hydrophobic property I mentioned earlier means that it can be hard for detergents to get into those fleece fibers enough to get some strong smells out.

Polar sheets vs. microfleece

I mentioned earlier that the term fleece is a general term that covers all fleece fabrics. With bedding, you may have seen polar fleece and microfleece mentioned. Let’s look at what the difference is between the two.

Polar fleece: This is a heavier thickness of fleece, usually seen lining jackets and sweatshirts for added warmth. Polar fleece has a few thicknesses that are measured in grams per square meter. It starts at 100gsm, which is the lightest of the polar fleece fabrics and ends at 300gsm, which is the heaviest of the polar fleece weights.

Microfleece: This is just a very light version of polar fleece, weighing in at 200gsm and lower. It’s very soft, breathable, has moisture-wicking properties, is thin, and doesn’t pill as much, which is why it’s great for sheets.

Types of fleece fabrics

Fleece fabrics come in four types; microfleece, mid-weight fleece, heavy-weight fleece, and textured fleece.

We touched on microfleece earlier. This is the lightest and thinnest of the 4 types. Originally, they were used as a mid-layer under waterproof clothing and over base layers of clothing. It is the lowest insulating of the four and the most breathable, which is why it is most often used for fleece sheets. It’s also good for clothing in cold weather when you are being active, as it won’t feel stifling. Fleece is considered to be microfleece if it weight 200gsm of lower.

Mid-weight fleece is a bit thicker and less flexible, but much warmer than microfleece with it’s higher insulation abilities. It’s still quite breathable and comfortable though. It’s been used as an outer layer in cold weather, used for bathrobes, and used for fleece blankets. It can be used outdoors in cold temperatures when doing moderate activity. For fleece to be classed as mid-weight, it has to be between 200gsm and 300gsm.

Heavyweight fleece is the top of the weights that fleece comes in and is used in very cold conditions as a thermal underlayer. It’s not very flexible, but it is the most insulating and warmest out of all of the fleece weights. It’s not really good to wear if you plan on being active as it will cause you to sweat and overheat quite rapidly. However, it is good for those very harsh climates that require a lot of insulation when you are outdoors. For fleece to be considered heavy-weight it needs to be 300gsm and over.

Textured fleece is similar to heavyweight fleece where weight is concerned. The difference is that it has a pattern to it, which can make it feel even softer than regular fleece. It tends to have a velvety look to it and can be used as a blanket or an outer layer when outdoors in cold weather.

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Best Way to Wash Fleece Sheets?

Tumble drying sheets
Like with any fabric, your fleece sheets will last longer if you properly care for them.

To make your fleece bedding sheets last longer, caring for them properly is a must.  Here are guidelines for getting the most out of your sheets, based on the majority of manufacturer’s instructions.

  • If your fleece sheets become stained, you can pre-treat them with a gentle stain remover before you wash them.
  • As with any sheets, you should wash your fleece sheets separately.
  • Don’t use fabric softener when washing fleece sheets
  • Wash your sheets on a low cold setting. Higher temperatures can damage the fibers
  • As mentioned earlier, fleece can be damaged by high temperatures, so if you are tumble drying, do it on a gentle low cool setting. The best way to dry fleece sheets is by line or air drying. They do dry fairly quickly.
  • Never iron fleece sheets as this can damage the synthetic fibers and leave burn marks on the sheets

In Summary

Fleece sheets are a great alternative to flannel if you want something that can be used more often than just during the colder nights. Our favorite fleece bedding set out of the 7 we reviewed today is from Berkshire Blanket available on Amazon. It’s softer and lighter than others, it has deep pockets, comes with a a nice variety of color choices, and it feels better to sleep under than much pricier models we tried.


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