Best Fitted Sheets That Stay Tight

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Fitted sheets, they keep our mattresses protected and act as a barrier. It also gives us a nice surface to lay on when we sleep. However, the wrong fitted sheet can end up being a nightmare for some, with it slipping off and getting tangled around your feet at night. Today we are going to look at the best fitted sheets and how to find the perfect one for you.

In a hurry? Here our top picks for fitted sheets that stay tight on your bed:

Best Tight Fitted Sheets Reviews

1. Best Overall Sheets That Stay Tight: Mellanni

Mellanni Queen Fitted Sheet Only - Iconic Collection Bedding Sheets - Soft & Cooling Sheets with up to 16' Deep Pocket - Around Elastic - Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant - 1 PC (Queen, Blue Hydrangea)

Why you’ll like ’em: You’ll love the Mellanni Fitted Sheets if you want a sheet that is luxurious, classy looking and easy to care for.

This fitted sheet from Mellanni is made from 100% polyester microfiber to give it super softness and high durability. It ticks all of the boxes of what you want in a fitted sheet.

The sheet is really easy to care for and is wrinkle, stain, fade, and shrink resistant. It also has hypoallergenic qualities that work to resist allergens and dust mites, and is very breathable, with moisture-wicking capabilities that help to keep you cool throughout the night, yet still keep you warm on cooler nights.

The sheet is easy to wash on a cold setting and dries very quickly, as microfiber is known to do. You get a range of sizes to choose from and 25 colors in vibrant shades that will match anyone’s décor. The sheet is fully elasticated and has 16-inch deep pockets. You also get a lifetime guarantee form the manufacturer.

Pros: Superb moisture-wicking, stay tight on the bed, hypoallergenic, deep pockets, fully elasticated, comes in a large variety of colors and size options, has a lifetime guarantee.

Cons: Some felt the sheet was too thin.

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2. Best Value-Fitted Sheets That Stay On: Utopia Bedding

Utopia Bedding Queen Fitted Sheets - Bulk Pack of 6 Bottom Sheets - Soft Brushed Microfiber - Deep Pockets - Shrinkage & Fade Resistant - Easy Care (Grey)

Why you’ll like ’em: You’ll love Utopia Bedding fitted sheets if you like to stock up on fitted sheets, have multiple beds to make, and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Made from 100% polyester microfiber, this pack of fitted sheets is extremely soft but also breathable to allow for year-round use. That means you won’t have to buy separate fitted sheets for each season.

The polyester microfiber also means you get a fitted sheet that is crease and stain resistant, making it easier to care for. The sheets are fully elasticated with 15-inch deep pockets to ensure they stay tight on the bed.

You get the four main sizes; Twin, Full, Queen, and King as options. The colors are a bit basic in white, grey, black, and beige, but they are neutral and will match or complement other colors.

Pros: Affordable, has a good fit, stay in place, soft, easy to maintain, wrinkle and stain-resistant.

Cons: Some felt the fabric and the elastic was a bit thin.

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3. Best Eco-Friendly Tight Fitting Sheets: Zen Home Luxury

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Why you’ll like ’em: If you like having a more organic option in bed sheets that is affordable and have a snug fit, these fitted sheets by Zen Home Luxury are the perfect set for you.
Another great value, this comes with 2 fitted sheets that are made from a blend of 60% brushed microfiber and 40% bamboo to give it a super soft feel. The sheets are hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, dust mites, mildew, and mold, making them great for sensitive skin and those with allergies.

These are also a good option to use year-round because of their breathability and moisture-wicking properties. The microfiber/bamboo blend makes these sheets quite durable and strong, even after many washes.

The fitted sheets are tailored with 16-inch deep pockets and are fully elasticated for a snug fit on your mattress. You get a choice of 12 colors and a range of size options to choose from. They are easy to care for, can be machine washed and dried on low heat settings. They are also resistant to stains, fading, and wrinkling. You also get a 30-day return guarantee from the manufacturer.

Pros: Easy to care for, stay on the bed, affordable, hypo-allergenic, wrinkle, stain, and fade resistant, the elasticated sheet with deep pockets, and several color options.

Cons: Due to the microfiber/bamboo blend, the sheets are not totally hypo-allergenic

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4. Best Hotel-Luxury Fitted Sheets That Don’t Bunch Up: Bare Home

Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet Queen - Premium 1800 Microfiber - Ultra-Soft Wrinkle Free - Deep Pocket - Queen Fitted Sheet (Queen, Black)

Why you’ll like ’em: If you’re looking for the fitted sheets that stay tight on the bed for your vacation home or AirBnB rental but don’t want to spend a fortune, you’ll love the feel of these luxurious hotel sheets by Bare Home.

These sheets are made from 100% polyester microfiber with a tight weave, making these sheets resistant to dust mites, mildew, mold, and other allergens. The microfiber is also double brushed to make it extremely soft and smooth for sensitive skin. Some reviewers felt the softness was comparable to cotton sheets with a higher thread count.

The sheet is very durable and easy to maintain. They can be machine washed and dried and are wrinkle, stain, and fade resistant. The fully elasticated sheet has 15-inch deep pockets, comes in all bed sizes, including a split-king for adjustable beds, and several neutral and vibrant colors that won’t fade over time. You also get a 30-day guarantee from the manufacturer.

Pros: Smooth soft feel, durable, easy to care for, affordable, hypoallergenic, wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant, and a 30-day guarantee.

Cons: Some felt the fit was not the best and the elastic was too thin.

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5. Best Cotton Fitted Sheets That Stay in Place:  California Design Den

Queen Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet Soft, 100% Cotton, 400 Sateen, No Pop-Off Elastic, Deep Pocket, Durable Fitted Sheet with Head & Foot Tags (Queen, Seafoam)

Why you’ll like ’em: You’ll love these 400 thread count long-staple 100% combed cotton fitted sheets by California Design Den if you have sensitive skin.

This fitted sheet from California Design Den is made of 400 thread count 100% natural Indian long-staple cotton. This gives the sheet a soft thick feel that works great in cooler climates. It also has a sateen finish for added softness. Even with its tighter weave, the sheet is quite breathable.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticized and has extra-deep 18-inch pockets that offer a great snug fit on just about any mattress. What is even better about this sheet is that it has head and foot tags so you know which end is up when making the bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), cotton is lightweight and allows for maximum air circulation—a bonus if you tend to be a hot sleeper.

Cotton is one of the best fabric for sheets for someone with reactive skin making these our top choice of hypoallergenic fitted sheets. They are easy to care for and pill-resistant, come in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

Pros: Fitted sheets stay on the bed, lightweight, cooling, good for sensitive skin, gets even softer with washing, 18-inch deep pockets, durable, fully elasticated, has head and foot labels and made from high-quality long-staple cotton.

Cons: They can be a bit on the pricey side and some felt they weren’t very soft until after a few washes.

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Tight Fitted Sheets: A Buyer’s Guide

A snuggly fit crisp white bed sheet

Before we jump into what fabric options you should choose for fitted sheets AND why, here’s a bit of history behind how fitted sheets became such a quintessential feature of our bed-making today!

The history behind fitted sheets

Before fitted sheets were invented, people would use several techniques of folding with a flat sheet, like “hospital corners”, to keep them fitting snuggly around the mattress. The problem was, they never did stay where they should. It wasn’t until 1959 that the first patent for a fitted sheet was invented.

Bertha Berman created unique, sewn-in pockets at the corners of a sheet that would snuggly fit over the corners of the mattress. They didn’t always work, however, and many people would have to use elastic garters to help keep them in place.

It wasn’t until 1990 that the first design for deep pocket corners and elasticated edges was created by Gisele Jubinville.

The patent sold for $1 million. Of course, even this newer model of fitted sheet came with its own issues. Have you ever tried folding one? There is actually a neat trick you can use to get the perfectly folded fitted sheet revealed in this short video below.

You can still get some gadgets to help keep your fitted sheets in place, like elastic straps with clips on each end that you run under the bottom of the mattress and hook to the edges of your sheet. There are also zip on sheets that can make bed making a bit less strenuous. However, many like the old fashioned fitted sheet.

BBDOU Bed Sheet Clips Straps Sheet Holder Mattress Clips, 4 Pcs Adjustable Elastic Bed Sheet Grippers Straps Suspender Fasteners Holder

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Which fabric is best to sleep on?

Woman lying on her stomach sleeping on white crisp sheets

The type of fabric that you choose can make all the difference in getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

Fitted sheets come in many fabrics, just like your flat sheets do. So, whether you prefer a crisp sheet or a warm and cozy sheet, there will always be an option for you. Fabric is going to be the first thing that you need to consider before buying a sheet, so knowing what’s out there and who it works well for is important.

Cotton sheets

Most fitted sheets are made from one form of cotton or another, including those blended with other fibers. Let’s have a look at those first.

  • Upland Cotton:  This is your basic form of cotton that is used in everyday fabrics, from t-shirts to towels. It uses much shorter cotton fibers that are not as strong, soft, or flexible. They do, however, cost a great deal less than other forms of cotton.  Upland really isn’t the best choice for a sheet for the above reasons. It has a rougher texture that isn’t comfortable to sleep on, and the shorter fibers lead to breakage that causes piling.
  • Egyptian Cotton: Now we’re talking about sheet worthy cotton. Egyptian cotton is a much higher quality due to it being grown in climates that are most beneficial for cotton. This cotton is handpicked and has long-staple fibers that make it more resilient. It also makes for a very smooth and soft sheet, so it is a good choice as a fitted sheet. The only downside to Egyptian cotton is its price.
  • Pima Cotton: Very similar to Egyptian cotton, Pima also has long-staple fibers. This makes a sheet that is breathable and very soft. The difference with Pima is that it is grown in America’s desert climates. This is quite close to the climate in Egypt. Pima is high-quality cotton but costs a lot less than Egyptian cotton.
  • Supima® Cotton:  Supima is a trademark name for a version of Pima that is of a more superior quality. What this means is that Supima has much stricter standards in regard to the cotton quality and purity. The cotton fibers are extra-long-staple, perfect for hot weather, and are hypoallergenic.
  • MicroCotton®: This is another tradename for a specific cotton grown in India. It’s very fine long-staple fibers allow it to dry quickly, produce less lint, and makes for a sheet that is breathable, moisture-wicking, and cooling.

So, cotton is a good choice for fitted sheets, aside from Upland. The only problem is that all of the others cost more than Upland cotton. Overall, cotton is a great choice for fitted sheets because of its moisture-wicking ability that can keep you feeling cool through the night, which is great for hot sleepers and warm climates.

Percale sheets

Percale is more of a weave than a fabric. The weave is much tighter than ordinary bedsheets, which gives the sheet a crisp, cool feel that is perfect for summer and for hot sleepers. Percale tends to be made from 100% cotton and has great moisture-wicking capabilities that work to keep you dry and cool. Cotton is also strong and very smooth. The quality of a cotton percale sheet is down to the weave and the quality of the cotton used. For example, Egyptian and Pima cotton have a long-staple fiber that is much stronger and softer.

Linen sheets

Linen is made from flax fibers and these sheets are known for their crispness, breathability, and is more absorbent than cotton. Linen sheets are very durable and get softer over time. It’s hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. Because linen is more difficult to produce, it can cost more than even Egyptian cotton. It’s also very prone to wrinkling, so not a good choice for a fitted sheet if you don’t like dealing with wrinkles.


If you want a sheet that is both soft and highly durable, microfiber is a good choice. Microfiber uses polyester fibers that are much smaller than those found in other synthetic fibers. This gives them strength, makes them more fade-resistant, and they will last through many washes. Microfiber sheets are also very soft and stain-resistant. You’ll see many children’s’ bedsheet sets made from microfiber for those reasons.

Sateen Sheets

Sateen sheets are thicker than percale sheets, making them better for cooler climates and cold sleepers. It’s a durable, silky soft option that can be made from a number of materials. What makes it different is that it is woven in the same way as satin, which uses a pattern of 4 warp yarns over 1 weft yarn. This gives it that silky sheen.

Flannel Sheets

If you’re a cold sleeper or live in a colder climate, a flannel fitted sheet may be a good choice for you. These can be made from wool, cotton, and other fibers. What makes flannel so soft is that. During processing, it is brushed. This is what creates that denser and softer feel. Flannel traps heat in order to keep you warm.

Polyester sheets

Less expensive than cotton, polyester is a synthetically made fiber that is known for its durability and affordability. You see it used in microfiber blends a lot, sometimes being blended with cotton to make it feel a bit softer. What’s also great about polyester fitted sheets is that they are wrinkle, stain, and fade resistant. The downside with polyester is that it may not be a good choice for sensitive skin types and is less breathable than cotton.

Silk sheets

For a more hypoallergenic option in a fitted sheet, silk is a good option. Silk sheets are hypoallergenic, smooth, silky, and very cooling. Silk is also much gentler on the skin, making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin and skin issues. Silk is very moisture-wicking and helps to keep you feeling cool, a great choice for women going through menopause and battling with insomnia and hot flushes. Silk can be quite expensive, however.

Tencel sheets

This is a brand name for a natural fiber that often gets labeled as synthetic. The reason for this is in how it’s made, starting as a natural pulp fiber and then created into a thread. Tencel is very soft, breathable, and has great moisture-wicking capabilities that are right up there with cotton. It’s hypoallergenic and much stronger and durable than cotton.

Buying Fitted Sheets on Their Own

If you’ve always bought your sheets in sets, you may find it odd to buy a fitted sheet on its own. (Personally I don’t …. it allows me to change my fitted sheets on a more regular basis).

There are many reasons to have a spare one of two in the home. You can buy one to match the set you have as a backup, in case something happens to the original fitted sheet (spilling accidents or simple wear and tear over the time are some good examples….). That way, you won’t have to get rid of an entire sheet set and buy a new one because of a fitted sheet mishap. It’s always a good idea to have a spare fitted sheet in a neutral color for such occasions.

Believe it or not, not everyone sleeps with a top sheet. You’ll find that in places like Japan and European countries that they only use a fitted sheet and a comforter. It makes sense, in these situations, to be able to buy a fitted sheet on its own.

There is quite the debate regarding whether top sheets are necessary!

What other features in a fitted sheet should you consider?

A couple making bed fitted sheets

When looking for a good fitted sheet there are a few main things that you will want to look out for.

Deep Pockets: This is one of the biggest features people look for when buying a fitted sheet, especially if they have a higher mattress or use a mattress topper. The best thing to do is to measure the height of your mattress before you start shopping for your fitted sheet. This will give you a good idea of how deep the pockets need to be. Otherwise, you can end up with corners that don’t quite make it to the edge and slip off at night.

Full Elastic: This has been a lifesaver for me when buying a fitted sheet. It used to be that just the corners had elastic on them, which didn’t always ensure that the sheet stayed put. Fitted sheets with full elastic around the entire sheet work best. You want to pay attention to how thick the elastic is as well. I’ve found some elasticated sheets with a flimsy elastic that would come away from the sheet, stretch out over time, or just break. So, you want elastic that is durable and thick to keep it from snapping when stretched, and for a more secure fit.

Tags: Have you ever been making your bed and you get to the fitted sheet and have no idea which end is up? One of the best inventions I have seen yet is the fitted sheet with tags. It’s just a small tag that says side, bottom, and top, making it so much easier to make the bed.

Wrinkle and Stain Resistant: Considering that this will be a sheet that not only protects your mattress but acts as a barrier between you and the mattress, getting a fitted sheet that is stain and wrinkle resistant can be important. More so if the sheet is going to be for a child’s bed.

Easy Care and Maintenance: I think most people want to have bedsheets that are easy to care for. When looking for easy care fitted sheet, go for materials that are known for their durability and that have strong stitching all around. Also, be sure they can be machine washed and dried and don’t require special treatment.

Color Variety: While this isn’t really a must-have, it can be frustrating when you are looking for a fitted sheet and have a limited number of color choices. Say you want to stop using a top sheet, for example. Finding a fitted sheet that matches your pillowcases and duvet/blanket color will help tie it all in.

On your way to a snug, fit bed sheet

When looking for the best fitted sheet that will stay in place over your mattress  it really comes down to your personal preference. What is best for one may not be for another. So definitely take some time to find out what fabrics are best for your situation first.  My top choice is the California Design Den because of the tags. Changing bed sheets is challenging enough, and this little trick just makes bed-making easier for me. I hope this helps you find your dream fitted sheet for a better night’s sleep!