Best 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

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Investing in Egyptian cotton sheet sets is investing in a good night’s sleep. Cotton is a modern fabric and is used for many different reasons. This is because it withstands wear and tear, feels softer over time and leaves a crisp, fresh feel after each wash. Egyptian cotton is of high quality and delivers these among other benefits. It can adjust to body temperature making it suitable for use as luxury sheets.

As the name suggests, Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt and the warm temperatures and rich soil of the Nile River Valley produces some of the longest cotton fibers in the world.

There is a variety of Egyptian cotton sheets, but these 10 proved to be some of the best in the market.

Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet

As we’ve established Egyptian cotton sheets is among the finest bedding available.   This was a particularly hard section to create since there are so many premium Egyptian bed sheets on the market as well as so many different price points.

These 10 picks are among the softest and most comfortable high-quality Egyptian luxury bed sheets in the market all with high ratings and reviews. I hope this list helps.

If you can afford it I would highly suggest going with a US made, 100% Egyptian Cotton and a thread count of 500+.

#1 New York Mercado Cotton Sheet Set

New York Mercado Super Soft, Elegant and Premium Quality, 100% Egyptian Cotton, Italian Finish 600 TC, Long stapled 4-pc Bedding Sheet Set with 21” Deep Pocket (Queen - Sheets, White)

Experience the luxury of sleeping in one of the best Egyptian cotton sheets which guarantee a soft feel and a comfortable night’s sleep. They are made of 100 % Egyptian cotton utilizing a thread count of 600 for quality results. The yarns are uniform, steady and firmly woven to ensure long-lasting benefits. A simple machine wash and tumble dry on low are recommended to maintain the quality.

Reviews are exceptional expressing the satisfaction of purchasing this set. Most buyers recommended them for the soft texture even after washing. One more thing, the sheets are easy to clean and maintain!

There is no doubt these are the best Egyptian sheets according to customer experiences. No wrinkles, staining, fading or piling while keeping the soft feel even after many washes. This set is one of the purest cotton sheets in the market with an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Another plus is that they’re US made.

Pros: High-quality Egyptian cotton, soft, comfortable, durable, 21” Deep Pocket
Cons: A little rough at first

#2 California Design Den 600 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set

100% Egyptian cotton fitted sheets

The best choice of sateen weaved sheets; these are comfortable and have a silk-like texture and are 600 thread count . These 100% Egyptian cotton fitted sheets feature an elastic band all-around to ensure it stays in place all night long. The flat sheet and pillowcase hem have a stylish design which is carefully stitched for durability.

If you are looking for an entirely fitting sheet set, this one will do. Customers that bought these noted that the size is designed to fit all standard size mattresses without the need to keep tucking while you sleep. In fact, this set fits mattresses up to 20″ deep. I highly recommend them to someone looking for inexpensive and durable Egyptian cotton sheets.

You may experience the stiff feature of the sheets while new but it changes after several washes. The sheets soften up and maintain the strength all through. This tunes me to recommend them to anyone looking for quality, long lasting sheets.

Pros: Comfortable, perfect fit, stylish, durable, sateen weave
Cons: A little tough at the beginning

#3 Mellani Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set

100% Egyptian long-staple cotton sheets

These sheets are made of 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton with a 450 thread count for durability. They have a mercerized sateen weave stripe for a beautiful look. These breathable sheets with deep pockets ensure you rest all night comfortably.

It’s evident that these sheets have a great fit, strong enough and don’t wrinkle after washing. Customers recommended them for the quality which remains without piles, stains or fading.

They may feel a little stiffer than expected but this is attributed to the material quality. It’s important to note that the sheets soften up after a while retaining the quality. I highly recommend them to someone looking for crisp quality sheets at an affordable price.

Pros: Comfortable, does not wrinkle, beautiful stripes, durable
Cons: Stiff fabric

#4 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread Count 4 Piece Sheet Set by Zorifi Craft

luxury 100% cotton sheets

This is another great choice of luxury 100% cotton sheets with a lot more options in bed sizes than our previous choices, including Queen, King, Split King, Twin, Olympic Queen, Grand King, Full-XL, Full-XXL and more!

Zorifi Craft comes in 7 neutral colors, the Elephant Gray being the most popular color of this season. Another nice touch is that this set comes in a custom designed gift box – which is a great wedding, birthday or anniversary gift. The set features 1-Piece Fitted Sheet (80″ x 98″ inches), 1-Piece Flat sheet(100” x 18″ inches) and 2-Pillowcases (20 x 40 inches).

If you’re after that luxury feel of a 5-star hotel quality sheets and pillowcases, try out this set. We reckon you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the light sateen weave 18-Inch-Deep pockets and incredibly soft thread count. And, what’s more, is that if this isn’t your dream set, the seller offers 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Pros: Soft, breathable, 100% money back guarantee
Cons: Couldn’t find any

#5 Sonoro Kate Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set

silky quality sheets

If you’re looking for silky quality sheets, the Sonoro Kate luxury sheets will do. They are made of hypoallergenic and stain-resistant material to offer you the best experience using them. They have an 1800 thread count using a double brushed microfiber to ensure a soft touch and comfort while you sleep.

Given their higher thread count, they’re highly durable and withstand frequent washing with a softer texture after each wash. Not to worry about wrinkles, fading and pilling, these luxury sheets retain the quality and feel as good as new after extended use. You can toss them in the machine for a cold wash and tumble dry on low.

This set of sheets is undoubtedly one of the best there is in the market. From the quality of the material to the comfort and texture, these are a great buy. The satisfaction of customers that used them cannot go unnoticed. Some mentioned that the sheets delivered what an expensive brand would but for a fraction of the price. They are indeed worth every coin.

Although the quality stands out, some customers showed concerns about the color variation saying they got slightly darker or brighter tones of what they ordered. They, however, recommended them for the excellent quality. I would recommend them to someone looking for luxury sheets without breaking the bank.

Pros: High-quality material, comfortable, easy to maintain, soft
Cons: Color variation

#6 Thread Spread Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

best soft and comfiest sheets

Experience a little more luxury as you sleep with this 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. They are breathable, feels crisp to touch and smooth enough on the skin. The flat sheet and pillowcases feature a stylish hem, perfectly designed to last long even after washing.

It’s clear the material delivers softer results with each wash while maintaining the excellent quality. The soft sateen feel of the sheets impressed most customers. The fit is another quality customers pointed out stating that they fit perfectly. For the price, these sheets proved to be of much value than other expensive brands.

The sheets are however thinner than other 1000 thread count sheets. They may feel lighter after several washes, but the good thing is that the texture doesn’t change; they are super soft and highly recommended for warm seasons. If you are looking for summer luxury sheets, these are a top pick.

Pros: Soft, comfortable, quality material, easy to clean
Cons: Thin fabric

#7 SGI Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set 1000 Thread Count

best 1000 thread count cotton sheets

Accessorize your bedroom space with these SGI Egyptian cotton sheets that are designed to offer a luxurious feel and a stylish look in your bedroom. They are made of 100% Egyptian cotton and firmly finished to ensure strength and durability for long periods of use. Also, they are hypoallergenic and hence suitable for people that suffer allergies.

You will notice the fitted sheet holds up well and stays in place as you sleep. More to this, customers found the sheets to be soft, comfortable and of high quality given their 1000 thread count. Buyers mentioned that it was simple to clean the sheets as you can quickly toss in the machine and tumble dry on low.

The material, however, is stiff and tends to remain crisp after washing. But, it does maintain the soft feel like regular cotton. For those that love tough but super soft fabric, these sheets are a great buy. I highly recommend them for the deep pockets, quality material, and smooth finish.

Pros: Quality fabric, easy maintenance, comfortable, warm, durable
Cons: Stiff

#8 Stone & Beam 100% Supima Cotton Sheet Set

Best 100% Supima Cotton sheets

With a thread count of 700, these sheets are of premium quality ensuring comfort and durability. They are made of 100% Supima Cotton that is finely combed to ensure a soft and durable sheet. They are washable by machine and dry well on a medium tumble dry. Over time, the sheets become softer after every wash.

The sheets are no doubt, warm and cozy and with a 700 thread count durable too. Customers loved the nice heavy feel to them and the texture of the sheets stating that they delivered what they needed. This sheet set has a beautiful sateen weave with clean design and four neutral colors to choose from. The hemstitching will add a charming vintage touch to your decor.

However, some users found them to be a little thicker than the usual Egyptian cotton sheets and were too heavy for warm seasons. But, you can agree that for winter, such sheets can come in handy. Rated as the best supima cotton sheets we recommend these to folks looking for quality, heavy-textured sheets.

Pros: High-quality material, soft, simple to wash, comfortable, durable, modest price.
Cons: Thick material, wrinkly but that is cotton for you.

#9 Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These sheets are modern and a statement of luxury in your bedroom. These Mayfair Linen cotton sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton bearing a thread count of 800. This ensures a soft fabric that can last long even after repeated use. It fits mattress up to 18” deep.

They are highly breathable to ensure a comfortable feel when you sleep. It feels warmer during cold nights and chills when the temperatures are high. More to this, this set come in a classy design to suit your style. You can select subtle colors to match your bedroom décor with a balanced yet bright tone.

However, a few disappointments came up after washing the fabric where customers stated that the sheets wrinkled up. The stiff material is highly prone to wrinkles especially after machine wash, but with time it softens up for a straighter look. With the durability guarantee of these sheets, they are worth a try.

Pros: Durable, high-quality fabric, easy to wash, bright color, budget pick
Cons: Stiff, wrinkles after washing

#10 URBANHUT 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Buying Guide

This is another luxury sheet set designed to ensure you are comfortable throughout the night.  It is made of 100 % Egyptian cotton with a 1000 thread count to last long and retain softness. The pillowcases and flat sheet have a stunning design with plain hems for the style.

The details on the sheet impressed most users, and they couldn’t agree more that they are gorgeous. They are very comfortable and are easy to clean up. The stitching is of excellent quality as is the texture which keeps up well even after several washes.

If you love super heavy sheets, these might come across as thin and light. But for the quality and durability guarantee, they are worth every penny. I would recommend them to those looking for stylish sheets that will last a lifetime with minimal care.

Pros: Comfortable, stylish, soft texture, durable
Cons: Thin

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Buying Guide

Before you select your favorite, what should you look for when buying a set of Egyptian sheets?

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Nile Valley where Egyptian Cotton is from
The beautiful Nile Valley in Egypt. Image from Billy Gambela’s Blog

Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt along the Nile River under just the right conditions to create the long fibers for which it is known. The fiber length is typically 1.5 to 2.25 inches. Long fibers are what makes the fabric so soft and desirable.

This is because the resulting thread is thinner and causes a higher thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. Since Egyptian cotton is known to have the longest fibers, it is typically the softest of the cotton sheets.

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The infamous Egyptian cotton sheets has a myriad of positive benefits.  In fact, it’s commonly used at fine hotels where people look forward to getting an excellent night’s sleep in those luxuriously comfortable beds. 

The long fibers and high thread count make for an extremely soft fabric, which in turn results in a very comfortable night’s rest.  The fabric is also durable and breathable.  It will retain its softness with every wash and becomes even softer each time it’s being washed.  These features make Egyptian cotton bedding perfect for use at home that conveys superior quality.

Does The Thread Count Matter?

It’s the length of the fibers which gives Egyptian cotton its edge and quality and the special luxurious feel that we find in Egyptian cotton sheets and pillow cases. Longer threads mean a thinner and finer fiber.

Most cotton sheets buyers carry the idea that a higher thread count translates to better quality.  It applies in most cases, but it should not be the only determining factor when selecting sheets. The quality of the fabric must be taken into consideration as well.  Since Egyptian cotton is a top quality fabric, a thread count of 400 and above still be softer and more comfortable than a lower quality cotton blend with a higher thread count.

Luxury sheets bearing a thread count of 1000 are incredibly durable and retain a soft touch even after extended use. An even higher thread count of  1500 indicates that 1500 threads have been woven vertically and horizontally within a 10²cm block of fabric – the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the texture!

Whether you’re buying 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets or 200 thread count sheets, it’s important to do some research. Understanding what thread count means and how it can be advertised is important in making a well informed purchasing decision. If buying online, reading actual customer reviews is the best way to ensure the thread count is accurately representing the softness of the sheets. On this note, the thread count determines the texture of the sheets which eventually totals down to your needs as far as comfort matters.

The Weave

How tight the weave is what differentiates between high quality Egyptian cotton sheets and regular cotton sheets .  A tighter weave means higher quality sheets.  Egyptian sheets have a very tight weave.

A lower thread count has thicker yarns which produce a tight, coarse fabric. This weave is mainly used to make towels and heavy linen. A percale weave has a firm texture but gives a soft feel. The sateen weave, used primarily on bed sheets has a smooth and lighter touch than the percale. Therefore, the type to choose entirely depends on personal preferences.

Egyptian Sheets Can Be Pricey

Since Egyptian cotton really is the King of cotton with a higher thread count than ordinary cotton sheets, they also come at a higher price. However once you sleep between these luxury sheets you won’t want to go back to synthetic material or even ordinary cotton bed linen ever again. A long term investment that will itself many times over.

Better With Every Wash

Unlike other luxury bedding such as satin sheets or bamboo sheets, those made from Egyptian cotton will get better over time if properly cared for. Even if the sheet set starts out a bit course, it will soften up over time and with every washing. However, it is important to read the washing instructions and follow them to the letter for the best results. This fabric is also very breathable and won’t produce a lot of lint when it’s being washed. This means the fabric will never pill.

Although they may be a bit pricey, Egyptian cotton sheets are an excellent investment and make the best luxury bed sheets. Not only are they extremely soft, they also look beautiful on the bed. When properly cared for, the colors will stay rich and vibrant and the sheets can last up to 50 years. They will also get even softer with every wash. A quick search for customer reviews online reveals that most people who purchase these sheets love them and will never go back to a cotton blend again.

Bottom Line

There is a variety of cotton sheets out there, but Egyptian cotton has proved to be of stunning quality.

This guide can help you choose your favorite depending on your needs. Be sure to check the quality, size and color shades to get the appropriate one. Most importantly, ensure you get what you pay for by checking customer reviews and recommendations.

If you can afford it, I would highly recommend ending your search for a luxurious bed sheet set and go with the New York Mercado 600TC 100% Egyptian Cotton. One of the big bonuses is that it’s made in the USA with a five star rating review.