7 Best Crib Sheets

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It’s everyone’s joy to welcome their little ones home. Preparing to deliver your baby requires a series of plans to ensure you are ready before baby arrives. One of these essential items is crib sheets which are crucial bedding items.

Like the other sheets, crib sheets should deliver comfort and maintain quality during the period of use. The market has a variety to choose from, and we got this top picks of the softest crib sheets for your baby’s nursery.

Crib Sheets Savvy Buyers Guide

Before we dig into that, what should you consider when choosing crib sheets?

TIP 1: What is the solution to keeping your child's mattress from getting soaked? Finding a top-notch waterproof sheet!
A sleeping baby boy in white crib with an overhead hanging toy

The Fit

Usually, you will find a standardized size of crib sheets in the market. But, it is essential to have a clear picture of the size of crib you intend to use. Perfectly fitting sheets should leave an allowance to tuck the sheets. On this note, before you purchase, confirm the sizes available and choose the most appropriate ones.


Crib sheets come in various colors and prints. The choice entirely depends on your preferences. Whichever color you like, it’s essential to ensure it matches well with your nursery décor and the rest of crib beddings. Also, the print should resonate with existing items to create a balanced tone.

Period of Use

How long do you intend to use the crib? If your baby’s crib is to serve for a more extended period than the usual, then you can invest in long-lasting, luxury sheets for the crib. If using the cradle is a temporary fix when the baby is young, you can go for budget sheets. Either way, you should check the quality of the sheets to last you the intended period.


If you newborn has various sleeping spots, it is advisable to find a few more sets. Since babies can be messy, you need to equip yourself with enough to keep changing. For example, if your baby sleeps on the bassinet, cradle or a play yard, it makes sense to get a few sets for each spot.

What to look for in a crib sheet?


One of the elements of quality sheets is that they should be snug and feel soft your baby’s skin. Although it’s hard to notice this while the sheets are new, it’s essential to ensure you get the right one. Check customer reviews before you can invest in some.

TIP 2: Multiple is Better. You should have at least two fitted crib sheets. That way when you're washing one sheet, your baby can still sleep on the other. If one of your fitted crib sheets is fleece, consider getting another one for warmer weather, perhaps made of cotton or linen bedding.

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Best Crib Sheet

I have made a top 7 list of the best crib sheets that you can buy. I encourage you to choose organic if you’re looking for hypoallergenic crib sheets and whatever you do make you sure you invest in a quality mattress pad like the Newton Baby Washable Crib Mattress Pad to help protect the mattress from little accidents.

Ok, let’s check out the best-rated plush crib sheets for your newborn baby!

#1 Cuddly Cubs Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets

The best crib sheets overall

With the beautiful print and made of 100% cotton material, these sheets are a big bang. Utilizing a jersey knit, they are super soft, breathable and comfortable for your baby. The hypoallergenic sheets are free from pesticides and are pre-washed hence suitable for baby’s sensitive skin.

The sheet fit is suitable for most crib mattresses and has an all-around elastic band. This ensures babies’ safety while the sheet remains in place throughout. Additionally, they are easy to wash by a simple machine wash which delivers softer sheets after each wash.

From a style point of view, these sheets have beautiful prints which make them some of the most preferred. The soft, smooth touch on babies skin is a quality various customers appreciated stating, “Soft, durable and cute designs,” “Nice print and soft material.”

After using these sheets, you can concur with the rest of the customers that the sheets are lightweight. But, this feature is due to the make of the fabric to ensure softness. The good thing is that the quality remains after many washes which drive me to recommend them to someone looking a crib sheet set.

Pros: Quality material, Soft texture, perfect fit, easy to wash
Cons: Lightweight

#2 My Little North Star Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

The best organic crib sheets

A great selection of organic sheets, these are made of 100% certified cotton in a jersey weave for a soft yet durable piece. The material is soft enough for baby’s skin and fitted to ensure it stays in place all through. They are hypoallergenic and highly breathable to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable all night long. A simple machine wash is enough to clean the sheets.

It’s no secret that customers love the breathability of these sheets. Those who tried flannel sheets during warm seasons stated they were too warm and kept baby waking up severally. Once they used these, the issue was fixed, and babies slept comfortably. The cotton fabric is designed to provide a cooling effect if it’s too warm and warm up if it’s colder than usual.

The fabric, however, seems a little thin for those that prefer heavy ones but for the quality after several washes, the sheets are an excellent choice. I would recommend these sheets to someone looking for a set of unisex crib sheets that will last long with maximum benefits.

Pros: Organic cotton, highly breathable, soft, simple to wash
Cons: Lightweight

#3 Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Crib Sheets

The best jersey knit crib sheets

Babies have sensitive skin and subjecting their skin to chemically treated sheets could cause severe allergies. On this note, why not get these Burt’s Bees baby crib sheet? They are made of 100% organic cotton material and are naturally hypoallergenic to ensure your baby is safe from chemicals.

The Jersey knit ensures breathability to keep your baby comfortable as they sleep. This budget pick crib sheet set is fully fitted and designed to suit most crib mattresses sizes. A soft elastic all-around the sheet makes sure it remains in place as the baby sleeps.

The soft touch and feel of these sheets cannot go unnoticed. Recent customers pointed that the sheets were silky and got softer after each wash. More to this, you can agree that the fit of these sheets is a feature to consider. Customers appreciate the size of the sheet claiming it is best suited for standard size cribs.

It’s noted, however, that the sheets are thinner than usual cotton sheets. But, this is because the sheets have lightweight fabric to ensure softness all through. For someone that loves lightweight sheets and still values the quality, these crib sheet is the right pick. I would gladly recommend them for a soft, silk-like feel on your baby.

Pros: Soft, 100% organic cotton, perfect fit, price
Cons: Lightweight

#4 Half Moon Organic Cotton Sheet

Best Luxury Crib Sheets

This sheet is made of 100% organic cotton and features a percale weave to ensure durability and comfort all through.  With a 300 thread count, the texture is subtle and luxurious. The print pops up a stylish look in the baby’s crib and is suitable for use by both girls and boys. The sheet is fitted with an all-around elastic band to ensure your baby is safe while keeping it well-secured to the mattress.

Being one of the newest crib sheets, you may be skeptical about trying it, but from the description, it surely is a great buy. If you love animal prints and are looking for a sheet that suits both girls and boys, this is the sheet to give you all that. I highly recommend it for the quality guarantee.

Pros: GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton Percale, breathable, elasticated, soft sateen weave, fits standard crib mattresses up to 52″ x 28″ x 8″, machine washable, 3 colors available
Cons: A little pricey

#5 Magnolia Organics Crib Sheets

The best chemical-free multi-color crib sheets for every day use

This little luxury crib sheet is made of 100% cotton fabric. It is knitted into a thick interlock fabric for strength and durability. It is then dyed using fiber-reactive eco-friendly dyes that are safe for baby’s sensitive skin. The smooth surface ensures a soft feel on baby’s skin guaranteeing comfort while sleeping.

The bright color and the soft touch of this sheet carry the day with many customers recommending it to people that love colored fabrics. Many echoed that is indeed a smooth sheet that kept babies comfortable all night. If you want a permanent solution, this will deliver to your expectation.

However, you may encounter a smaller size of the sheet, so it’s important to check the size before you purchase. This sheet may not fit all standard size cribs because it’s small, but if you have the right dimensions, this certainly is not an issue. As long as you check on size variations, you should be able to get the right size. Therefore, I recommend it to people looking for small size crib sheets with a guarantee of quality.

Pros: 100% cotton material. Durable, soft, comfortable
Cons: Small size

#6 Ely’s & Co Crib Sheet Set

The best anti-shrink crib sheets

This set is made of 100% jersey knit cotton material to last long and provide ample comfort for infants. It is highly breathable to maintain suitable temperatures while baby sleeps. The design is trendy and can match up to other crib beddings. The fitted sheets have elastic with an adjustable fit to suit different sizes of crib mattresses.

The print seems to stand out among customers that bought this set hence recommended to people that love the printed fabric. It is a modern-design sheet as referred to by many and the quality is outstanding. Customers liked the size which suits different sizes of crib mattresses. Additionally, after washing the sheet does not shrink at all.

However, concerns about the size of the sheets revealed that these sheets could be smaller than some mattresses. While this is possible, customers stated that their cribs were a little bigger than the standard size hence the disparity. I would recommend them to people with standard size or small cribs for a perfect fit.

Pros: Beautiful print, outstanding quality, withstands shrinkage, soft
Cons: Small size

#7 Trend Lab Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet

The best flannel crib sheets

A warm flannel sheet is necessary especially during the cold season. This Trend Lab sheet is made of 100% cotton fabric featuring monkeys and fun design prints on a white background. The fitted sheet has an elastic band to ensure it remains in place all through and hence safe for your baby. More to this, the deep pockets are designed to suit most crib mattress sizes.

It’s agreeable that flannel sheets are ideally suited for the winter season keeping the baby warm all through. Most buyers agreed that after washing several times, the quality held on with a softer touch after every wash. The fit of the sheet is another excellent feature evident among customer experiences making it ideal for a standard size crib.

The sheet may retain a crisp feel after washing which best describes the qualities of flannel sheets. They are a little tighter than regular light cotton sheets but designed to retain warmth during cold seasons. It may not be the best buy for warmer periods but is unquestionably a top pick for winter.

Pros: 100% cotton flannel, warm, ideal fit, durable
Cons: Stiff fabric

Bottom Line

Crib sheets are available in different prints, colors, and sizes. When purchasing the sheets, it’s essential to confirm the size of the crib to ensure the right fit. On the same note, you should check the color shades to avoid having the wrong selection. One important thing, always check quality reviews to ensure your sheets maintains softness, are snug enough and covers the crib mattress and is comfortable for your baby or toddler. Most importantly, you should check fabric suitability to ensure you get safe and durable sheets for your infant.