Best Cotton Sheets

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Your bedroom creates a relaxing haven after the hassles of the day. It is the place where you can rewind, reset and rejuvenate to face a new day. Therefore, it is essential to pimp it up to luxury and comfort for a peaceful night sleep. This means having warm quality sheets that can complement your bedroom look and provide comfort as you sleep.

On this note, we searched the market for quality sheets and came up with a review of the best cotton sheets using different types of weaves and other attributes for you to try.

But first, it is vital to understand the factors to consider when selecting your next set cotton sheets – as not all cotton sheets are equal.

Cotton Bedsheets Buyer’s Guide

A stack of clean white bed sheets

Does Thread Count Matter?

Most customers consider that a higher thread count translates to better quality of sheets. While other factors play an essential part when finding the right sheets, it is vital to understand the impact of different ‘thread counts.’ The term refers to the number of yarns per square inch of woven fabric. A high thread count does not necessarily mean that the sheets are of best quality. For instance, a sheet with a 400 thread count may not indicate that it’s the best as other factors such as weave and texture matters.

The Different Types of Weaves

Common weaves available in the market are:

  • Percale: Its one of the most elegant patterns utilizing a high thread count for a soft feel.
  • Flannel: This weave has a warm feel featuring a fluffy appearance and a soft texture.
  • Jersey: This weave gives highly elastic results with great draping qualities.
  • Sateen: It has more yarn surface on the top for a soft and lustrous look.


Like other fabrics, cotton sheets come in different sizes. Before you place your order, it’s essential to confirm your bed size to ensure you get the right fit. Most common ones are California king, king size, and queen size among others.

Color and Print

This depends on personal preferences. There is a variety of colors available for cotton sheets. When purchasing you should confirm your preferred shade especially if you want to match your cotton sheets with existing bedroom décor. Most sheets are plain, but printed pieces are available. The print can feature two or more colors for a bright look.

Best Cotton Sheets Reviews

If you’ve been disappointed with past purchases, consider these sheets all with raving reviews. We have selected the top picks using a number of qualifying criteria: material-variety, various thread counts, different prices ranges and quality/durability.

We are sure there is something for everyone here.

1. Best Organic Sheets: Magnolia Organics

Magnolia Organics Estate Collection Sheet Set - King, White

You can agree that organic sheets are healthier than chemically treated sheets. Customers noted that they were great for people with contact allergies. They also appreciated the fit and the compatibility with most mattress sizes.

Though not as soft as chemically treated ones, these sheets are healthier options especially for individuals with contact allergies. Also, the crisp texture is with regards to the quality of the material which softens up after several washes. For this reason, I would recommend them to someone that loves a little crisp feel of sheets.

Pros: Organic, comfortable, soft, perfect fit
Cons: Tough texture while new

2. Best Overall Cotton Sheets: California Design Den

California Design Den Luxury Twin Sheet Set - 100% Cotton, 600 Thread Count Deep Pocket Twin Sheets, Soft Hotel-Quality Bedding with Sateen Weave - Bright White

These sheets are a perfect choice for your bedroom upgrade. With a thread count of 600 and made of 100% cotton, they guarantee comfort and durability for an extended period. The flat sheet and pillowcases feature a beautiful hem style with the 15-inch fitted sheet bearing all-around elastic for a perfect fit. With these premium sheets, you are sure of a silk-like feel and guaranteed cotton strength.

These California design den sheets are a great buy. From the reviews online, it is evident the quality is as expected, with a soft touch and a cozy feeling. Customers recommended the sheets for the perfect fit, breathability, and comfort. Additionally, for the price, customers were satisfied stating, “They are a great buy worth every penny.”

Although a few reviews showed concerns about the dense texture of the sheets, buyers mentioned that they got softer after each wash. This 3-pce luxury cotton sheets set are indeed a top pick for the quality and comfort. I would recommend them to people considering a bedroom upgrade.

Pros: Strong cotton, durable, comfortable, perfect fit
Cons: Tough while new

3. Best Cotton Sateen Sheets Splurge: Malouf Supima Cotton

MALOUF Supima Premium Cotton Sheets-100 Percent American Grown Long Staple-Sateen Weave-Extra Deep Pockets-Single Ply-600 Thread Count-Split King-White, Split King

These US made 100% long-staple cotton breathable sheets are designed for a color pop and a soft feel. The 600 thread count sateen weave guarantees strength, and drape well for a beautiful look. The results of this construction are a luxurious fabric that gets softer after each wash. The extra-deep pockets are designed to fit 6 to 22 inches mattresses. Also, there are universal-fit designs to suit most mattresses.

Customers’ experiences varied from getting a perfect fit for their mattresses to having soft, comfortable sheets. Interested customers had queries about the available sizes of the same brand, and from the answers, these sheets are available in king size, split California king size, queen size, and California king sizes.

For the price, the sheets may appear overly priced, but compared with what you get; they are much worth the bucks. They fall under some of the most expensive brands, but the quality guarantee is something to consider.  For someone looking for quality over price, these sheets will deliver that right, and I highly recommend them.

Pros: Lustrous feel, comfortable, soft, quality cotton, breathable
Cons: Pricey

4. Best Budget Cotton Bed Sheets: California Design Den

California Design Den Twin XL Sheets Set, Good Housekeeping Award Winner, 400 Thread Count Sateen, 100% Cotton Sheets, Soft Luxury 3 Pc Dorm Rooms & Adults Cooling Sheets Set (White Sheets)

These sheets are made of 100% long-staple cotton utilizing a 400 thread count. The sateen weave retains a soft touch for a lifetime. For more detail, the pillowcases and flat sheet feature a sophisticated hem design. The fitted sheet has an elastic band all round to ensure you achieve the perfect fit.

You can maintain the sheets by tossing them in the machine for a quick wash. More to this, you are guaranteed of a fabric that is resistant to shrinkage, fading or pilling. This feature ensures the sheets retain the quality even after many washes.

It is evident that customers that bought these sheets were impressed by the fit and comfort.  Most customers expressed the satisfaction after washing the sheets for several times insisting they retained color, fit and general quality. The sheets suit people with allergies and customers that had issues with other sheets pointed out that they got what they were looking for by purchasing a set of these cotton sheets.

However, the size of the pillowcase may be a little narrow for regular pillows, but it’s agreeable that any fiber pillow can fit in this. Other than that, the quality stands out and I highly recommend these sheets to someone looking for quality, comfortable and soft sheets.

Pros: Soft, comfortable, 100% cotton, easy to maintain
Cons: Variation in color shades

5. Softest Cotton Sheets All-Year Round: Whisper Organics

Whisper Organics 100% Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Set, 400 Thread Count - GOTS Certified (King, Natural)

An excellent choice for sateen weave lovers, these sheets have a 400 thread count and are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. They are standardized, and you can be sure they are chemical free, hypoallergenic sheets. The weave is sturdy but has a silk touch of smoothness and comfort. One great feature of this 4-pce bedsheet set is that they are highly breathable that they are warmer during winter, feels lighter during summer and maintains the feel all year round. This feature makes them one of the most preferred sheets or daily use.

You can agree to the reviews that these sheets proved to be soft, cozy and comfortable to users that bought them. If you are planning to go all-organic, these sheets are a must buy. Customers recommended them to people who suffer allergies and those looking for a breathable sheet. It comes with a 13.5″ fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow cases.

However, these sheets would feel a little thin for someone who is used to thick textured sheets, but the fabric is sturdy enough even after many washes. Nonetheless, they retain warmth on chilly nights and are suitable for any season. This makes me recommend them to those looking for sheets that can suit all seasons.

Pros: Highly breathable, comfortable, soft, organic
Cons: Thin material

6. Best Supima Cotton Sheets: Chateau Home Collection

CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION 100% Pima Cotton 3-Piece Sheet Set 500 Thread Count 16 inch Deep Pockets (fits Upto 18' mattresses) Solid Sateen Weave Hotel Luxury Soft Comfort Bedding (Twin, Navy Blue)

Accessorize with these sheets woven from 100% Supima cotton which is known for its strength, fineness, and long staple length. This quality makes them highly breathable hence suitable for most seasons. Made of 600 thread count sateen weave, you are sure of life-long strength even after many washes. The sizes come with deep pockets for a perfect fit. The flat sheet and pillowcases feature a stylish hem, carefully done and hand-inspected for perfection.

The fitted sheet highly impressed most buyers stating that it fit well without coming off while sleeping. This is as a result of the deep pockets making it possible to use with most mattress sizes.  The weight of the sheets is a guarantee that those who bought them will use them for a long time.

However, the sheets felt coarse and dense for some, but this is because of the firm texture of the material. You can be sure that after several washes the sheets soften up but still maintain the strength quality for a long time.

Pros: Quality material, durable, fits most mattresses
Cons: Tough fabric

7. Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Upper Fast Collection

Egyptian Luxury 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Long-Staple Combed Pure Natural Sheet Set - Deep Pockets, Fade Resistant, Hypoallergenic Sheet and Pillow Case Set - (California King, White)

A touch of luxury sheets for your modern bedroom brightens up your space. These Egyptian 300 thread cotton sheets are crisp, soft and a guarantee of comfort. With these, you never have to worry about the fit of the sheets as the fitted sheet has elastic all round to fit any size of the mattress. They can withstand shrinkage, fading, pilling, and stains.

More to this, you can toss them in a machine for a quick wash and tumble dry at low temperature. These 100% cotton long-staple sheets are indeed luxurious and designed to complement modern designs. Most buyers loved the fit, comfort and the smooth texture with some of them stating they are lightweight and ideal for most seasons.

As observed, these sheets seem to have a stiff feel while new, but this is because cotton has a firm texture. It is satisfying to know that although the sheets might feel rough while new, they soften up after several washes and maintain the quality all through. I would recommend these sheet set (includes 16″ deep pocket fitted sheet , flat sheet and 2 pillowcases) to people looking for a set of quality and luxurious sheets.

Pros: Durable, lightweight, machine wash, comfortable
Cons: Stiff while new

Bottom Line

Choosing the right set of cotton sheets totals down to your needs. However, it is essential to confirm the sizes, color, and texture before you can settle on suitable ones. Great sheets should fit well, easy to maintain, durable and provide comfort for a restful night sleep.

Following this review on our top picks, we hope you can decide on the right choice of cotton sheets.