Are Microfiber Sheets Hot?

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Microfiber sheets seem to be everywhere right now. Given that they are usually one of the more affordable options and do indeed have lots of good things going for them, they are worth considering if you are shopping for new bedsheets for a bed of any size, including for babies and toddlers. But are microfiber sheets hot?

The answer is that they can be, depending on their construction, and there are certainly other bedsheets available that will sleep cooler if hot sleeping is a problem for you. But which microfiber sheets might sleep cooler than others? And which of the bedsheet fabric choices available would be cooler still? These, and other issues relating to sleeping cooler are what we are going to look at in greater detail here.


What are Microfiber Sheets?

A neat pile of ironed and stacked microfiber sheets
Want soft, breathable, durable sheets? Microfiber MAY be the answer!

Microfiber is a fabric that is not just used for sheets, it can be used for all kinds of soft furnishings and even for clothing. But what is it exactly?

Most microfiber fabrics – and almost all microfiber sheets – are woven from very thin strands of polyester. The fine threads allow for a tighter weave, resulting in a finish that is softer and far more durable than standard polyester, which is why many microfiber sheets feel comfortable, even velvety to the touch.

Pros and Cons of Microfiber Sheets

As mentioned earlier, there are some good reasons to consider microfiber sheets for your bed, but, as you might expect there are also some definite negatives to choosing them over another material such as cotton or linen. Here is a look at just some of the most important of these.


Affordable – Often, when you are shopping for new bedsheets, you will find that the least expensive, but still decent quality, bedsheets are microfiber sheets. This is a big pro for many as not everyone wants, or can afford, to spend a lot of money on bedsheets, especially for babies, toddlers, or kids.

Soft – Microfiber sheets are usually soft. Standard polyester sheets can be rough and itchy, but the finer threads and tighter weave helps soften that roughness and create a sheet that is extremely comfortable to the touch.

You should note however that microfiber is not measured in thread count, in the way natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen and bamboo are. Instead, microfiber is measured by GSM – grams per square meter. As a rule of thumb, the higher the GSM count the thicker the sheet, although that may not always translate into a better-quality item.

Easy to Care For – Almost all microfiber sheets can be washed easily in a standard washing machine and tumble dried at a low heat. They also tend to hold their color and shape well and are less prone to accidental shrinkage.

Durable – As inexpensive as they are microfiber bedsheets are quite durable, and unlike their older polyester counterparts are not prone to piling or snagging.


Can Sleep Hot – Polyester, which microfiber is crafted from, is not known to be a very cool sleeping fabric. In fact, it can sleep very hot, even if that is not something that is usually a problem for you. Microfiber sheets with a high GSM will tend to sleep hotter, as they will be thicker and denser.

There are some forms of microfiber that are woven to be breathable, and these do sleep cooler. So, if you are considering microfiber bedsheets check the labelling to ensure you are choosing a breathable option.

Not as Durable as Some Fabrics – Microfiber sheets are reasonably durable and do remain in great shape for quite a while. But natural fibers, especially those with long fibers like Pima or Egyptian cotton or the very robust bamboo will all last longer.

Artificial – Fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and bamboo are all derived from natural sources. Microfiber is completely synthetic and while the manufacturing process is improving, they could never be considered as eco-friendly as their natural fiber counterparts.

What is the Best Material for Sheets To Keep You Cool?

What is the Best Material for Sheets To Keep You Cool?

As you will know if you have shopped for bedsheets recently there are an increasing number of choices available, especially when it comes to fabric choice. But which of these fabrics is likely to keep you the coolest and is the most lightweight? Here are some facts and pointers to help you decide.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

As cool as cotton is a commonly used phrase, but are heavier, higher quality sheets like Egyptian cotton bedsheets really that cool? They certainly look like they would be, especially if you choose that lovely bright white, but how cool Egyptian cotton really sleep depends on the thread count and the weave used.

To choose the coolest option experts advise looking for an Egyptian cotton bedsheet with a thread count of around 400 and a percale or sateen weave.

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Silk Sheets

Silk feels exceptionally smooth and cool to the touch, but it can sleep surprisingly hot. A higher quality silk – like a mulberry silk – will often sleep cooler thanks to its longer, stronger fibers.

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Some people may heard of ice silk and think that might be a cooler choice. It should be noted however that although it looks, and feels to a certain degree, like silk it is not. Instead, it is an artificial viscose fiber designed to mimic the look and feel of the real thing. As an artificial fabric it does tend to sleep hot.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo is rather amazing stuff. It has the strength of wood but is a grass. It boasts natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. And 100% bamboo sheets sleep very cool, cooler even than a high-quality cotton.

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There was a time when bamboo sheets were hard to find and rarely found outside China and Japan where they have been a bedroom staple for centuries. Now however, as they gain popularity in the Western world high quality bamboo sheets are getting easier to find.

Tencel Sheets

The lesser known Tencel fabric is designed to be very cool and breathable as well. Tencel is actually a brand mark rather than a fabric and it is applied to fabric that is made using lyocell and modal fibers that are derived from wood. Much of the wood used to make Tencel fabric is derived from recycled wood of several different kinds.

Not only are Tencel sheets designed to sleep cooler they absorb moisture and are considered very eco-friendly too. The biggest downside is that, like a number of the newer ‘green’ fabrics you can expect to pay more for it, even when it is used in bedsheets.

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Linen Sheets

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. There is archeological evidence that it was used by most of the ancient societies including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece.

Linen sheets have remained popular because it is so strong and yes, cool. Pure linen is woven from flax fibers and while you will have to expect that it will wrinkle more easily than cotton it does sleep beautifully cool.

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Microfiber Sheets

As mentioned earlier, microfiber sheets can sleep cool. look for a sheet with a lower GSM and one that features a percale weave – much like cotton – and you should get a bedsheet that offers good breathability and softness, although it may not be quite as durable as higher GSM microfiber.

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