Are Jersey Sheets Hot?

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If you are shopping around for new sheets, you’ll quickly notice that Jersey sheets, often called Jersey Knit sheets, are becoming increasingly popular. There are lots of good reasons for this – as we’ll see soon – but one of the biggest questions those less familiar have is are Jersey sheets hot?

That may or may not be a good thing of course, depending on the season and climate you intend to use them in, but it’s still a very reasonable concern to want an answer to.

The answer here is no, not really. One of the biggest reasons people love Jersey sheets is that they feel just like their favorite t-shirt. This means they are primarily made of cotton, which is very breathable, but often contain a little polyester to give them some stretch and durability and add that extra softness. In many ways Jersey sheets are the Little Bear of the sheet world: they’re not too hot and they’re not too cold.

What are Jersey Knit Sheets Made Of?

Some Jersey sheets are made of nothing but cotton, which others are a blend of cotton and a synthetic material. The latter are usually stretcher than 100% cotton, but both are very durable and usually very breathable. The key to Jersey knit’s softness is the weave itself. One side of the fabric is smooth thanks to a single rib knit, while the other is softer and piled with tiny loops.

It’s worth noting that Jersey knit, and Jersey sheets, are not new. It was originally created, centuries ago, for fishermen working in the British isle of Jersey (hence the name) and crafted using local wool.

Over time cotton has replaced wool for the most part, as it’s cheaper, but if you shop carefully, you can still find wool Jersey sheets.

What Do Jersey Sheets Feel Like?

What it is like sleeping in jersey knit sheets - like a t shirt
Referred to as T-shirt sheet, these sheets are so named because sleeping beneath one is like sleeping under a huge t shirt.

If you ask most people who use them, they’ll tell you that their Jersey sheets are just like giant t-shirts. They are soft and comfy and only seem to get more so as they are washed and ‘age’.

Aside from the fact that they are usually a very affordable option – they are a huge hit with college kids for this reason – it’s this comfort that makes Jersey knit such a popular option for not just bedsheets but also for sweatsuits, hoodies and other clothes you expect to feel comfortable in. 

Is Jersey Cotton Good for Bed Sheets?

Jersey knit cotton, as we’ve mentioned, is soft and fairly durable. It’s also breathable, so, for the most part Jersey knit is an excellent choice for everyday bedsheets. They are also easy to wash, and can usually be tumble dried, so that ease of use also makes an excellent bedding choice.

Are Jersey Sheets Good for Hot or Cold Weather?

We called Jersey knit sheets the Little Bear of the sheet world for good reason. Some sheets are too cold, some sheets are too cold. Jersey knit sheets are, for the most part, just right.

If you opt for a 100% cotton option, they’ll be more than cool enough for the summer in most places and yet cozy and warm enough to use in the winter, making them a great four-season choice.

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Some Jersey knits that also contain polyester can be a little warmer and heavier and may not sleep quite as ‘cool’ in the hot, sticky summer months.

Are Jersey Knit Sheets Hot?

If you are a hot sleeper – as in you tend to feel hot in bed whatever the weather is outside – then you are already aware of the fact that you need to shop a little more carefully for bedsheets than others, as what some may find perfectly cool could leave you all hot and bothered.

Jersey knit sheets that are all cotton should be just as cool as standard cotton sheets, just a little fuzzier and softer, making them a good choice even for hot sleepers, especially hot sleepers who still like to feel snuggled and comfy in bed.

Jersey knit that has a synthetic element may indeed sleep a little hotter, so may not be such a great choice for those who tend to sleep hot.

Are Jersey Sheets Stretchy?

As we’ve mentioned, Jersey sheets tend to feel just like the t shirts in your closet, so are as stretchy as those are. Most people have lots of t shirts and know that some are stretchier than others, which is usually a quality issue. Higher quality t shirts tend to stretch better and yet snap right back into shape when laundered, while lower quality t shirts lose their shape faster and may even pill up a little. The same is largely true for Jersey knit bedsheets as well.

How To Wash Jersey Sheets?

All bedsheets need washing on a regular basis, as they are in contact with your skin a lot, and all the oils, dirt and loose skin cells that come along with that. Another reason people tend to love Jersey knit sheets is that they can be washed and dried in pretty much the same way as standard t shirts can.

This usually means that Jersey knit sheets can be washed and dried in your machines at home (although you should check the label to make sure, as some may need to be handwashed or washed in cold water, especially if they contain wool.)

In general, try to wash your Jersey sheets with a dye and perfume free detergent – strong perfumes are hard to sleep with and dyes can worsen skin allergies – on a lukewarm water cycle to avoid shrinkage. Make use of your tumble drier on a lower setting and if the sheets are a darker color, you should wash them separately, in case any of the dye bleeds a little.

Jersey sheets are also great for line drying, as they are light enough to dry fairly quickly and it’s often hard to beat the fresh smell of line dried fabric. Line drying will also help prevent shrinkage, which, as most people know, can happen to Jersey knit t shirts – and sheets – easily if they are washed and/or dried in temperatures that are too hot.

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What Are the Best Sheets That Keep You Cool?

If you are looking for sheets to keep you cool, which you are likely to in the summer, or if you live in a place with a year-round hot climate like Florida or Arizona, for some, Jersey sheets may still be a perfectly good choice. High-quality Jersey knit sheets that are made using nothing but cotton are still cotton sheets, it’s their weave that makes them look and feel different.

However, they are not the only option when it comes to sheets that keep you cool. Here is a look at some other choices you might want to consider as you shop for warm weather bedding:

Egyptian Percale Cotton Sheets

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Egyptian Percale Cotton is usually the choice of most hotels, and so the chances are that you know just how cool and crisp these bedsheets can be. As luxurious as they feel, Percale cotton is not hard to wash at home, and the higher thread count that comes along with Egyptian cotton makes them very durable as well.

A properly cared for set of Egyptian Percale cotton bedsheets can last for many years, justifying their higher price.

Linen Sheets

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You might know from experience that linen is one of the best fabrics you can choose to wear to stay cool in the summer, and that’s true of linen bedsheets as well.

The fact that linen bedsheets get softer every time you wash them is something many people love as well.

Bamboo Sheets

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The concept of bamboo bedsheets is fairly new in the West, but in the East their cooling, crisp benefits have made them popular for centuries.

A high-quality bamboo sheet can be as cooling as high thread count cotton, and their natural durability and antibacterial properties are things that people are finding that they love about bamboo sheets too.

Silk Sheets

Silk sheets are cool, sleek and feel wonderful against the skin in the summer. They do tend to be expensive, and harder to launder than some other bedsheet options, but they are hard to beat if you really want to feel like you are sleeping in the ultimate summer luxury.

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