Best Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Your ideal pillow should be able to alleviate your neck pain regardless of the brand or type. Even pillows that are designed for back, stomach and side sleepers must also reduce the risks of neck pain or alleviate symptoms of neck pain, significantly. Neck pain often occurs as a result of awkward sleeping patterns, if you wake up in the morning and feels like someone literally hit your neck with an iron rod, you need to do away with your pillow immediately.

We’ll review our top picks for the best pillow for neck support, including details on their construction, performance, and why we recommend them.

Top Picks: Best Bed Pillows for Neck Pain

Quick Buying Guide for Neck Support Pillows

Waking up with neck pain

When searching for the best neck pain pillow, the most important thing is to go for a pillow that will keep your neck and body in a good position to avoid neck pains. Other factors to consider include the following;


Different materials are used in the making of neck pillows, but memory foam seems to be the commonest, they are used in most therapeutic pillows for neck traction, and these pillows provide great support for the neck during sleep. Water pillows are also common for individuals suffering from neck pain or susceptible to neck injuries, since water cannot be compressed, the pillow will offer a firm effect on the neck, hence supporting your neck while you sleep.


The shape of a neck pain pillow is as important as the material used in making it. Curved pillows are more desirable because of their abilities to conform to the contour of the body. The shape of the head and neck can make it difficult to force a flat pillow to contour to their movements, however, a contour-shaped pillow, including cervical pillows will provide necessary support during sleep.

Other factors such as prices, may also be considered when purchasing a pillow for neck pain but they are not as important as the shape and materials used in making the pillow.

Best Neck Pain Support Pillows Reviews

1. Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain: Cr Comfort & Relax

Contoured Pillow for Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain Relief

If you are looking to relieve neck pain, a bad back and sore shoulders, this is one of the best contour pillows in the market today. The outer material comprises of 65% polyester and 35% tencel and the filling is gel infused memory foam which contributes to making this pillow extra-soft and comfortable to lay on. The ventilated gel helps keeps you cool during sleep.

It’s perfectly contoured allowing sufficient room for your head and shoulders keeping your neck free of stiffness and soreness.

Overall Cr Sleep Memory foam pillow is great product, and good quality at a great price. With stellar ratings from Amazon and other home-good stores, you won’t be disappointed with the results of this pillow to alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

Main Features:

  • Gel-infused memory foam for extra safety and performance,
  • The outer material can be removed and washed.
  • Premium jersey fabric that is breathable ,
  • Comes with a contour-wave design feature that provides excellent support for chronic neck pain sufferers, as well as back, and stomach sleepers.
  • Comes with anti-microbial features and it is resistant to allergens, including dusts, mold, and chemical odor.

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2. Best Pillow for Side Sleepers with Neck Pain: Tampor

Contour Pillow Memory Foam for Neck Support

This is a hypo-allergenic pillow that comes with an orthopaedic design for pain relief and support for neck. It comes with a removable cover which is machine washable and specifically designed by Tampor to ensure maximum convenience and safety during usage.

Those suffering with neck pain or stiff back who have used and left feedback about this pillow almost universally conclude that it is a good option for relieving neck pain.

Overall, the Contour Pillow from Tampor is a popular side sleeper shoulder pain pillow, and one of our top memory foam neck pillows.

Main Features:

  • Polyester case that is 100% breathable and also provide excellent air flow,
  • Raving reviews with only a few negative comments to be found,
  • Ergonomically designed to contour to the shape of the head and neck,
  • 5 year quality warranty from manufacturer- it will never get flattened,
  • The non-temperature sensitive memory foam does not let heat buildup.

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3. Best Water Pillow For Neck Pain: Mediflow

Woman sleeping on her side on a firm pillow

The Mediflow pillow made in the US is one of the best water-based pillow for avoiding or alleviating neck pains. It was designed to improve sleep in 4 different ways, and it can be adjusted to suit any user. In addition to these, you can also adjust the firmness of the pillow to suit your preference and give your neck the best support possible.

The only disadvantage to this pillow over our top recommendations, is the weight of it. Since it’s a water-based ergonomic pillow you will have the added weight but that may not be a bad thing since you know your pillow will remain firmly in it’s place throughout your sleep.

Main Features:

  • Ability to respond to body movements in order to sustain support,
  • Comes with 30-day return guaranty plus 1 year manufacturer warranty,
  • Consistently receives good ratings from neck and back sufferers,
  • The water-base is capable of adjusting automatically, to adjust to your body while you are sleeping,
  • Comes with a soft hypo-allergenic fiber-filling that works with an easy-to-fill water pouch.

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4. Best Bamboo Pillow For Neck Support: Snuggle Pedic

Stomach Sleeper While Pillow made with Bamboo Memory Foam

This is a luxury pillow for the neck, it comes with a bamboo shredded memory foam plus adjustable fit and zipper that gives you complete control over the pillow. This is a king size pillow with a vented cover that is completely removable. A little pricier than our other top picks but a quality product if budget isn’t your primary concern.

Main Features:

  • Comes with a removable outer cover with a zipper, for easier adjustment, comfort and thickness,
  • Comes with hypo-allergenic materials, it comes with dust, and mite resistance, it is rolled up and vacuum sealed for added comfort and easy shipping.
  • Comes with a 90 day hassle-free manufacturer refund guaranty, plus 20-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Made of a combination of bamboo, polyester and Lycra materials for the best and most comfortable effect.

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5. Best Pillow For Headaches and Neck Pains: Tri-Core

White Cervical Pillow for Alleviating Neck Pain

This pillow is one of its kind, especially with its tri-core design that helps in alleviating neck pain by aligning the spine, while providing support for the neck in its natural position.

The firm upper and lower thirds of the pillow provides support for the neck area while the center of the pillow cradles your head for a comfortable and pain-free and headache-free sleep session.

The Trapezoid shape of the pillow supports its ability to last longer than any other pillow.

Main Features:

  • Trapezoid shape that provided orthopedic results by simply cradling the neck and ensuring that the in-built neck roll provides a firm support for the neck.
  • Comes in a total of seven sizes giving you a variety of options to meet your specific needs,
  • Comes with a blended cotton cover that is completely breathable.

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In Summary

If you want to wake up in the morning and remain productive at work or within your social circles, you need to take care of your neck. Neck injuries are known to reduce concentration and productivity, which also means loss of income, for this reason, it is common for industry owners to recommend neck pillows for their staffs because of the importance and health benefits of such products, especially in inducing great sleep, and enhancing productivity at work.

There are quite a number of neck injury pillows you may want to consider, but you need to ensure that you choose one that will adjust to the shape of your neck  and support your entire body without compromising on the quality of the materials used in making the pillow.