Best Latex Pillows

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I can’t speak for you, but what I will say is that the first time I lay my head down on a latex pillow, I wasn’t overly convinced this was the pillow for me. Initially, many latex pillows feel very soft to the immediate touch. They’re also bouncier and have a quicker response to pressure than memory foam.

But the longer I laid on it, my head began to have a light lift support rather than a deep sink, cradling my head and neck, gently holding my posture in a healthy alignment. It’s something I hadn’t experienced from other low-tech pillows I was used to sleeping on. Even my husband, who seems to overheat almost at the exact time, every night stayed relatively cool throughout the night. And that’s because, latex has excellent heat and water dissipation.

And, if you’re allergic like me, because latex is made from natural and renewable sources, it’s hypoallergenic, mildew proof, and dust-mite resistant!

So while standard polyester pillows feel firm initially, they don’t do much in terms of neck support or spinal positioning and they often overheat. Latex pillows adapt to your shape and your sleeping position and moves with your body, offering all-night support.

Are there negatives? Yes! The most common drawback is the undesirable “rubbery” smell when new, however this is usually limited to synthetic latex pillows. So get one made from natural sources. Also, latex is one of the more expensive materials to put in a pillow therefore latex pillows tend to be a bit pricey. Do the benefits outweigh those minor drawbacks? Absolutely.

At least if snuggling into the perfect pillow after a long, tiring day at work and getting the rest and recuperation your body needs matters much to you.

In selecting the best latex pillows you can buy, we considered everything from price to sleeping preference to pillow cover and condensed our list to the 5 best latex pillows sold today to help lure you into earlier bedtimes. We’ve also included some buying tips for latex pillow shoppers at the end.

Best Latex Pillow Reviews

1. Best Latex Pillow: PlushBeds’ Solid Organic Latex Pillow

Organic Latex Pillow

This pillow by PlushBeds is hypoallergenic and ideal for people who tend to sleep warm at night.

PlushBeds’ latex pillow has an open-flow structure characteristic of natural latex, giving it exceptional airflow and ventilation. If you tend to sleep hot or wake up sweating in the middle of the night, this pillow is a good option to help you stay nice and cool. The pillow also comes with a breathable and soft 100% organic cotton cover to keep your latex protected.

Have head, neck, and shoulder tension? This soft latex pillow has a springy feel to it. It’s perfect for relieving pressure points so you wake up feeling less sore and more rested. Since the pillow is made using 100% solid Talalay latex, it retains its shape well and is much longer lasting than other pillow types. These pillows don’t have that ‘stuck’ sinking feeling of memory foam and aren’t too soft or firm.

Another great feature of PlushBeds’ latex pillow is that it’s hypoallergenic and free from dyes or chemicals, making it a great choice for people with allergies. The materials are also naturally dust-mite, mold, and mildew resistant. These pillows are highly rated by customers and GOLS Certified, meaning they’re safe and environmentally friendly. They come in standard, queen, and king sizes.

Pros: comes with pillowcase, good for all sleeping positions and has no chemical smell

Cons: a little firm for some sleepers, pillowcase is sewn on which makes it harder to wash

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2. Best For Neck & Head Support: Latex for Less

Organic solid latex pillow with cover

You will love the buoyant softness of this solid latex pillow from Latex for Less, it comes encased in an organic cotton cover and features a two-year warranty.

Latex for Less’ all-natural pillow is buoyant and soft, with the responsiveness needed to support your head in all sleeping positions. Solid latex is known for conforming quickly to relieve pressure points, making it ideal for people who tend to wake up with head, neck, and shoulder tension. This pillow is naturally hypoallergenic, so people with allergies can sleep comfortably without worry.

Another feature that makes solid latex pillows popular is the fact that they offer optimal airflow. If you find you sleep warm at night and dislike how other pillows retain heat, you’ll love how cool and breathable this pillow is. The included organic, cotton cover helps with breathability and provides a soft sleep surface to lay your head on at night. The cover also makes it easy to spot clean your pillow.

This solid latex pillow comes in standard, queen, and king size depending on your personal preference. The company makes its pillows in the USA with quality materials and offers free shipping to customers (except in Alaska and Hawaii). Latex for Less also offers customers a two-year warranty, so you know your investment is protected if anything is wrong with the pillow or it doesn’t last long as it should.

Pros: no off-gassing smell, best latex pillow for side sleepers

Cons: does not include a sleep trial

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3. Best Extra-Firm Pillow: Simmons Beautyrest

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The Beautyrest latex foam pillow is machine washable and comes with a zippered cover for easy maintenance.

Simmons Beautyrest’s latex foam pillow is soft yet extra firm to provide a supportive night’s sleep for back, side, and stomach sleepers alike. The pillow comes with a soft zippered 250 thread count sateen cover that you can take it off for washing or spot cleaning. This pillow is also filled and finished in the USA, so you know that you’re getting a high-quality product.

This 100% natural latex pillow features antimicrobial properties, meaning it’s better protected from microorganisms, mould, and mildew than some other pillow types you might have used in the past. They’re made with Talalay latex, which is one solid piece that’s uniform from top to bottom. They’re available in standard, king, and queen sizes and come in packs of one or two pillows.

Customers love that these pillows are soft and flexible. They can be shaped or folded however you want, and still pop right back into their original shape after. If you want a comfortable pillow that conforms to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, latex is an excellent choice. At around 3 pounds, these pillows are a little heavier than some, but still manageable if you want to move them around.

Pros: good for people with neck issues, no chemical smell, sleeps cool at night

Cons: too firm for some sleepers, some customers find them too bouncy

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4. Best Slim Latex Pillow: Elite Rest Slim Sleeper

Elite Rest Slim Sleeper - Thin Latex Pillow, a Thin and Low Profile Pillow for Sleeping, Flat Pillow Design is Great for Stomach Sleepers, Thin Bed Pillow Measuring 2.75 inches

The Elite Rest Slim Sleeper has all the benefits of a latex pillow with the perfect loft for stomach sleepers.

Elite Rest’s Slim Sleeper pillow is the answer that stomach sleepers have been looking for! Because of the twisted position of the head, it can be hard for stomach sleepers to find the ideal pillow. At just 2.75 inches high, this pillow won’t have your head at an awkward angle. You can keep sleeping in your favorite position without any discomfort.

This 100% natural latex foam pillow is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, mildew resistant, anti-dust mites, and anti-fungus (without the use of harmful chemical treatments). You’ll know the surface you lay your head on at night is clean and free from all these gross things that you find in other pillows. The high-quality latex in this pillow is guaranteed to never flatten, so you’ll always have the support you need.

Another benefit of this Elite Rest pillow is its pin-hole design, which provides extra ventilation for a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep. This latex cooling pillow comes with a zippered cotton cover that’s soft and breathable. The pillow is standard size and lightweight, so it’s easy to move and take with you wherever you go.

Pros: medium firmness (not too firm or too soft), perfect for stomach sleepers, good for people with neck pain

Cons: can’t be dry cleaned or machine washed, may be too low for side sleepers

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5. Best High Loft & Firm Latex Pillow: Malouf Z Pillow

Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow-Queen-High Loft, Firm

The Malouf Z is a thick, luxurious 100% natural Talalay latex pillow, designed with comfort zones for extra head and neck support.

The MALOUF Z latex pillow is made with 100% natural Talalay latex and is available in queen and king sizes. The high loft, firm version of this pillow has a 4.5 to 5.75-inch-high loft that’s ideal for side sleepers or anyone who likes a thick pillow. One of the great things about all-natural latex is you don’t have to worry about any synthetic additives that can trigger allergies and other sensitivities.

These 100% latex pillows are naturally mildew proof and dust mite resistant. What makes this pillow unique is its special zoned technology. Along with the Talalay foam consistency, this technology provides you with the support you need for pressure relief and a great night’s sleep. To complete the experience, the pillow comes with a removable, 100% natural cotton cover that’s soft, clean, and breathable.

Customers will love that this pillow comes with a 5-year U.S. warranty, so your investment if covered in case of a manufacturer defect. This pillow is well ventilated with pin-core holes to help you sleep cool and it’s like sleeping on a cloud. It’s supportive enough to make sure you don’t wake up feeling stiff or like you’re sinking in too deep, but soft enough to comfortably cradle your head and shoulders.

Pros: good latex side sleeper pillow, ideal for people who like a thick, firm pillow, retains shape when not in use

Cons: too springy/bouncy for some, has a bit of a latex odor (which dissipates after a few days)

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Latex Pillows Buyer’s Guide

If like me, you’re overwhelmed by how much choice there is out there when it comes to simply buying, a “humble” pillow, you’ll find this savvy buyer’s guide into latex pillows full of helpful tips and explanations to help you make better buying decisions. We’ll look at the fill, the two types of latex pillows you should be aware of, loft, how easy are they REALLY to maintain, pricing, warranties, benefits and a brief look at what other types of pillows are out there and how they compare against “latex pillows”.

Let’s get started.

What is the difference between Talalay and Dunlop latex

There are two main types of latex pillow fills. The difference between the two are the methods used to manufacture them.

Talalay latex is the newer method of manufacturing, where sap from a rubber tree is whipped in a centrifuge to get a frothy consistency. Next, the sap is poured partially into a mold and sealed. Air is then added to the mold using a vacuum chamber before it’s chemically flash-frozen and then baked.

This method is known for being more consistent from top to bottom, making it softer and more uniform like other pillow types.

Dunlop latex is the older process for manufacturing latex products. It involves getting the sap into a frothy consistency in a centrifuge, like the Talalay method, but is then poured into a mold and baked. Natural sediments sink down during this process, which makes the bottom of the pillow denser.

There are pros and cons to both latex types. Since Dunlop latex is firmer, it tends to be a little more durable. It also doesn’t have the same springy feeling described with the newer Talalay latex. Dunlop latex makes a good support layer for mattresses.

However, when it comes to pillows, most people these days prefer Talalay latex because of its consistently soft feel. Unlike Dunlop latex, which is more bottom heavy, Talalay latex pillows are easier to flip over and move around when you’re trying to get comfortable at night.

Shredded vs solid latex pillow

In addition to the two types of manufacturing methods to make latex pillows, you’ll also find that you can choose between shredded and solid latex pillows.

Solid latex pillows are denser and, you guessed it, solid! Since these pillows are made with one large piece of latex, they tend to be more supportive and are a good option for side sleepers. Since side sleepers need a pillow with a little more height, these are the best option.

Solid latex pillows can also be contoured to support the head and neck, which means they can also be better for people who need a pillow that will relieve pressure points. If you often wake up sore in the morning and need more support for your joints, solid latex is the way to go.

Shredded latex pillows contain pieces of latex foam. These pillows tend to be softer than solid latex pillows. Since there’s space in-between the pieces of foam, they’re ideal for people who sleep hot at night and are looking for a pillow that will keep them cool.

Shredded latex is best for stomach and back sleepers, since they can handle pillows that are softer and not as solid. One great thing about shredded latex is you can often adjust them to your needs by adding or removing the shredded latex foam.

Find the right pillow loft for your favorite sleeping position

Choosing the right pillow loft has a lot to do with the sleeping position(s) you’re most comfortable in.

Back sleepers have the most flexibility when choosing pillow loft, because they can be comfortable with both low and higher loft pillows. If you snore or have sleep apnea, a higher loft pillow can help open your airways and ease these conditions.

Side sleepers need higher loft pillows to help keep their neck and spine in proper alignment. High loft pillows cradle the head and neck, while allowing the shoulders to be elevated. With a low loft pillow, side sleepers usually have their neck angled downwards and shoulders unsupported, which causes pain.

Stomach sleepers need a low loft pillow to help them maintain a neutral spine. Since the head is twisted in this position, you don’t want a high loft pillow that will have your neck at an upward angle too. A low loft pillow helps keep the spine and neck lined up better to avoid pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Are latex pillows washable

If you take good care of your latex pillows, they should last at least a few years. Always follow the care instructions that come with your pillow, on the packaging or the tag, to make sure you’re washing it properly.

Typically, latex pillows shouldn’t be dry cleaned or tumbled dry! Although some latex pillows will say they’re machine washable, frequent machine washing will reduce the life of your pillow.

The best thing to do is remove your pillow cover or case, which can most likely be machine washed, and hand wash the latex portion of your pillow. Or, if you have a shredded latex pillow, you’ll want to just spot clean the outside of your pillow cover.

To do this, mix warm water and mild detergent. Soak a cloth in the solution, wring it dry, and blot the pillow to clean. Focus on any problem areas where there are stains. When you’re finished, wring out the pillow or case to get any excess moisture out and allow it to air dry completely before using it again.

You can place your pillow outside to dry out better, but make sure it’s in the shade. Direct sunlight will damage your latex pillow. You can also place your pillow in front of a fan to dry it out faster.

Latex pillows can be “adjustable”

One of the downsides to other pillow types is that once you choose your desired loft and firmness and purchase the pillow, you may be stuck with what you get even if you decide it’s not right for you. Shredded latex pillows are great because they’re easily adjustable so you can get the perfect fit.

Since side sleepers need the extra loft and firmness for support, they usually don’t need to remove any of the filling in a shredded latex pillow.

A back sleeper may need to remove about 1/4 of the filling, while a stomach sleeper can remove up to 1/3. From there, you can easily adjust to your preference by removing more or adding some fill back in if you feel you’ve taken out too much.

Latex pillow “sleep trial period”, is there such a thing

Finding the right pillow is a big decision, and it can really mean the difference between a good and bad night’s sleep. Your pillow can also make a difference when it comes to whether you wake up pain free or feeling sore in the neck and shoulder area.

If you’re new to latex pillows or switching after being a long-time latex lover, it’s always best to find a pillow with a sleep trial period (especially since they can be expensive to buy).

Whether it’s 30 or 90 days, having some time to try out your pillow before you commit is best.

Not all companies offer this option, but if you can find one that does it should be marked as a pro in your decision-making process. If not, and you choose a pillow that’s not to your liking, you may be stuck using a bad pillow, giving it to another family member or sticking it in a guest room and buying another.

Choose latex pillows with warranties

Another big thing that you want to look out for when buying a latex pillow is if the company offers a warranty. Latex pillows cost a little more because of the quality of materials, process used to make them, and how long they’re supposed to last.

Still, there are sometimes manufacturer defects that reduce the lifetime of your pillows. Being covered by a warranty gives you peace of mind that you can get a replacement or you money back if your pillow for some reason doesn’t last as long as it should or doesn’t retain its shape properly.

Since you’re probably going to spend a little more on a latex pillow than the average pillow type, a warranty is a good way to protect your pillow investment.

How much can I expect to pay for a latex pillow

Most latex pillows are in the $40 to $60 price range, but there’s a lot of variation in pillow prices depending on the company and any special features the pillow may have.

Typically, latex pillows are less expensive than natural/organic pillows, and some memory foam, down, and buckwheat pillows. Latex pillows are usually more expensive than down alternative, feather, and polyester pillows.

Latex pillows sizes

Latex pillows usually come in one of three different sizes: Standard, Queen, or King. Standard is usually the least expensive, but queen and king are better if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep or like to prop yourself up on a pillow to read or watch tv.

Here are the average measurements for these pillow sizes:

Size Measurements
Standard 20W” x 26L”
Queen 20W” x 30L”
King 20W” x 36L”

You can also purchase latex body pillows, which are much wider than King size for people who like to snuggle a pillow when they sleep or need extra support in their hips or legs when they sleep on their side. Many pregnant women are also more comfortable sleeping with a body pillow.

Why you should consider buying a latex pillow

If you’ve been unhappy with lower quality pillows or dislike the feeling of memory foam, latex foam is another option that you should investigate.

A 2018 study conducted by Fazli, F., Farahmand, B.., Azadinia, F., & Amiri, A. found that after four weeks of use, ergonomic latex pillows significantly reduced disability related to neck pain in patients with cervical spondylosis. This goes to show that if you’re suffering from pain, related to a specific condition or not, choosing the right pillow can go a long way!

Another study by Gordon, S. J. & Grimmer-Sommers, K. (2011) found that compared to foam and feather pillows, polyester and latex pillows were, “associated with fewer waking symptoms, higher sleep quality, and least reports of disrupted sleep.” Other pillow types can be noisy, uncomfortable, or trigger allergies, so it’s important to find the kind that’s the best for your needs and preferences.

How Does a Latex Pillow Benefit You?

Sleeps Cool

Latex foam has a natural open cell structure, which is why it doesn’t retain heat like memory foam does. In addition, many latex pillows are designed with airflow channels to make them even more ventilated, thus the ideal pillow to help you sleep cool.

They’re Adjustable

 Shredded latex pillows that have a zippered case are great because you can easily take foam out or add it back in to get your desired loft and firmness. Most other pillows don’t offer this kind of versatility.

Are latex pillows good for allergies

You might be wondering, are latex pillows safe? Latex pillows are known for being allergy friendly, with many being naturally hypoallergenic, mould, mildew, and dust-mite resistant.

One of the only times you need to worry about allergies with a latex pillow is if you have a latex allergy. If that’s the case, synthetic latex may be a good alternative for you but it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before purchasing one. 

All-natural latex pillows don’t have the synthetic materials and chemicals found in a lot of other pillows. This makes them a safer alternative to memory foam and other pillows like it, especially if you’re sensitive, have allergies, or respiratory issues.

They’re Eco-friendly

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly pillow, 100% latex the way to go. Latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree which can be sustainably farmed. Tapping the tree to remove the sap does not harm the growing process of the tree. 

Since latex pillows last longer than many other pillows, there are less resources used in terms of materials and fuel by needing to replace your pillows often. Unlike other pillow materials, latex is also biodegradable. 

To be sure that the latex in your pillow is eco-friendly, look for an organic latex pillow with GOLS Certification, which stands for the Global Organic Latex Standard. This means that the product contains more than 95% certified organic raw materials and manufacturers who are certified must follow certain social and environmental standards.

How Long Should a Latex Pillow Last?

 Latex pillows are known for their durability, so you won’t need to constantly replace your latex pillows or notice that they aren’t as supportive a few months after you purchase them. Unlike other pillows, latex is known for staying supportive and returning to its original shape and loft when not in use.

Check out other great pillow types   

Despite all the benefits of latex pillows, they aren’t for everyone. When searching for the perfect pillow, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of other pillow types before making a final decision.

Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows are designed using chemically produced foam, which is a downside when compared to natural latex. They also tend to have a chemical off-gassing smell that can take time to air out. These pillows are around the same price as latex pillows, although some can be more expensive. 

Memory foam, like latex, contours to the shape of your head and neck to relieve pressure and pain points, but you tend to sink into memory foam more and it can take longer for it to spring back into shape when you get up. Memory foam also sleeps hotter than latex because there’s less airflow.


Buckwheat pillows are Japanese pillows filled with hulls that encase buckwheat seeds. They’re a little more expensive than latex and memory foam. These pillows are known for being very durable, lasting up to around ten years if properly cared for. They’re also adjustable but may require fluffing before use. 

Buckwheat pillows have very good air circulation, so they sleep cooler than other pillow types, and they don’t compress under pressure. If you have neck and shoulder pain these pillows can be helpful, but they can be too noisy, firm, and heavy for some people.

Down Pillows

These are typically more expensive than memory foam, latex, and buckwheat. This is because they’re made with the soft plumage under duck or geese’s outer layer of feathers. The older the waterfowl, the bigger the down clusters, but caring for the birds is expensive, which drives up the price.

Down or feather pillows are known for being luxuriously soft and more moldable than other pillow types, but it can be hard to find down pillows with enough loft and support for side sleepers or heavier people. Compared to other pillow types, down pillows also need frequent fluffing and can retain heat.

Down Alternative Pillows

These are made with polyester puffballs and are one of the least expensive pillow types (aside from regular polyester pillows). One of the pros to down alternative pillows is that they have a similar feel to down, but they retain less heat, allowing you to sleep cooler at night. 

Another good thing about down alternative pillows is that they’re a good option for people with down/feather allergies, but you’ll have to replace them more often. Down alternative pillows will lose their shape and loft more quickly than higher quality pillows like buckwheat, latex, and memory foam.

Wool Pillows

These are an excellent choice for people who want a more natural pillow instead of one made of synthetic materials and chemicals, but they can be expensive. This type of pillow is known for being good at regulating heat and moisture, so you won’t wake up feeling hot or sweaty at night. 

In terms of longevity, wool pillows last anywhere from one to three years if they’re well taken care of. Eventually, they will need to be replaced due to sanitary reasons and because they’ll start to lose their supportiveness. Wool pillows can cause issues for people with sensitivities and do smell a little.

So, What is the Best Latex Pillow to Buy?

The right pillow for you will depend on your personal preference, needs, and favorite sleeping positions, but our top pick for an all-around great latex pillow is Latex for Less.

This pillow because is ideal for all sleeping positions (including side sleepers) and is made in the USA, so you know you’re getting the best quality and materials. It also sleeps cool, is hypoallergenic, and comes with a two-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.