The Best Down Pillows

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Until now, you probably never thought twice about your pillows. You always bought pillows from department stores, grabbing the ones that were cheapest or the ones that looked fluffiest. Without direction or knowledge about what type of pillow would be ideal for you.

If you know how important a good pillow is, you might have tried memory foam and other pillows but haven’t found one you truly love.

Pillows are not all made alike. For example, soft pillows are good for stomach sleepers; but not for side sleepers. Side sleepers need a firmer pillow to help keep their neck and spine aligned while they sleep. The materials that make up your pillow case and pillow filling can also have a big impact on your sleep quality.

Enter down pillows. While this might be one of the more expensive pillow fillings out there, it does have benefits that make it a favorite for many people. These pillows are durable and come in a variety of fills, so everyone can find the perfect pillow depending on their needs and sleeping position.

The Best Down Bed Pillows

Although a down pillow isn’t a must-have for your bed, it’s one of the easiest ways to up your sleep quality and comfort. We researched dozens of down pillows and determined that these are our favorites.

1. Best Down Pillow for Side Sleepers: Continental Bedding Best Down Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

One of the most highly rated down pillows on Amazon is Continental Bedding’s 550 fill power 32oz. Superior Hungarian white goose down pillows which comes in standard, queen, and king size. They can be purchased online in sets of one or two. The outside of these pillows is made with 400 thread count cotton material. This product is proudly made in the USA, so buyers can rest assured that they are purchasing a quality pillow with Continental Bedding.

The Continental Bedding pillows have just the right firmness for side sleepers. Since the materials used to make these pillows are hypoallergenic, they’re the perfect choice for allergy sufferers! These high-quality pillows that are also ideal if you suffer from neck and shoulder pain that seems to be made worse by your current pillow.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced 100% down pillow, many people recommend this pillow from this popular range since they are well-made. The goose down doesn’t escape and can easily be fluffed or adjusted as needed. These impressive set of pillows don’t smell funny like memory foam pillows, poke you like feathered pillows, or lose their shape over time.

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2. Best For Side & Back Sleepers: Luxuredown Goose Down Pillow

Luxurious white goose down medium firm pillow

A close runner up and recommended comfortable down pillows are Luxuredown’s goose down pillows  which come in standard, queen, and king. These pillows are medium firm with a fill number of 650 – perfect for side and back sleepers. The pillows come in a 100% cotton shell for softness and comfort.

This pillow is hypoallergenic, which is great for people who suffer from allergies or have breathing issues at night. According to customers, Luxuredown’s pillows are a decent price for the quality. These pillows are soft, comfortable, and they don’t lose their shape easily.

Note that some people find that these pillows sink too much in the middle. They can also smell when you first open them, like other bedding products, but after airing out the smell usually dissipates.  If you’re in the market for a high-quality white goose down pillow that’s made in the USA, Luxuredown is for you.

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3. Best Down Pillow for Stomach Sleepers: Downlite

Super soft down pillow for stomach sleepers

Here is another luxury down pillow, this time from the Downlite range. It is purposely designed as a pillow for stomach sleepers because of its unique flatness design yet providing optimal support without comprimising your neck and spinal alignment. This “face down pillow” is filled with 525-500 fill power 100% white duck down and has airflow support so it’s good news for hot sleepers also.

Described similarly to a soft memory foam pillow, it feels extra soft and is very comfortable. The Downlite down pillow is available in Queen and King Size and is hypoallergenic which means it suits even the most sensitive person. If you’re looking for the best soft down pillow for a guaranteed good night’s sleep, this range is certainly the most comfortable for face/stomach sleepers.

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4. Best for All Sleepers: Egyptian Linen

Best Goose Down Pillow for Side Sleepers

Egyptian Linens offers sets of two luxurious goose down pillows in a variety of sizes from standard to king. They’re available in soft, medium, firm fills depending on your preferred sleeping position. The pillows are covered in 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton which is durable and luxuriously soft. The standard pillow has a fill number of 750 and is filled using 30oz white goose down.

These goose down pillows are hypoallergenic and edged with double silky piping for a clean finish. If you’re looking for a more comfortable pillow, Egyptian Linens is a great choice. Customers enjoy the price for this high-quality goose down pillow, especially since it doesn’t contain any annoying feathers. Goose down makes for a fluffy pillow and the Egyptian cotton makes the pillow extra soft to lay on.

This pillow might not be the right one for everyone. Some people who prefer plush pillows find these are too heavy or overfilled. Customers should make sure that they select the firmness that is best for them before ordering. Overall, customers enjoy that this supportive goose down pillow can be fluffed and adjusted as needed. Most people find their sleep quality is improved after switching to this pillow.

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Benefits of Sleeping on Goose Down Pillows

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • No quills poking you like feather pillows
  • More bounce and support

What to Look for in a Goose or Duck Down Pillow

We have narrowed it down to four recommendations to follow when looking to buy a goose or duck down pillow online:

  • Fill numbers (600 is standard, 800 is extra supportive),
  • Thread count (the quality and softness of the fabric, generally 300+ is good),
  • Choose your support based on how you sleep: soft for stomach sleepers, medium support for back sleepers, and firm for side sleepers,
  • If you want to reduce the cost, look for combinations of down and feather (preferably with the feathers in the center of the pillow so they don’t stick out).

Feather pillows and blends of feather and goose down don’t last as long and tend to sleep flatter than true goose down pillows. Some people don’t mind the combination in exchange for a lower price point.

Always remember to check the care instructions on any goose down pillowthat you buy if you want your investment to last.

So, What’s The Best Selling Goose Down Pillow?

If you’re in the market for a goose down pillow, keep in mind that while an item may say ‘goose down’ on the package, not all pillows with that title are the same. There are blends of goose down and feathers that may be priced lower, for example, but feathers are known for poking through your pillow which can be uncomfortable and annoying. Make sure you also read our article on the best down-fill comforters for winter.

True, 100% goose down is usually more expensive but it’s worthwhile. Luckily, there are affordable options online for price-conscious shoppers who are ready to purchase a pillow that will change the way they sleep.

Goose down pillows are great because their different fill ratings give you an idea of how firm your new pillow will be. These pillows tend to be durable and maintain their shape with just a little fluffing needed here and there to help you get a perfect night’s sleep.