Best Mattress for Managing Back Pain

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You’ve known for a while that your old mattress (now devoid beyond recognition) needs to be replaced or that it might be the culprit behind your back pain BUT you are paralyzed by the thought of trying to shop for a new mattress.

Do you choose a hard mattress? Is medium-firm better for chronic pain? Coils or innerspring? Will memory foam exacerbate lower pain back?

Problems related to back pain are responsible for people taking more days off than any other orthopedic condition.

Choosing the right mattress and sleeping posture can bring relief. The last thing you want to do is to buy a new mattress and wake up the next day stiff with back pain and feeling exhausted. If you’ve been having a hard time deciding on a new mattress for a bad back or if this is your first ever mattress purchase, you’ve come to the right spot for guidance.

Best Mattresses for Back Pain

In this article, we’ve hand-picked four of the very best mattresses for lumbar pain that won’t aggravate pain but help bring relief, comfortable mattresses with back-support qualities for a good night’s sleep.

1. Best Overall: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

A Review of PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Bed
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The best mattress for lower back pain sufferers is a medium-firm latex mattress for maintaining the natural curves of the spine like PlushBeds with its soothing soft and plush feel. The latex in the 10″ PlushBeds mattress is natural Dunlop and natural Talalay latex with organic cotton cover. Truth be told, this is the right material to have if you’re looking for a durable and long lasting mattress. The unique mix of Talalay and Dunlop latex is an excellent choice for people who range in size from small to large. Voted #1 best latex mattress value by consumers.

When it comes to comfort there isn’t any question that PlushBeds mattress is comfortable and that’s thanks to Latex, one of the softest materials available. Since Latex is more resilient than memory foam, you also have consistent support from edge to edge. Firmness wise, sleepers can opt for the medium or medium-firm mattress. Their medium-firm is best for stomach and back sleepers while medium is best for side sleepers and multiple sleeping positions.

Finally, one of sleeper’s favorite features, is that in addition to its durability/longevity, the all-natural PlushBeds latex mattress will provide the much-needed cushioned support for your body. This will help you sleep better, and avoid waking up stiff and sore every morning after a night of restless sleep.

Why We Like It

  • All-natural Talalay and Organic Dunlop Latex
  • 100% organic cotton cover
  • 30 Night Trial
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • Two firmness options
  • Temperature resistant
  • Hypoallergenic & dust-mite resistant

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2. Runner Up: Nectar Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Comfort and Support
See the Nectar Mattress at NECTAR

The Nectar mattress features four layers of high-quality foam: 1” quilted gel memory foam, 1” gel memory foam, 3” adaptive hi core memory foam and 6” breathable contouring support layer. What you’re buying with the 11” Nectar mattress is comfort! They’re not relying on cheap poly foams but using high-grade quality memory foam.

For back sufferers, the mattress has a medium-firm (6.5/10) contouring support, to help maintain the spine’s natural alignment relieving back, shoulder, and neck problems. Since memory foam is a temperature sensitive product, Nectar mattress is enveloped by a Tencel and cotton blend cover with twofold benefits: promotes air circulation and help regulate temperature and prevents infestation of bedbugs. The use of gel memory foam will also help you sleep cool at night.

Oh and also, one of the things we really like is that the Nectar mattress is backed by a lifetime limited warranty, a full money back guarantee, and a 365 day trial period. The Nectar Sleep mattress has everything your body requires for a good night’s sleep that you’ll enjoy night after night for many years to come.

Why We Like It

  • Maintain natural alignment of your spine
  • High quality foam constructions
  • Optimal blood flow
  • Reduced sleep interruptions
  • 365 night trial period
  • Lifetime warranty

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3. Best for Hot Sleepers: Leesa Mattress

Leesa Mattress in a Box
See the Leesa 10″ Mattress at Leesa

Leesa mattress features three layers of foam: 2” avena foam, 2” contouring memory foam and 6” high-density support foam. With the 10” Leesa mattress there is a choice of comfort at every level and we particularly like the use of higher grade Avena foam, which is comparable to latex foam yet it’s more durable and has better cooling properties.

This is a good choice of mattress for lumbar support and sore hips including fibromyalgia relief offering good edge support, deep compression support, and pressure point relief. Supporting 1.8 lb/ft density, Leesa mattress is not too soft nor is it too hard (6.5/10 firmness). If you’re undecided still, Leesa mattress offers a 100 night trial period which helps you try it out first.

A great choice for back sleepers with chronic pain, Leesa is over-all a high-quality mattress, soft yet offers a great support with minimal heat retention (thanks to the Avena foam and poly-Lycra blend cover) and comprised of the highest quality materials.

Why We Like It

  • Features highest quality foam materials
  • Minimal heat retention
  • Little off-gassing
  • 100 night trial period
  • Full money back guarantee
  • 10 years warranty

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4. Best Budget Pick: Zinus 12” Hybrid Mattress

ZINUS 12 Inch Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress / Pocket Innersprings for Motion Isolation / Edge Support, Queen

See the Zinus 12″ Hybrid Mattress at AMAZON

For sleepers not looking to spend a ton of money and are on a tight budget, and who isn’t these days, Zinus hybrid mattress is truly a great value buy. The 12” Zinus hybrid mattress is a pocket coil-based mattress that uses memory foam in the comfort layer and is a great choice for severe disc problems sufferers or excessive body weight.

This 12” medium-firm mattress is the best option for back pain management since the individually wrapped coils provide individualized comfort by contouring to your body perfectly. The mattress features 2.75” top layer of Swirl Gel Memory Foam + 1” High Density ViscoLatex Foam + 8.5” Encased Spring (0.5” High Density Foam +7.5” Spring + 0.5” High Density Foam). The unique combination of coils and foam conforms to the contours of an individual’s body resulting in pressure point relief, in the shoulder, hip and muscles.

Besides comfort, there is the support this basic yet quality mattress offers since the individually wrapped coils are extremely durable and don’t wear down over time making them a great support system for your body.  Motion isolation is also better with the Zinus hybrid mattress since the foam keeps motion disturbance at a minimum, so it’s a great choice of mattress for couples. Finally since foam is associated with heat retention, this model uses gel-infused foam which helps sleep somewhat cooler than with regular foam.

Overall, the 12” Zinus Hybrid mattress is your best cheap mattress for back pain and a quality option, hands down. The duo-powers of spring and foam will allow you to sleep deeply and wake up rested with proper support and comfort and provide you with value for your dollar.

Why we like it

  • Exceptional value hybrid mattress
  • Combines foam and springs for the perfect amount of support.
  • Gel infused foam to keep mattress cool – great if you’re sleeping hot
  • Two firmness options
  • Choice of 10″,12″ and 14″
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Foam keeps motion local – great choice for couples
  • Suits all sleeping positions

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Buying a Mattress For Back Pain

Man waking up with chronic lower back pain and hip pain

Of course, the main thing you’ll want to ask yourself when shopping for the best mattress, is “what are my needs based on my height & weight, age, sleeping position(s) and physical ailment?”

Back pain comes in many forms: a bulging disc, degenerative disc, fibromyalgia, scoliosis or herniated disk. Here’s a few things to consider when choosing  a mattress for back pain relief:


While a Chiropractor may suggest to get a firm mattress, studies suggest when it comes to reducing lower back pain a medium-firm rather than hard mattress is better. There is no question that finding the right-firmness is an important factor in preventing and relieving pain.

Saying that:

  • a soft mattress is best for people weighing under 130 lbs,
  • a medium-firm mattress gives better support for average size weight,
  • while a firm mattress is best for people weighing 230lbs+. Although comfort is comprised with a firm mattress around the pressure points in particular for side sleepers.


Best choices are medium-firm latex or a medium-firm individually pocketed coil mattress. Both do an excellent job of maintaining the natural alignment of your spine.


Stay away from pillowtops since these wear out faster.

Memory Foam

Keep it at a minimum and go for high-quality memory foam. Provides good conforming ability for average- to large-sized people. It adjusts to your weight, relieves pressure points, thus reducing tossing and turning. Least expensive.


Contrary to what you’ll hear, comfort isn’t all there is to it. There are lot of “crappy” mattresses that feel comfortable at first. Besides comfort, there the support.


Good firm contouring support maintains your spine’s natural alignment.


The softest material that holds up really well and superior to the other foams used in most mattresses. Thus Latex is expensive, it’s expensively made the result is a quality mattress that lasts a long time.


Most agree that Talalay latex is more comfortable than Dunlop. An all Talalay Latex mattress is an excellent option for people who range in weight from small to large. It absorbs pressure and contours to the body distributing weight across it.

Dunlop Latex

When you get into supporting the weight of individuals who are extra large and larger, you really need the underlying support of Dunlop Latex…often topped with Talalay Latex for surface comfort.


Refers to an innerspring-type mattress that also uses memory foam. Hybrids effectively provide comfort, reduced pressure points and support if at least two inches of memory foam are present. Other benefits of a hybrid: motion isolation, good edge support, great value, low heat retention when gel-infused foam is used.

Pocket Coils

Medium-firm individually pocketed coil mattresses also does an excellent job of maintaining the natural alignment of your spine.

Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief – Bottom Line

In this article we have a reviewed a mix of latex, memory foam and hybrid mattresses to let you decide for yourself which is best for relieving back soreness. When shopping for a mattress, you have to consider, what’s most important to you? Support? Comfort? Durability? Most common question asked by back sufferers is “Which is better latex or memory foam”?

Truth is, there is no one “best” mattress that fits all and then there is the matter of personal choice, which clearly we can’t provide a definitive answer on. But what we’ve done is provide a comparison of the best of both and giving you the hard facts to decide for yourselves which is best for you.

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