Is a King Size Bed the Same as Two Twins?

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Is a king size bed the same as two twins? Given how confusing bed sizes can be – their names are not at all precise and finding those exact measurements can be hard – it’s a more than reasonable question to ask, especially if you are trying to find a way to add more sleeping space to your home fast, to, perhaps accommodate guests, or even save money on purchasing a new bed.

The simplest answer to this question is no. Or no, not quite.

In terms of the aforementioned exact measurements, two twin beds are not the same size as a king-size bed, but two twin XL beds are very close.

These are the slightly longer – but not wider – beds you usually find used in college dorms (which is why shopping for dorm bedding can be such a pain!)

By the numbers, in the US, a standard king-size bed measures 76″ X 80″. A standard twin bed measures 39″ X 75″, making it five inches too short to match a king. A twin XL measures 39″ X 80″, allowing it to be a better match. You’ll also notice that, in both cases, the twin bed would come up an inch shorter than a king-size bed if two of them were simply pushed together.


Will 2 Twin Mattresses fit a King Frame?

As you can tell from the measurements we’ve listed above, there will certainly be enough room for two twin mattresses, and even two twin XL mattresses, to fit in/on a king bed frame, but they won’t fit properly, even in the case of the latter. Unless you make a few adjustments, which is what we’ll cover next.

How to Convert Two Twin XL into a King Mattress?

So, you have two twin XL mattresses, and they are in pretty good shape. You’d like to convert them into a single king-size mattress for your guest room, or to give your growing kid more space to sleep. But, while the match is close, they’ll still be a couple of inches difference between the two and a full king mattress. However, with a few adjustments, and clever hacks, you can convert two twin XL mattresses into a king mattress successfully.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Get the Base Right

Thanks to that little gap, you’ll need to make some adjustments to the base fit itself. There are a couple of ways to do this. If you are making a permanent change, and you want the new bed to be sturdy and comfortable, purchasing a platform frame is a choice well worth considering.

A platform frame is a flat frame and one that contains no springs, risers or extra materials. It’s just a frame that you can sit mattresses on that will raise them up from the floor.

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They are easy to assemble and relatively inexpensive – certainly cheaper than a standard box spring – and most of them don’t even need you to track down any special tools to assemble them.

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Step 2: Make the Right Connections

Once you have the frame, you may want to connect the mattresses in a way that is more stable than simply just pushing them together, as the chances are high that they will drift apart. This is where a simple twin bed connector comes in.

A twin bed connector does exactly what it says, it connects the two mattresses together.

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FeelAtHome Bed Connector Strap

The easiest and least expensive of these are measures straps that are fastened around both beds to pull them together. They are very simple and yet effective.

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Step 3: Add the Finishing Touch

You can ‘top off’ the connection you just made with a foam bed bridge, a thin foam overlay that will ‘hide’ the connection between the two beds effectively.

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With this done you will have, at a casual glance anyway, a fully functional king bed. You should however give it a good test before trying to sleep a whole night on it, to make sure that everything is connected correctly (guests ending up on the floor is the last thing any host wants!)

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Will I Need Special Bedding for Two Twin XLs?

Technically you could keep on using the same sheets as you used for the beds when they were still separate, but it’s not a good idea. If you have connected the twin XLs properly you now have a king-size bed, so you should shop for new king-size bedding to fit it.

Before you start shopping for sheets and comforters, consider adding a pillow top mattress pad to your new bed. Doing this will offer more than a few advantages.

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In terms of looks, adding a king-size pillow top mattress pad will help it look like the ‘real thing’, and in terms of comfort a good one will add support, pressure point relief, a nice ‘cushy’ feel and, in the case of some options, stain resistance and easy care cleaning. These mattress pads will also help ensure that the king-size bedding you add fits snugly.

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Now for the ‘fun part’; dressing your newly converted bed with the king-size bedding that will make it both a great place to sleep and a nice addition to the decor of the room it’s placed in. And boy will you find a lot to choose from.

What choices you make should not just revolve around your own personal design preferences though. If the bed will be used for guests the king-size bedding sets you choose – and we say sets as those really are easier – should be nice and neutral, so that your young nieces or nephews feel as at home in the space as your grandparents or your old college roommate would.

Neutral does not have to mean boring though. This Bedsure king size bed in a bag on Amazon set is a nice, elegant gray – very neutral – but features pintucks on the comforter and pillow shams to add a luxurious shot of visual interest. Better still it’s a down alternative, so if any of your guests have allergies, they won’t be up sneezing all night.

Bedsure King Size Comforter Set - Bedding Set King 7 Pieces, Pintuck Bed in a Bag Grey Bed Set with Comforter, Sheets, Pillowcases & Shams

Bedsure Pinch Pleat Comforter Set

This 8-piece set contains everything you’ll need to dress the bed – including a fitted sheet and pillowcases – and it can all be tossed in the washer once your guests leave.

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Kids will want a say in their own bedding of course, but for longevity’s sake try to steer them away from choices that are too niche specific or trendy. Yes, they may love the current pop band right now and the bedding set looks cool, but in a year or so, probably not so much.

No products found.

Urban Habitat Comforter Set

This Urban Habitat Matti Comforter Teen Bed Set may be more better suited and effortlessly adds to a bedroom’s decor. It boasts a fun boho paisley pattern that’s very unisex and not at all age specific, is available in several colorways to suit their bedroom’s overall decor scheme and even includes a throw pillow.

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Split King and Twin XL: What’s the Difference?

In itself a split king is not ‘a thing’, it’s not something you can buy in a store. Instead, it’s just the fancier term that some people use to describe the bed we’ve been talking about all along: two twin XL beds connected together to make a king-sized one. Hotels often use the term, and it does roll off the lounge better than ‘two beds pushed together’.

King VS. Split King – What’s the Difference?

A king bed is something you buy in a store. The term refers to any bed that measures 76″ X 80″., which means it meets the standard for a king bed size in the US. A split king is our converted bed, the two twin XLs connected together.

Confused? It can get more confusing, as there is such a thing as a California King, an even wider, but narrower store bought bed that measures 72″ x 84″, and is usually favored by those seeking a sleeker look for their bed or to fit a larger bed in a narrower space. Hopefully though the information here will help you make sense of sizing – and your available options – when it comes to king-size beds.

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