How To Fix A Squeaky Bed

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How do you fix a squeaky bed? Finding the answer to this question is a must if your bed – or is it your mattress – squeaks in the night, something that can not only disturb your sleep but become rather embarrassing in shared households as well!

Just how to stop those squeaks does not come along with one single answer. There are a number of reasons why your bed might be squeaking and just as many ways to solve the problem. The good news is that with a little ‘detective work’, and some simple tools and supplies in many cases that annoying squeaky sound can be stopped.

Here we are going to take a look at the reasons beds squeak and what you can do to fix the problem.


Why Do Beds Squeak?

As we mentioned, you will need to do some detective work to discover just why your bed is squeaking. That is because there are lots of reasons why beds squeak and you can’t fix yours until you know which of them is plaguing your bed (and your sleep).

Here is a look at some of the most common:

1. Innerspring Mattresses

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Mattresses that make use of inner springs to provide support often get squeaky over time. That’s because as the springs age they start to wear out and shift, and begin rubbing against each other, causing that grating squeaky sound.

Many modern mattresses that use inner springs – which do provide great support by the way – also make use of memory foam, and this may cut down on both the premature aging of the springs and noise. However, eventually even those beds may get squeaky.

2. Box Frames

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Box frames – the platform that supports your mattress – are another quite common cause of squeaky beds. The noise may come from aging springs within in the box frame, or from shifting wood – most box frames have a wooden shell – rubbing against the springs or the thick cloth that surrounds them.

The noise may also be caused by the box spring rubbing against the bed frame.

3. Bed Frames

If your mattress does not seem to be the problem, and the box frame seems fine – or you do not use a box frame at all, as many modern mattresses can be used without them, then the next place to check for squeaks is your bed frame.

Many bed frames are metal, and they contain lots of screws, which will loosen over time, not only potentially resulting in squeaks but also destabilizing the frame itself. And even if you have a wooden bed frame changes in the weather – especially lots of heat and humidity – will cause the wood to expand, the various pieces to rub together and things to start getting noisy in your bedroom!

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How to Fix a Squeaky Bed

The very first thing you will need to do when trying to fix a squeaky bed is figure out just where the noise is coming from. To test your mattress for squeaks remove it from the bed and then press on it at various points where you usually sleep to see if it squeaks.

Not the problem? Then move onto the box frame. With the mattress still off the bed press down on that and shift it gently, as a screw may have loosened itself and be rolling around inside making noise and rubbing up against other components.

To test the bed frame itself with everything else removed check all the screws to make sure they are tight and/or nothing is missing.

Once you have determined the source of the squeak it is time to move on to the actual fix:

Fixing a Squeaky Mattress

The bad news here is that once a mattress ages enough to start squeaking it really is time to start thinking about buying a new one, as nothing you can do will really ‘save’ it.

If you do have a squeaky mattress the noise may be the least of your problems. If the springs have aged enough to squeak then they have also reached a point where they are unlikely to still be providing you with the support you need, which can lead not only to restless nights but also to waking back, shoulder and/or neck pain.

If a brand-new mattress is out of the question for now, investing in a good mattress topper can provide a temporary solution to both much of squeaking and the issue with the lack of support. These are readily available – you can find some particularly good ones online – and they will usually help reduce squeaking and restore some of the comfort and support your mattress can no longer offer.

Latex Pads
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Ultimately though you will need to trade your old mattress in for a new model, something that should ideally be done every 6-8 years anyway.

Fixing a Squeaky Box Frame

If your mattress is A-OK and you discovered the problem is the box frame, then ideally that may need to be replaced too. That is if the problem is the springs. If the wood or metal seems to be the problem, you can try stopping the squeaks with lubrication and/or adding a buffer between the box frame and bed frame.

For lubrication that good old standby WD-40 may provide a squeak solution. Spraying the frame, especially at the corners, with this multipurpose marvel may quiet things down for a while at least.

You can also try adding a sheet of plywood between the box frame and bed frame to quiet things down. It should not be a permanent solution though – do you really want to sleep on a board? – and replacing your box frame will be something to put on your to-do soon list for sure.

Fixing a Squeaky Bed Frame

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If your bed frame is squeaky the chances are good you will not need to buy a new one, just make some repairs and/or do some maintenance on the one you have.

Tightening all the bolts and screws may be all that is needed to stop the noise – it often is – and adding floor pads to the legs to provide a barrier between them and the floor can be helpful too.

If wood rubbing against wood seems to be a source of squeaks rubbing beeswax on the wood can help solve the issue. You could, as a very temporary measure, try candle wax but as that is messy and may stain, the beeswax, which is easier to find than you might think, is a better idea.

If your bed frame has wheels, and they are squeaky – some WD-40 might help here too, or you can consider replacing them altogether with ‘fixed feet’.

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If you really do not need the wheels at all – if you never move the bed – you could remove them altogether, as long as you replace them with something that will keep things stable.

Finally, make sure that your bed frame is sitting evenly on the floor. Not every floor is even, especially in an older home. If it’s not, a thick rug under the frame might help even things out, or you could try shifting your bed set up to a spot where the floor is even – you can determine that with a spirit level – and small shifts as you sleep won’t result in squeaks anymore!

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