Nectar Mattress – Reviews, Complains and Where To Buy

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The benefits of a great night sleep cannot go unnoticed. Think of how energized you are when you wake up or how your concentration grows each day. It is exactly what you get when you invest in a good bed. Every day tossing and turning can leave you restless, and you know how bad this can affect your productivity.

That is why, for the sake of a good night sleep, you need to go out of your way and seek the right bedding for a great sleeping experience. The mattress, being one of the major components of the bed should perform well to keep you comfortable. From our market search, we came across the Nectar mattress, and this is why it makes it to the top of the list.

Go and visit this product page on Nectar for more pictures and customer reviews.

Firmness – Is too Firm or Just Right?

It’s so frustrating to keep tossing looking for the best position to sleep. More, resting on too soft a mattress can pose a risk of developing pain on your pressure points. The backaches and neck pains just spoil the whole resting experience and leave you dealing with the ache for so long.

A medium-firm mattress is what you need to solve the problem. Nectar has an excellent support feature, and you can expect to experience a soft feel as you sleep. This element makes it most favorable and has shown excellent support even for pregnant women.

“We rate NECTAR at 6/10 for firmness –
which is just right to be pain-free!”

Being firm doesn’t mean you feel like you are sleeping on a board.

In fact, it conforms to your body shape to provide support on your pressure points. With Nectar, you no longer have to take the pain pills. Also, within a short period of using it, you can expect the pain to fade away all thanks to the excellent support that this mattress offers.

How is the 11″ NECTAR Sleep Mattress Made?

Before you can make your decision on the best mattress, the primary factor you should consider is the material type, construction and the nature of layers used. All these features aim to deliver the firmness and soft feel you need for a comfortable night sleep. What makes up the Nectar Sleep mattress?

Nectar has two layers of Gel memory foam which are designed to circulate air and keep you fresh and comfortable as you sleep. Also, these mattresses have a Tencel cooling cover to increase breathability, deliver a soft feel and absorb moisture. This cover works better than the premium cotton covers available in the market.

The 5 layers of the Nectar mattress

Layer 1:  Tencel cooling cover

Layer 2: 1″ 4lb quilted gel memory foam

Layer 3: 1″ gel memory foam

Layer 4:  3″ 2.2lb adaptive Hi Core memory foam

Layer 5:  6″ Breathable base poly foam

For safety purposes, Nectar utilizes materials free from Ozone depleters, PBDEs, Lead, Mercury or TDCCP. Therefore, you are sure with these mattresses, the chances of contracting allergies are out of the math. The quality of materials makes the mattresses suitable for use by anyone including infants.

Motion Transfer for Light Sleepers

When you get to bed, your main aim is to sleep all through the night without having to wake up because of unnecessary disturbances. When sleeping with your partner, it’s possible to cut off your sleep when they turn or leave the bed. This can be frustrating and if it recurs, can affect your general sleeping pattern.

Therefore, it’s advisable to get a mattress that reduces motion transfer for a comfortable night’s sleep. Nectar guarantees that you can hardly feel your partner move. It is made possible by the build of the mattresses. Also, energy is absorbed directly and does not transfer to the other side of the bed.

“Because of how Nectar is built,
light sleepers can see an end to nightly disturbances”

As mentioned, the Nectar mattress has two layers of Gel memory foam which is well-known to reduce motion transfer significantly. From experience, users pointed out that it indeed solved the issue and each partner could hardly tell when the other turns.

Sinkage – Will it form a pit?

Have you had a mattress and just after a few months of using it, it forms a pit towards the center?

Or, every time you lie on your bed, you feel like you are swinging on a spring bed?

These situations can result in lower back pain, neck aches and ultimately uncomfortable nights. If you do not solve the issue, you would have to stock up on pain relievers to keep you going.

Why not choose a mattress that will remain in the same shape for years? Nectar mattresses have a firm yet plush design, and you can be sure that your mattress will stay flat for years. One of the reasons this mattress retains the shape is due to the “Lush” 1-inch four lb semi-open fast-recovery gel memory foam. Along with the 3-inch 3.5lb memory foam with a medical grade cooling and recovery levels , you can expect the mattress to distribute your weight evenly and conforms to your body shape without sinking around your pressure points.

What Edge Support Can You Expect

Couple Sleeping on the Nectar Mattress

It’s okay to sit at the edge of your bed to put on your shoes or just stretch after waking up. Although beds are made for sleeping and not sitting, edge support is necessary. Mattresses that are known to have edge support include the different types of memory foam such as the Nectar mattress.

Firmness and edge support go hand in hand. Memory foam mattresses such as Nectar have excellent edge support unlike many of the spring mattresses where you find a common issue is sagging at the edge. However, this is not achieved as a separate feature. Edge support in these mattresses comes from the construction and quality of materials. Also, edge support lies in the contouring and pressure relieving capabilities of these mattresses.

The stable design extends all around the mattresses including the edges. So, if you are worried about rolling over when you wake up, you should get yourself a Nectar mattress. If you are heavy and worried about the effects of weight on your mattress, these provide different forms of firmness.

Off-Gas Smells from Nectar Sleep?

The last thing you want to deal with is the smell that comes from your mattress. Mostly, the odor is as a result of the material used (mainly memory foam), chemical treatments applied or the nature of the package. Although the smells associated with memory foam go away after using the mattress for a while, it’s not a justification that you should put up with them.

Nectar Sleep is designed using highly breathable materials to ensure adequate ventilation as you sleep. Also, it is chemical-free, and hence the elements are as natural as possible. The top Tencel cover also improves the aesthetics by covering up any potential odor.

With this mattress, you should not expect any smell even on the first day of using it. And, since the cover is of better quality than most premium cotton ones, you can be sure it will not pick up any odors as you use it.

Sleeping Hot?

If you have to keep turning reaching out for the cold part of your bed, it’s clear you are dealing with too much heat while you sleep. As much as you would think you could be overdressing, the problem lies with the type of mattress you use. A good mattress should keep you cool when it’s warmer than usual and warmer when the cold kicks in. The Nectar mattress will solve this as soon as you start using it.

How is this achieved?

The make utilizes high-quality, breathable materials to let in cool air when you heat. Also, the layers are constructed to maintain stable temperature throughout the night all year round. This is achieved first via the Tencel cover which has a healthy aloe based cooling layer and second the 3-inch 3.5lb memory foam with a medical grade cooling.

If you have felt overly warm with memory foam mattresses, the Nectar Sleep mattress has helped solve the issue for many sleepers who sleep hot! With Nectar, you will no longer have to worry about waking up drenched in sweat.

Ease of Care

No matter how great your mattress is while new, you can end up spoiling all the excellent benefits by poor maintenance. Although you don’t have to practically wash it to keep it in a good state, how you use it adds up to how functional it remains. The Nectar mattress requires little maintenance.

Here’s what you can do to ensure it’s durability:

  • Vacuuming

You are likely to have pet hair, dead skin, or fur on your bed after using it for a while. It is advisable to use a handheld vacuum to remove such particles and clear the spots.

  • Treating stains

You should not use commercial cleaners and bleaches on these mattresses as you would discolor and affect the quality of the material! If you notice a stain, you should use mild detergents or dish cleaners to spot-clean. You can dry the area by using baking soda and leaving it for a while to absorb the moisture. The great thing I particularly like is that you can remove Nectar’s cover (simply unzip and remove) and just spot clean where required.

  • Airing in the sun

Placing your mattress under direct sunlight will help to disinfect and air the mattress to remove moisture.

  • Flip it

From time to time, rotate your mattress from top to bottom and head to toe to help retain the shape. Although Nectar mattresses maintain the form, flipping will not affect the quality.


Nectar mattresses are built using high-quality Gel memory foam which stands the test of time. The top Tencel cover also acts as a protective layer to keep your bed in the best form. You can expect to enjoy the mattress year after year and the Forever Warranty which we will talk about shortly, kicks in when the mattress has finally run it’s course.

365-Night Trial period…how real is that?

Just like any other product, a chance to try the product and assess if it works for you is necessary. Now here is the great news about Nectar mattresses. They give you a 365-night no quibble trial period  to evaluate how the mattress feels and works for you and your partner!

There is a guarantee that if you do not like the mattress after the stipulated trial period, you return it for free and get a replacement.

How good is that?

It is a great deal having the assurance you are getting the right one.

Forever Warranty

How long should you expect the Nectar mattresses to serve you?

For as long as you own the mattress, it should deliver the promises all through.

Forget the hassle of replacing your mattress now and then. It could be the last one ever to buy. From people that have used this type of mattress, it’s evident that it lasts as long as you would wish with the guarantee of the same benefits while new.

Here is the real deal.

For the first ten years of owning the mattress, you should expect an exact replacement if it is defective in any way. From then henceforth, repairs and replacement will be done at zero transportation cost. Well, that’s the service you get by using these mattresses.

Nectar Sleep Mattress Price and Coupon Deals

As much as you would want a great product, the price factor plays an essential role. But again it doesn’t mean that being low on cost comes with unsatisfactory results.

A pointer from various customer Nectar reviews is that these mattresses deliver what you would get by purchasing three times more expensive brands.

Is this not a good deal?

These are the retail prices you can expect to pay when you buy a Nectar Sleep mattress online:

  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $569
  • Full: $699
  • Queen: $799
  • King: $999
  • California King: $999

From what others have experienced, it is no doubt an excellent choice. With the money back guarantee. 365-night trial and the forever warranty, you can rest assured this is the right selection. You can trust that your money will not go down the drain and what’s more, you will get a lifetime solution to all your sleeping issues.


Well, you finally have your top pick of Nectar mattresses but worried about how it will get to you?

Most times, when buying stuff especially online, you are likely to be filled with a lot of uncertainty. You might worry if you will get what you order, when and how long it should take to get to you. For these particular mattresses, Nectar’s customer service has proved to be excellent, and they handle all your shipping queries promptly.

The Nectar mattresses are available for shipping all over the USA. Once you purchase any of these mattresses, it will be delivered to you free of charge within the contiguous USA. However, if you are outside the contiguous US, shipping charges for return or delivery apply.

Oh and regarding weight, Nectar mattresses weigh between 45lb for the Twin to 89lb for the King. Nectar may come across as heavier than regular mattresses, but this is because of the texture and quality of materials used.

Nectar Mattress Complaints

The only complaint we have found about the Nectar Sleep mattress are the shipping delays experienced by some customers and NOT the quality of the product. In my opinion, this is due to the sheer sales volume given it’s an excellent quality mattress at an excellent price and very favorable guarantees and warranties. They have a winning customer service team however who are easily reached and can handle all your shipping queries.

I am certain once you receive it the Nectar mattress will far exceed your expectations and given that, it’s well worth the wait!

Bottom Line – Yay or Nay to Nectar Sleep?

Choosing a suitable mattress wraps down to acquiring one that delivers comfort, excellent support and lasts long enough. The factors above are vital considerations to ensure you select the most suitable mattress. Your ultimate aim is to enjoy each night and wake up feeling energized to face your new day. Most importantly, be sure of a lifetime investment on a good mattress to save you money in the long run. All these are the benefits you enjoy by getting yourself Nectar mattress.

NECTAR has 9,000+ 5-Star Reviews, 16 Awards, Free Shipping, 365 Day Sleep Trial and a FOREVER Warranty!

For your convenience, here’s a link to Nectar Sleep available on Nectar.

Here’s a nice video of Nectar Sleep – how easy it is unpack and unbox.

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