Under the Spotlight: DreamCloud Mattress Review

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After a long day stuck in your hustles, the best way to reward your body is a comfortable night rest. It is clear to everyone how important sleep is to the body, but this may not be the case all the time. Sometimes, you wake up with back and neck pains and all these problems probably lie in the type of mattress you use. And, since you spend at most a third of your day in bed, it would not hurt throwing in a little luxury in your bedding.

One of the essential pieces for a comfortable night sleep is the mattress. Therefore, you ought to find a long-term solution to your back aches by investing in quality, comfort and durability. And, this is what you get with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. These well-designed pieces will take you to dream clouds.

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Here’s a detailed review of the DreamCloud Mattress.

Bedroom interior for a modern home and hotel bedroom with DreamCloud Mattress.
DreamCloud 15″ Luxury Hybrid Mattress: Latex, Memory Foam, Hand-crafted Cashmere, Tufting & Coil Technology.

Firmness +  Support

You can agree that a firm mattress will last you long and deliver the support your body needs. Most mattresses out there in the market promise to offer this feature but few keep their promise! Firmness comes from the construction and the design of the mattress not just on the surface but from deep within the layers. DreamCloud is a medium-firm mattress with a score of 6/10 which is the right amount of firmness required for combination sleepers and couples with different sleeping positions preferences as well heavier persons looking for optimum support and weight accommodation.

The DreamCloud has proven to offer ultimate support because it utilizes an 8-layer design, encased hypo-allergenic coils,  15″ of plush comfort and a plush euro top that acts as a contouring pillow to ensure your body structures itself as you sleep. The mattress envelops and takes shape around your body and gently supports your neck, back, and feet but not restricting your movement. You can achieve maximum support in any sleeping position you choose or even if you roll from one edge to the other. Whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach or side-sleeper – all will benefit from the support and cushion of this hybrid mattress.

The result is a deeper and more restorative sleep!

“….your First Class ticked to the clouds…..”


All the benefits of a mattress are attributed to the design and build. That is the quality of materials, the number of layers and the variation of support materials. The best construction guarantees durability while ensuring you enjoy the comfort that comes with using one of these mattresses.

This 15″ mattress has eight layers of cashmere, high-density foam and encased coils to offer the support your spine requires. This is what each layer does:

  1. Cashmere top. This top layer is designed to provide breathability, a soft feel on your skin and is resistant to bedbugs.
  2. Gel-infused memory foam. This layer measures 1 cm deep and ensures the mattress conforms to your body shape to provide ultimate body support even for long hours of sleep.
  3. Quilted memory foam. This 2 cm layer is designed to add onto the support and firmness of the mattress.
  4. Natural latex. It is designed for extra cushioning while ensuring the right contouring. It measures 1 cm deep and supports the top layers.
  5. Support memory foam. This high-density memory foam layer measures 5 cm and is designed to provide added support and contouring from within the mattress.
  6. Super dense memory form. The purpose of this 1.5 cm thick layer is to keep the back in proper alignment and protect the spine from unnecessary bends which lead to back pains.
  7. Patent pending coils. The 20 cm five-zoned foam encased coil system ensures the stable level of the mattress from head to toe, so you have a smooth top all through.
  8. High-density foundation foam. This 4 cm layer is the base support of the mattress, and every part gets the support from this. It is dense and receives all the pressure from the top layers.

Motion Transfer

It can be frustrating when you always have to wake up when your partner turns or rolls out of bed. With DreamCloud, you can sleep all night long without distractions when your partner leaves the bed. As mentioned, the mattress is firm and conforms to the body shape, so you are less likely to feel movement inches away.

A premium and affordable super luxury 15” tall mattress
Also ideal for lounging around on Sunday mornings with a coffee and a good read!


When purchasing a mattress one of the factors in mind would have to be if the mattress will maintain the firm level all through. When the mattress develops a depression at the center, it is just the beginning of back problems each morning. That is why you need to get one that can keep flat even after years of using it.

The DreamCloud, luckily is designed to solve such problems. The 8- layers all work together to maintain the plush flat top while offering the support you need. The mattress conforms to your body shape and soon after you wake up it shapes itself back; thanks to the memory foam layers.

Edge Support

As much as we know beds are for sleeping and not for sitting; edge support is still a factor to consider. Inner coil mattresses have excellent edge support, but it is short-lived. As time goes by, it tends to be weaker, something you will not experience with a memory foam mattress.

DreamCloud Hybrid Luxury Mattress is a combination of a coil system and layers of quality memory foam. With this, there is excellent edge support that will last long. They are supportive towards the edges, and you can comfortably put on your socks or stretch at the side when you wake up.

Sleeping Positions

You probably have one favorite sleeping style, and you get comfortable when in that particular position. But, your partner may have a different one. When this is the case, you are left to find a solution; a mattress that will cater to both your styles and still keep you comfortable all night.

Whether you love sleeping on the side, back or tummy, the DreamCloud will deliver the comfort you need. As said, it shapes up to your body, so you don’t have to stress your pressure points while you sleep. And, with no motion transfer, you can enjoy your night in any way you like.

Plush and Comfortable Mattress Good for Every Sleeping Position
Superior Cushion Support with a Top Layer of Quilting for Cooling


Your last concern when dealing with an uncomfortable mattress should be the smell. The smell usually comes from the type of materials used, any chemical treatments or the type of packaging. The odor surely fades away after some time, but this should not be a reason for you to put up with the smell.

The DreamCloud Mattress has a top, breathable cover to ensure adequate ventilation of the inner layers throughout the surface. The materials have no chemical treatments hence fewer chances of developing a foul smell. With one from the DreamCloud, you should not expect any odor from the first night using it. Also, the top cover is premium, and you can be sure it will keep away any odors likely to develop.


Nothing is as irritating when you have to keep reaching for the cool part of your mattress each night. It is even worse when you wake up drenched in sweat. If this happens over and over again, it gets uncomfortable and can even affect your sleep pattern. The right mattress should keep you warm when cold kicks in and cool when the temperatures hit high.

With a DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress, you can solve such issues as soon as the first night you start using it. Many would think that the 8-layer design contributes to the heat at night, but it is the exact opposite. The design brings about a high breathability feature within the layers to keep you fresh while ensuring you are comfortable.

Washing Instructions

If you want to maintain the excellent benefits of owning a good mattress, proper maintenance is vital. Although you cannot practically wash your mattress, there are simple maintenance tips that you can adopt. From time to time, you can vacuum your mattress to get rid of dead skin, hair or pet fur that build up on your mattress. The best way is using a handheld vacuum which is easy and fast to operate.

If the cover has stains, it is advisable to treat each stain individually to avoid damaging the quality. Therefore, you should avoid using commercial stain removers which can be harsh on your mattress. It is advisable to use a mild detergent or dish soap to clean stains. A great idea to dry out the moisture is using baking soda on the surface and leaving it on for a while.

Another great way to maintain your mattress in good condition is airing it out in the sun. It will help to disinfect and remove any trapped moisture. Also, airing ensures the mattress doesn’t build up odor which can be unpleasant. The cover is not removable to wash.

Speaking of cleaning, DreamCloud offers one professional cleaning ($300 value) after one year of using the mattress, at no charge upon request.


Hand-tufted cashmere cover, premium foams and natural latex layer
After 5 years of ownership DreamCloud will recondition at no cost.

If you are looking for a lifetime fix to your sleeping issues, then a DreamCloud mattress is what you need. You can be sure to enjoy the support, comfort and soft feel as long as you own it. At no point should you expect deterioration in the quality of the mattress because each layer is crafted to withstand any element that would affect quality.

Another feature we like about the mattress, is that DreamCloud offers to recondition your mattress after owning it for 5 years at extra no cost, up to once during your ownership.

Trial Period

A trial period allows you to assess if the mattress is right for you and offers the best support according to your needs. This luxury hybrid mattress lets you use the mattress for one full year, and if it doesn’t fit your preferences, then you can return it for free. In fact, the seller gets the mattress from your home and refunds the payment. Returns rarely happen, but the DreamCloud gives you the opportunity test how you feel about the mattress.


DreamCloud offers an everylong warrantee which guarantees that if you use any of the mattresses and it happens to have defects, they replace it anytime during your use. This speaks about the quality of mattress, and you should expect long-term benefits. If your mattress forms impressions more than 1.5″ deep, you can get a replacement at no extra charge.

After using the mattress for one year, DreamCloud allows you to request for professional cleaning of the cashmere cover. After five years, you can have a full mattress refurbish if needed. As long as you own the mattress, you should expect to enjoy all these benefits not forgetting the one year trial period.


How much you spend on a product is one of the primary considerations. But, as you make your choices, you should be careful not to fall for low-priced mattresses which might not meet your expectations. Again, it doesn’t mean that being cheap comes with unsatisfactory results. With that in mind, you should consider other factors such as comfort to choose the most suitable mattress.

Here is the DreamCloud price list:

  • Twin – $699
  • Twin XL – $799
  • Full – $899
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1,199
  • California King – $1,199

Just like any other products, the higher the investment, the more benefits you can enjoy. With these mattresses, it is a lifetime solution, and you never have to think about replacing covers, or sending back your mattress. Quality is one of the selling points of these mattresses, and the fact that DreamCloud uses premium materials is a plus.


With the right mattress in mind, it’s the time to have it shipped to your home. And, because buying items online can stress on shipping, DreamCloud takes up the responsibility to ensure you get your mattress in the right form.

Shipping these mattresses is free of charge in the contiguous United States whether you are returning or buying. However, if you live in Hawaii, Alaska and US territories, additional costs apply. Currently, DreamCloud only ships to the United States.

The mattresses weigh between 55 lbs for the twin and 109 lbs for the California King. This is slightly heavier than most 15″ mattresses because of the quality of materials used. It means it may take a longer time to set up than other mattresses. All that is worth it once you experience the benefits of sleeping on one of this.

Bottom Line

The primary factors to consider when choosing a suitable mattress would have to be the comfort, support, and durability. And because you never want to wake up with back pains, then you ought to consider a one-time investment in a good mattress. DreamCloud delivers all these with a guarantee to leave you feeling like you are sleeping on the clouds. The quality and comfort that comes with these mattresses is unquestionable and getting one is probably the best gift you would give yourself.

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