How To Hide An Adjustable Bed Frame

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Adjustable bed frames are a great way to upgrade your sleeping arrangements without breaking the bank. If you or your partner are looking for ways to make your nights comfortable, an adjustable frame is the best way to go. One of the main drawbacks however is the outer appearance of the frame. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to cover the frame that will allow you to maintain the ambiance of your bedroom.

You can hide an adjustable bed frame by doing the following:

  • Use a specially sized bed skirt
  • Hide with a bench or a trunk
  • Adding a decorative divan
  • Use custom-built bed steps
  • Use oversized quilts and pillows

Learning how to hide an adjustable bed frame is the best way to maintain your bedroom’s aesthetic while still getting a good night’s sleep. We will go into detail in our below with some helpful suggestions to hide the look of your adjustable bed frame effectively.

Advantages of an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed with tilt adjustment mattress bed in bedroom of house, comfortable mattress and sleep

Sleeping with your head and feet in an elevated position helps reduce pressure on critical points of your body. Elderly users, expectant women, those with disabilities or medical conditions all can benefit from the use of an adjustable bed frame. Similar to hospital beds, residential adjustable beds can be moved up or down according to a person’s needs.

Many people suffer from back pain due to aging, work-related injuries, or simply poor posture. Adjustable beds offer increased lumbar support that can help reduce pressure on the lower back. It also is an effective way to reduce acid reflux and alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Ways to Hide an Adjustable Bed Frame To Look Nice

Adjustable beds may have an awkward shape when in use, but you can still make them look nice. The base of an adjustable bed looks a bit different than a traditional one which can make dressing up a challenge. The best beds to use an adjustable base for good aesthetics are panel beds. That being said, you can dress up any bed frame that is home to an adjustable base with the right products.

A panel frame is simply one that has a base, headboard, and two side panels. When you use a frame panel, dressing up your adjustable frame becomes much simpler.

Adding an Upholstery Decorative Divan

Elegant beige bedroom interior with upholstery bench with arms to hide bed frame and decorative green tree in a pot
Recreate the look: decorative storage bench with arms (similar)

Adding a decorative divan or a bench to your bedroom serves a dual purpose. You will expand your seating options without taking up much space and will conceal your adjustable frame. Depending on how your bed is placed in relation to the door, a nice bench with arms can block the frame from view.

Use an Adjustable Frame Bed Skirt

A modern bedroom, oversized blankets, bedskirt to hide bed frame and nightstands
Recreate the look: bed skirt (similar)

Bed skirts are a simple and stylish way to hide what is under your bed. They can also be used to hide an adjustable bed frame. The gauzy fabric will hide the bulk and give your room a luxurious feel. You will need to use the right size bed skirt in order to ensure proper coverage.

Adjustable beds will need an oversized bed skirt to prevent exposure while it’s adjusted or in the prone position.

Hide it With a Bench or Bedroom Trunk

Modern Master Bedroom Bed With Mirror & Nightstands and a Decorative Bench To Hide Bed Frame
Recreate the look: storage ottoman bench (similar)

Adjustable beds pretty much prevent you from storing things underneath. You can remedy that and hide the frame with an attractive storage box. Placing an embellished or trendy storage box like in front of the bed will hide the frame from view. As an added bonus, you will also have an extra place to store your things.

Another way to dress up your room and hide your adjustable bed is with a bench or trunk. Placing a decorative trunk at the foot of your bed will create secondary storage and hide the bulkiness of the base. A divan or indoor bench will also give you a place to sit while hiding your frame and adding character to your room. Depending on the style of bed frame you have, you may even be able to position a modest dresser at the foot of your bed as well.

Use Custom-Built Bed Steps

Most people don’t need steps to climb on their bed, but they can add character to a room and can be really helpful if you have a pet dog that likes to share your bed. If you are skilled with tools or know a local carpenter, consider building some steps for your bed. A single or double step frame that surrounds the sides of your bed will hide the frame and give you a leg up when are ready to sleep.

Use Oversized Quilts, Blankets and Pillows

Big Comfortable bed with extra pillows, throw blankets to hide a bed frame.
Recreate the look: knitted decorative throw blanket (similar) // knitted throw pillow (similar)

This method is one of the quickest routes to hiding your bed frame. Simply layer your adjustable bed with knitted throw blankets, quilts and an over-sized comforter that covers the sides of the bed.

Decorative pillows and other bed accessories will distract the viewer from the bed frame.

How To Make Up a Bed With An Adjustable Base?

Adjustable beds improve the quality of your sleep and dramatically boost nighttime comfort levels. When you don’t have to worry about finding the ideal position or waking up sore from poor sleep posture, resting easy is a breeze. One thing that many people tend to overlook about adjustable beds, however, are the linens. Traditional beds lay prone and are easy to make up, but adjustable beds need a bit more care.

Due to the mobile nature of an adjustable bed, traditional fitted sheets won’t be very effective. The corners will slide off of the mattress when it is raised up or lowered down. An easy solution to get rid of this problem is to make the bed using a fitted sheet with extra-deep pockets.

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Fitted sheets with a pocket range of 16 inches or more will allow the bed to move freely without losing its linens.

Adding sheet fasteners will also help keep your flat sheets on your adjustable bed.

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These handy helpers are made of elastic which is topped with strong clips. They hold the corners of your sheet and then grip the corners under your mattress. They will work to keep your flat sheet in place during adjustments, just take care not to kick them loose if you are a restless sleeper.

One hack you can use to help keep your adjustable bed neat is to use a larger set of linens. Tops sheets and comforters that are one size up will be able to move and shift with the bed easily. Instead of being pulled off or sliding to the floor, the extra length will help keep things neat. You can tuck the ends of the top sheet under the bed and clip them down for extra security.

Actually, making your bed is simple.

All you need to do is return your adjustable frame to the prone position. Next, make your bed as usual paying close attention to the clips and edges of your sheets and toppers. You can return the bed to an upright position after making it, or leave it prone while not in use.

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene Without Messing Up Your Decor

Selecting the best accessories to match your decor and conceal your adjustable frame can be a challenge. With a bit of effort and a touch of creativity, you can create a stunning aesthetic that brings your whole room together, adjustable bed and all. With our valuable tips, you can decorate your room, keep your sheets in the right place, and get a great night’s sleep with little to no effort.  


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