Can You Use An Adjustable Base With Any Bed Frame, Plus How?

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Are you interested in altering the look of your bedroom without purchasing a whole new set of furniture? Maybe you want to get a better night’s sleep without tossing out your existing furniture. If so, the bed is a great place to start and an easy way to save money. For those who need to adjust the mattress they are using, most often you can still keep the frame. Adjustable bed frames come in various sizes, but still generally are conforming. So, in short, you can use an adjustable base with most bed frames.

Most adjustable beds allow you to raise or lower the mattress depending on your needs. If you have a free-floating bed frame, you can easily use an adjustable base. However, in some cases, you will need to consider the clearance level and bed frame type.

To find out if your bed frame can be used with an adjustable base, keep reading.

What is An Adjustable Base For a Bed?

An adjustable base is a support system under a mattress that allows the top and bottom to be lifted. The head and foot of the bed can be lifted between 40 degrees and 70 degrees. This adjustment allows sleepers to maintain a more comfortable position for a variety of reasons.

For most users, adjusting the incline of the head or foot of the bed allows the mattress to support the spine more efficiently. Elderly people infirm, those who are nursing, and those with injuries can get more support and sleep better with the right adjustments.

Do You Need a Bed Frame With An Adjustable Base?

The need for a specialized frame will depend on the base. Some brands and styles of adjustable bases will only work with their matching frames. Others are universally compatible. That being said, many adjustable bases will work just fine without a bed frame or other foundation.

It is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions before making a purchase. Some traditional frames are able to be used with adjustable bases while others may be too small or too large to accommodate the mechanisms. Just about any adjustable base can be used with a free-standing headboard that is not attached to a frame.

What Type of Bed Frame Can Be Used With An Adjustable Base?

Standard bed frames with removable slats or support rails can be used with an adjustable base.

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Platform frames like (this one) can also house an adjustable base as long as the legs are removed from the base. It is important that you pick out a base that fits your mattress size in order to use it with an existing compatible frame.

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Bases follow the standard mattress sizing which makes it easy to pair them with a suitable frame. If your bed frame doesn’t have removable slats, you can purchase a simple frame like (this one) as an alternative.

How To Put Adjustable Base in Bed Frame

Now that you have an adjustable bed base all picked out, the next step is setting it up.

Adjustable bases will either operate via a motor or through a mechanical crank. This is what allows the mattress to be raised or lowered at the ends. You will need to follow the assembly instructions for your specific adjustable base before moving forward with adding it to your frame. We will go over the setup for each frame type next.

Platform Bed Adjustable Base Setup

Any adjustable base that has a zero clearance design can be used with a platform frame. Most zero clearance bases are legless, but if yours isn’t, remove the legs. Place the base on the platform bed frame. We suggest that you use clamps or screws to help keep the base from shifting on the platform frame.

Once your base has been placed, put your mattress on top and you are ready for a relaxing night. In terms of what mattress type is the best choice for adjustable beds, it would have to be memory foam mattresses since they’re flexible and heavier, followed by the more expensive but better quality – latex mattresses.

Traditional Bed Adjustable Base Setup

For those who have a traditional bed frame, you will need to first remove the slats. If your bed has safety rails, you will also need to remove them to allow the adjustable base to sit properly. Remove any legs on the base and then attach it to your traditional frame. Using the supplied brackets, secure the base to the frame and then place your mattress on top.

Floor Mounted Bed Adjustable Base Setup

The floor set up for an adjustable base is the easiest to prepare. Assemble your base according to its manufacture instructions. Next, take the brackets that come with the base, or purchase some separately to attach the headboard. You will need a screwdriver and a helping hand for this portion. Make sure that your mounting holes are properly lined up and secure them with the provided bolts. After securing the base to the frame, you can place your mattress on top.

Can You Put an Adjustable Base on a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is considered a zero clearance bed. When it comes to using an adjustable base with a platform bed, it is compatible if the legs can be removed. Platform beds don’t have slats that need to be removed, and most also are devoid of safety rails. Choose an adjustable base that features removable legs in order to use it with a platform bed frame.

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A zero clearance bed means that there are no moving parts under the bed. If you are unable to find a base with removable legs, there are other options. Some adjustable bases “glide” such as (this one). These sit on top of the platform frame and slide back and forth for adjustment. If all else fails, you can purchase a platform bed made specifically to work with adjustable bases.

Can You Use Your Headboard and Footboard With An Adjustable Bed?

Most people will be able to use the headboard they already own with an adjustable bed base. In most cases, you will also be able to use your footboard as well.

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The majority of adjustable bed bases will come with special brackets that you will attach to your existing bed. If your adjustable base does not come with brackets, you can use a universal set like (this one) to attach it to your current setup.

Headboard and footboard brackets typically attach to the corners of the bed frame. The adjustable base will then be secured on top of these brackets. This ensures that the adjustable base fits securely and doesn’t move when placed into an upright position. The brackets also help keep your mattress from slipping off of the bed when the head or foot area is raised.

Upgrade Your Aesthetics With An Adjustable Base

An adjustable bed is a great way to get rid of body main and improve your sleep hygiene. Proper setup can also boost the aesthetic appeal of your room. Several adjustable bases are compatible with most bed frames, so you won’t have to buy a whole new bedroom set. Attaching them to your frame is quick and easy, with our tips, you can have your base set up in no time.