Bed on Floor vs. On Frame: Is Sleeping on the Floor Better?

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When most people buy a new mattress, they also shop for a new box spring or platform to place it on. Or at least they do in the US. In many countries it is the norm to sleep on a mattress on the floor. This may be for sometimes be for budget reasons but more often it is a matter of preference. But is sleeping on the floor better?

The answer to this question is a very multi-faceted one. A bed on the floor vs. a mattress on a frame has its definite pros and cons. These pros and cons – along with some top tips for creating a bed on the floor if you decide to try it out, is what we are going to take a closer look at here.


Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor


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As we mentioned, there are pros and cons associated with sleeping on the floor that you will need to keep in mind as you decide whether to try it or to opt for a formal support instead.

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You’ll Save Money

By not having to spend anywhere between $150-$300 on a box spring or platform for your new mattress, you will save money. You could reinvest those savings in a higher quality mattress than you had originally been considering or in a great mattress topper or even weighted blanket instead, to help you get an even better night’s sleep ‘on the floor’.

You’ll Save Moving Hassles

Beds are big, and they are a real hassle to move, whether you want to move them across the room or across town to a new home. If you only have to move a mattress it is a LOT easier. You may also be able to fit your bed in places you would not if you had to accommodate a platform or box spring as well.

You Might Suffer from Less Back Pain

For some people who suffer from chronic back pain sleeping on the floor offers some extra relief, as the floor, which is a very solid surface, is supporting the mattress and does not move or shift as they sleep!

You Might Sleep Cooler

If you tend to sleep hot, opting for a mattress on the floor may help you stay cool, as the air underneath the mattress will circulate under and across it more evenly.

Disadvantages of Sleeping on the Floor


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Dust, Dirt and Creepy Crawlies

If you place a mattress directly on the floor it is more likely to accumulate dust and dirt that may irritate you as you sleep. It can also be easier for creepy crawlies – including bed bugs – to take up residence in your mattress if it is closer to the floor.

Mold and Mildew

A bed placed directly on the floor is more susceptible to mold and mildew, as the air in the room does not flow underneath it.

You Might be Too Cold

Although a mattress on the floor can help you sleep cooler, it may also make things too cold at bedtime. This is especially true if your bedroom has hardwood stone or tile flooring.

You Might Void Your Mattress Warranty

In the case of some mattresses using them without a platform or support will void their warranty. That is not the case for all mattress manufacturers, but you should still check your warranty carefully before deciding to forego a support for your mattress in favor of placing it directly on the floor.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Bed Frame

If you do decide to go the more traditional route and buy a box spring, box frame or platform for your mattress then there are benefits to choosing to sleep on a raised platform rather than on the floor:

Protect Your Mattress from Bugs, Mold and Moisture

Raising your bed up off the floor will help protect your mattress from the bugs, moisture and even mold that it might be exposed to if you choose to place it directly on the floor. It should be noted that raising your bed is not guaranteed to repel bugs, but it may help considerably.

Examples of how to protect your mattress on the floor:

Continental Sleep 2-Inch Wood Bunkie Board

This bunkie board is a 2-inch flat barrier, made of wood and is wrapped in a stitch bonded nonwoven fabric. It’s designed to fit between your mattress and the surface it rests on.

Continental Sleep Split Fully Assembled Bunkie Board For Mattress/Bed Support, King, Off Grey

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Oriental Tatami Mat

Tatami floor mats are regularly used as sleeping mats for the floor, used in traditional Japanese homes. These are durable and provide a great barrier between the floor and your mattress.

Oriental Furniture Queen Tatami Mat, Black, US Queen (30 in x 80 in)

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Avoid Cold Drafts

Raising your mattress off the floor by using a platform or box spring as a base will help you avoid being woken up by cold drafts coming from a bare floor.

ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed

ZINUS GOOD DESIGN Award Winner Suzanne 6 Inch Bamboo and Metal Platforma Bed Frame, No Box Spring Needed, Wood Slat Support, Chestnut Brown, Queen

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Keep Your Mattress Warranty Intact

A mattress is not an inexpensive purchase, so its warranty may end up being especially important if something goes wrong. Using anything but sturdy slats may be grounds for voiding the warranty.

Keeping your mattress raised off the floor may be a warranty condition, and if that is the case then you will be complying in full. So scan your warranty carefully.

How to Sleep on the Floor? A Step-By-Step Guide


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What if you decide to sleep directly on the floor, without a mattress or box spring involved?

Some people do. Some even prefer to. It may also be something you have to do out of necessity – if you are a guest in someone else’ home for example, and they don’t have a spare bed to offer you.

You can sleep on the floor in relative comfort if you do the following

  1. Choose a spot on the floor that is not too cold or too warm to the touch, and that offers plenty of room to move around.
  2. Vacuum or sweep the area throughout to minimize the amount of dirt, dust and debris that might cause sniffles and sneezing when you are trying to sleep.
  3. Choose a spot that is as flat as possible. Do not sleep on a rug that could both slip and slide and introduce dust into the space you have just cleaned!
  4. Making use of a mattress pad, a sleeping bag or several blankets create a bed for yourself on the floor. Don’t forget to add plenty of supportive pillows.
  5. Experiment by taking a nap in the sleep spot you have chosen, to discover the most comfortable position for sleep, and if you can even stand sleeping on the floor at all!

Creating a Lower Profile Bedroom

If you decide to place your new mattress directly on the floor, or to try floor sleeping on a regular basis, you will need to adjust your bedroom decor to match this new choice. Here are some tips for doing just that.

To keep the minimal, clean vibe that floor sleeping generates ensure that your bedroom is clutter free as possible.

1. Low Profile Nightstands


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A standard nightstand may be too high for use with a mattress on the floor, look for lower profile options that will match the lower height of your bed. If you can find one a lower profile dresser would suit the space a lot better too and may be far more practical to use.

Examples of low-profile nightstands:

BWM.Co Set of 2 Small Solid Wood Nightstands

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Mobili Fiver Riccardo Bedside Table

Mobili Fiver, Riccardo Floating nightstand, Concrete Effect, Grey, Made in Italy

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Household Essentials Hourglass Water Hyacinth Wicker Table

Household Essentials Hourglass Water Hyacinth Wicker Table, Natural

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2. Low Profile Bedding


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Choose bedding that is light and slim, avoiding lumpy, bumpy comforters, to maintain the sleek look you are creating.

Eddie Bauer Home Troutdale Collection Bedding Set

Eddie Bauer - Queen Quilt Set, Reversible Cotton Bedding with Matching Shams, Lightweight Home Decor for All Seasons (Troutdale Green, Queen)

We love the look and feel of this Eddie Bauer all-seasons olive-green 100% cotton quilt set that is pre-washed for extra comfort and comes with two matching pillow shames.

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3. Artwork

When it comes to artwork choose thin horizontal pieces that will complement your low-profile bed, or tall thin vertical pieces that will do the same.

4. Keep Dust Off

Get into the habit of vacuuming/sweeping your bedroom space every day to minimize dust and debris build up on/near your low-profile bed. Try to sweep/vacuum under your mattress at least once a week too and check for signs of unwanted moisture on the underside of your mattress.

DO check out our tips for cleaning a mattress, and if you want to keep creepy crawlies out, consider using a protective cover.

SafeRest Mattress Protector

SafeRest 100% Waterproof Full Size Mattress Protector - Fitted with Stretchable Pockets - Machine Washable Cotton Mattress Cover for Bed - Perfect Bedding Airbnb Essentials for Hosts

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