12 Really GOOD Reasons Why You SHOULD Start Sleeping Naked

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Think of the vibes enticing you to get the new designer pajamas, or the sleeping bras meant to lift, or the luxury robes in the market. You do not have to break the bank to sleep like the majesty. In fact there is a better way which can be more beneficial to your body, mind, and spirit; sleeping naked.

While it may sound weird, to some, it is essential. Still, you may be wondering why it is necessary or what good things you get to enjoy each night. Here are the reasons you should start sleeping naked.

1. Improves sleep

It is so frustrating trying to catch some sleep every night. Whether you are tired or merely going through a rough time, sleeping naked can help you improve your sleep. Having light bed linen and little or no clothing on enables you to maintain a stable temperature throughout the night. In this state, your skin temperature lowers down, and you have fewer chances of waking up during your sleep.

2. Helps You Improve Stamina

It’s always a lazy time when you get from work and put on your pajamas. When you are off work, you may stay in your pajamas the whole morning encouraging a sluggish mood. This habit could lead to skipping the gym session, delaying your shopping time and even doing nothing at all. If you sleep naked, you are more likely to wake up and hop on to what you need to do first. This keeps you active and leaves you without an option of lying around.

3. Keeps Your Cortisol Levels Stable

Cortisol is an active hormone that dictates a couple of things that happen to your body and mind. When it’s higher than usual, you tend to be irritable, stressed and moody. Also, you may end up craving unhealthy foods, which could have a toll on your weight. That is why sleeping naked can help you regulate the hormone; your body temperature is stable which controls the production of this hormone.

4. Rejuvenates Skin

During the day, your skin is covered up, and pores end up clogged with dirt, oils, and sweat. After work, the best thing you can do for your skin is to leave it to breathe. Areas like the armpits, feet and private parts need a break from all the cover-ups. Eventually, you will have a less likelihood of contracting skin infections.

5.  Balances Melatonin and Growth Hormones

The body has various hormones responsible for preventing aging, enhancing sleep and the general health. Sleeping in an environment lower than 70 degrees helps your body to control the release of these hormones as needed by the body. Sleeping in pajamas prevents the activity of growth hormones which could lead to developing early aging signs. The right amount released is essential to ensure the hormones are useful in the various body processes.

6.  Enhances the Quality of Your Sex Life

If you are married or staying with your significant other, then sleeping naked can help you enhance your bond. Skin to skin contact is essential to ensure you keep up the positive energy towards each other. Also, it helps in the release of oxytocin which is responsible for developing the emotions. This will help you adopt a more active sex life which in turn can contribute to a healthy long-term relationship.

7.  It Can Help Boost Self-Esteem

Most times, you may feel the need to cover up your curves probably because you are not comfortable with how you look. While this can affect your confidence, it is advisable to work on it. Over time, when you sleep nude, you can learn to accept your body the way it is. Before bedtime, you can create a habit of looking at yourself in the mirror to build the confidence. Also, this can encourage you to start a workout regime if you are bothered by weight gain.

8.  Enhances Proper Circulation

Sleeping while tangled in pajamas and your waist tolerating the elastic pressure is not such a comfortable experience. In fact, it can affect circulation especially if you sleep in tight clothing. Also, it may take you longer to fall asleep. Get rid of all those clothes, enhance proper blood flow and enjoy a comfortable night sleep.

9. Reduces Your Washing Load

Come to think of it; if you sleep nude, you will have less laundry to take care of hence fewer chores. Additionally, you will not have to worry about replacing your nighties since you don’t even need them. As a result, you can save on quality time and money.

10.  Helps Improve Your Mood

The feeling of lying comfortably between your cozy sheets cannot go unnoticed. You have no underwear straining your waist or bras crossing your back. It may seem like a usual feeling but doing this every night can help you to boost your mood and be happy in other aspects as well.

11. Keeps Your Sex Organs Healthy

Well, there is more to keeping your sex organs healthy than just sleeping naked. But, it highly contributes to maintaining a suitable environment and keeping away infections. If you tend to sweat more at night, it is advisable to sleep nude as that would provide suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria and yeast. For men, sleeping nude keeps the testicles airy which is essential for the general reproductive health.

12.  Makes Summers Bearable

We left the best to last….the heat that beats out during summer can be unbearable especially while you sleep. Even if you have an air conditioner to control the temperatures, sleeping naked could add on to the comfort while you sleep. You could switch off the A/C at night and save a few bucks on energy costs.

Final Word

Above are the benefits you can reap by letting go and sleeping nude. Evidently, you can improve the health both of body and mind. In the process, you can adopt a more active, healthy lifestyle and enhance your confidence too. Most importantly, combined with a healthy lifestyle, you can keep off recurrent infections and enjoy fullness of health.

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