Top 10 Best RV Blogs about RVing

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There is nothing as liberating as choosing when to work, travel and spend time with your family.

That means having your schedule to when you get things done. People around the world have adopted the RV lifestyle and most never look back. The adventures, weather and the quality time with loved ones are the principal inspirations to the style of living,

If you wish to join RVing in the future, then it is clear you might need some inspiration. Also, a guide to juggling between traveling and living at the same time will come in handy. RVing gives you a whole new definition of travel and adventure and its nothing compared to your two weeks vacations once a year. These top blogs of RVers are inspirational and showcase the best experiences for people that want to adopt the RV lifestyle.

Kellogg Show

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You might be surprised to know that all of your family members can live in an RV all through. It is precisely what the Kellogg family does. The family, consisting of 14 members lives in an RV and travels all over North America. That started after a vacation back in 2012, and they did not want anything less than travel and adventure.

They gave up their nine to five schedules and decided to follow they travel dreams. Their joy and happiness are in spending time together while taking on challenges and adventures. They love snowboarding, biking, hiking, kayaking and more.

Follow their travels at

RV Love

The blog is about a couple, Marc and Julie who have been living in their RV since 2014. The two have visited the lower 48 States of the USA. All through their adventures, they have been sharing their experiences in RVing and travel. They are still working and did not want to wait until they retire to enjoy their life together.

The blog has inspiring articles on how to go about RVing and travel while still working.

Read more about their story at

Currently Wandering

The blog features the Currens family that travels in an Airstream. The family of five started Rving after they went for a house-swapping adventure in Virginia. They never looked back and even decided to give up their home for full-time travel.

They now live on the road and enjoy each moment together. The blog gives tips on homeschooling, managing finances, preparations and fun activities. They also share breathtaking photos of their adventure to inspire those wishing to adopt the kind of lifestyle.

They share their RVing experiences and love for the RV lifestyle at

Nealys on Wheels

Deas and Jennifer Nealy have been RVing since 2013. They had three dogs at the time, and it seemed hard to board them all for trips out of town. They had to come up with a solution to be sure the dogs were safe each time they set out to travel.

They got their first RV and left home for about six months. After spending winter in their home in Florida, they went for another trip which inspired them to sell the house and adopt RV lifestyle full time. They share tips on moving with dogs and travel activities.

Read their tips, experiences and travels RVing at

Roads Less Traveled

Mark and Emily love to travel, and ever since they started Rving, they haven’t looked back for a moment. They live in their RV and also own a sailboat. They have taken their travel experience to a whole new level without any limitations to where they should go.

The two previously lived in Arizona but later gave up their lives there and started RVing. After taking on new journeys away from the corporate world, they decided to adopt the lifestyle for life. They do it full time and offer valuable information about travel, RVing and enjoying moments together.

You can read about their experiencing living the nomad lifestyle in their RV at

Heath and Alyssa

Rving for this couple started when they both quit their jobs. At the time, one of them was working in all 50 states for a documentary film. They had to travel all year while working which inspired their love for travel.After the working term was over, they built a video production business and decided to take on Rving. They now share their experiences on the blog, a weekly podcast and a Youtube channel. They are inspirational, and their journey is worth a read.

Stop by their blog at and read up on their RV lifestyle.

Small RV Lifestyle

Viktoria, originally from Hungary has been living in the US for many years now. She has always loved traveling and discovering new places. She, therefore, wanted a nomadic lifestyle and travel all over.

As an internet marketer, she works remotely and gets the opportunity to work from any location. She gives tips on Rving including keeping fewer items for a comfortable experience. Viktoria seeks to inspire those trying to live an RV lifestyle and do not know how to go about it.

You can follow Viktoria and read up on her full-time RVing at

Ditching Suburbia

Michael and Crissa run the blog that brings a whole new explanation to the benefits of RVing. The two have been married since 1991 and had just the usual family lifestyle. Enjoying a vacation was last on their list while bringing up a family.

As time went by, they decided they wanted to live their dream of traveling, spending more time together and managing their own time. That’s how both started without taking a foot back into the suburban life.

Follow Michael and Crissa’s travels and their RV experiences at

Shore Looks Nice

The Hannans took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to travel and have fun across America. Mid 2014, the couple moved from Orange County and made their first trip not knowing it would be the most epic in their lives. Since then, they settled for the RV lifestyle and enjoy every bit.

You can follow the Hannans and join their trive at

Ardent Camper

The blog, by Marie and Josh shares tips about traveling and working on the go. At the start, they sold their house and moved into an RV fulltime. They aimed to travel around the USA and create lasting memories together. They pride themselves on the freedom to work anytime and anywhere.

Read more about their story at

So, there you have it folks! 

Adopting an RV lifestyle comes with its big share of fun and freedom as well as responsibility. Everyone’s journey is different, but the ultimate goal is to travel as you usually live. The above blogs are inspirational and prove that RVing is doable as long as you set the best foot forward and stay open-minded to enjoy.

Happy RVing!

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