How To Put Sheets on a Split King Bed?

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Buying a king size bed from a bedding store is not the only option you have if you want to gain all the room that such a bed offers, creating a split King bed is an alternative some choose, usually if they happen to already have the two twin XL beds needed to create a split king on hand already. But once you have split king crafted (more on that later) the next big question is how to put sheets on a split king bed?

The basic answer here is that if the split king has been created in what’s considered the ‘usual’ way, almost any king-size sheet set should work well. You can also choose to ‘dress’ the two twin XL beds separately, although that does not offer quite the same ‘real king bed’ effect that most people are going for when they undertake this clever, almost MacGyver like project!

Here we are going to take a closer look at how to put sheets on a split king bed, what such a bed actually is and more!

What Does Split King Sheets Mean?

A king size bed showing pillow arrangement bedroom decor

A split king bed is a piece of bedroom furniture created by joining together two twin XL beds together in some way to create a larger sleeping space. This could mean simply pushing the bed together, or, for those who want a more permanent arrangement, making use of a twin bed connector, a simple kit (usually available for less than $15) is another option.

  • A standard king-size bed in the United States measures 76′′ X 80′′.
  • A regular twin bed is 39′′ X 75′′, which is 5 inches too short to be considered a king.
  • A twin XL mattress measures 39′′ X 80′′, making it a better match.

You’ll also notice that if two twin beds were simply pushed together, they would come up an inch shorter than a king-size bed in both circumstances.

Split king sheets are any sheets that can provide good coverage, which usually means any properly sized king sheet should work well. If you choose to sheet each bed separately, which you can only do easily if the split king arrangement is temporary, you’ll need to make use of twin XL sheets specifically, as standard twin sheets are too short (as many college students find out when they try to use their sheets from home on a dorm standard twin XL bed!)

Best Sheets for a Split King

As mentioned, any king-sized sheets should fit your bed once you have created a split king arrangement, but your choice of sheet fabric can still impact your sleep quality. People do not always give too much thought to their sheets until it is time to buy new ones, and when they do can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice they are faced with.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular sheet types and what they have to offer:


Cotton sheets in the different forms -Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, jersey knit and more – are often one of the more expensive choices you can make, but they are also extremely durable, usually very cool and can be washed on dried at home, so offer great ROI on your investment.

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The majority of pure polyester sheets are stiff, however polyester blends are softer and more comfortable. These sheets are machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, and often inexpensive. Polyester will be your best buddy if you’re looking for sheets that don’t require steaming or ironing, but they often don’t handle stains well.


Microfiber sheets are another very common choice for a split king bed. Microfiber is a finely woven polyester fabric. Microfiber sheets are ideal for children and those who sleep with their pooch because they do not stain easily and can be laundered at home. Microfiber sheets are softer than polyester but less breathable than cotton, so it’s best for colder climates.

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Bamboo sheets are a newer option on the US market, but they have been in use in the East for centuries. Bamboo boasts many of the same cooling abilities as cotton, is very durable and as bamboo is a naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial fiber it’s great for those with allergies as well.

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Silk sheets are seen by some as the ultimate in sleeping luxury. In many ways that’s true, as they are smooth, cool and feel great against the skin. on the downside, however, they are far from inexpensive and can be much harder to take care of.

Is It Hard to Put Sheets on a Split King Bed?

As long as the beds are pushed or fastened together well, usually the answer is no, not really. However, if you make use of a flat sheet as a bottom sheet, rather than a fitted sheet, you may want to make use of sheet suspenders to keep everything in place. The key is often ensuring that you have purchased sheets that are long enough.

It’s tempting to make use of standard twin sheets if you have them on hand, but they just won’t be long enough, and will almost certainly keep riding up, making a good night’s sleep much harder to achieve.

Is Split King Same as Twin XL?

No, as a split king is comprised of two twin XL beds. A twin XL bed has a US standard measurement of 38 inches wide by 80 inches long, versus the 38″ by 78″ a standard twin measures. They are designed to accommodate persons of six feet or above, one of the reasons they are so commonly found in college dorm rooms, where many rapidly growing teenagers find they really appreciate those extra few inches at the end of the bed!

A standard king-size bed in the US measures 80 inches long as well, which is why you can create a king-size bed only by using two twin XLs.

How Do You Keep King Beds Split Together?

So, you have two twin XL mattresses that are in good condition. You’d want to make them into a single king-size mattress for your guest room, or to provide more sleeping space for your growing child. While the two mattresses are nearly identical, there will be a few inches of variance between them and a full king mattress. You can successfully transform two twin XL beds into a king bed with a few tweaks and ingenious hacks. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Establish a Solid Foundation

Because of the small gap, you’ll need to make some changes to the foundation fit. There are a few options for accomplishing this. If you’re making a permanent change and want your new bed to be both durable and comfy, a platform frame is a good option to consider.

A platform bed frame is a solid frame with no springs, risers, or additional elements. It’s simply a structure on which mattresses can be set to raise them off the floor. They’re simple to put up and reasonably affordable – certainly less than a regular box spring – and many of them don’t require any special tools to put together.

Step 2: Connecting the Beds

Once you have the frame, you may want to join the mattresses in a more solid manner than merely pushing them together, as the likelihood of them drifting apart is considerable. A twin bed connector comes in handy here.

FeelAtHome Strap for Twin Beds

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A twin bed connector does exactly what it says on the tin: it joins the two mattresses. Measured straps that are tied around both beds to hold them together are the simplest and least expensive option. They’re extremely basic, yet they’re very effective.

Step 3: Add the Final Touch

FeelAtHome Bed Bridge Twin to King Converter Kit

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A foam bed bridge, a thin foam overlay that effectively ‘hides’ the connection between the two beds, can be used to ‘top off’ the connection you just established. When you’re finished, you’ll have a completely usable king bed, ready to be made with whatever sheets you have chosen.

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