Can You Use a Regular Mattress on an Adjustable Base?

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Are you tired of tossing and turning all night? Perhaps you wake up with back pain or soreness in other areas of your body. If so, then an adjustable bed can help you rest easier. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new bedroom setup, you will be happy to know that many regular mattresses can be used with an adjustable base.

Modern mattresses made from memory foam or latex are compatible with adjustable bases. There are also other mattresses that will work with an adjustable base.

To find out which mattresses will work best and which will fit a base, keep on reading.

Can You Use Any Mattress on an Adjustable Bed Frame?

The majority of modern mattresses will be able to function properly with an adjustable bed frame.

The best type of mattress for an adjustable bed is latex, memory foam, or even feather mattresses. Although most mattresses can be used, there are some that are specifically incompatible with an adjustable base.

Any mattress that has innersprings will not be able to be used with an adjustable base. The caveat to this is if your innerspring mattress has coils individually pocketed like those found in hybrid mattresses. Overly firm mattresses will also prevent the proper adjustment and should not be used with an adjustable bed frame.

Can You Put a King Mattress on a Queen Adjustable Base?

Depending on your bed frame type it is sometimes possible to use a larger mattress on a smaller frame.

If your queen size adjustable base can be lengthened, then you will be able to place a king-sized mattress on top.

However, if your adjustable base can’t be adjusted for size, then the king-size mattress won’t be able to fit. King-sized mattresses are wider than queen-sized mattresses which means you will need to invest in a new bed frame for proper accommodation.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Plus
Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

Check out the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ for one of the best sleeping experiences out there. It features full body massage, under-bed lighting, and USB charging ports bringing this base to the next level. The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ comes with free shipping along with free in-home setup and a 10-year limited warranty.

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Can You Use Any Adjustable Base With a Tempurpedic Mattress?

Tempurpedic mattresses have gained a lot of popularity due to their density and their superior lumbar support. These memory foam mattresses are the epitome of luxury and are made with the most superior materials in the market. For their price tag, you may think that they will only work with the same brand of the adjustable base.

Thankfully, they are compatible with any properly sized adjustable base on the market.

In fact, Tempurpedic adjustable bases are actually made by another company under contract. The fact that you can use any adjustable base can make your whole bedroom setup more affordable if you would rather splurge on the mattress itself.

Do Adjustable Beds Ruin Mattresses?

For the most part, mattresses are made to absorb energy caused by motion. They are not specifically manufactured to be moved or folded on a regular basis. That being said, it makes sense to consider how using an adjustable frame will affect the life of your mattress. Most adjustable beds will move between one and five points to offer lumbar support as needed.

In most cases, using an adjustable base won’t have a negative effect on your mattress.

It is important to keep in mind that spring mattresses are not compatible with adjustable bases. If used with an adjustable base, the springs will become warped, bent, or even cause injury. Further, innerspring mattresses also flex with the base which will cause uncomfortable pressure points to develop.

Non-innerspring mattresses can also be used on an adjustable frame without the risk of damage. Air mattresses are also an option, though not a common choice. Down or feather mattresses won’t lose their shape or softness, but you have to be careful to ensure that the feathers are not bent or broken over time.

Best Types of Adjustable Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are one of the best types to use with an adjustable bed.

They will compress over time, however, flipping them over or allowing them to re-inflate in the sun will help restore them to their proper shape.

Latex mattresses are also a great option. They hold their shape and offer just the right amount of lumbar support for proper comfort.

Hybrid mattresses do very well when used with an adjustable frame. This is mainly due to the foam layers that are highly adaptable. The coils in hybrids are pocketed which protects them from damage and prevents them from disrupting your sleep. You will be able to get the bouncy surface you love while also getting the critical support and the adjustable base provides.

What is the Best Mattress For Adjustable Bed?

There are a lot of great mattresses on the market that work well with adjustable beds.

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid Mattress on an Adjustable Base
A5 Hybrid Mattress

In our opinion, Amerisleep offers one of the best on the market. The brand itself has products solid sleep products for many years. When they released the Amerisleep AS5 hybrid, we knew it would be a perfect fit for an adjustable base. Let’s review why we think so below.

Cooling: Memory foam and even latex are well known for running hot. The Amerisleep AS5 hybrid is one model that actually has the ability to keep you cool without sacrificing your comfort. The mattress is breathable and aerated which makes it perfect for hot climates. The cover of the mattress is also cool to the touch.

Edge support: When you go to sleep on a small bed or if you share your bed with others, you already know the importance of edge support. The Amerisleep AS5 hybrid is soft through and through so there is little edge support to be found. This won’t be an issue if you sleep on a queen-size or higher, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

Motion cancelling: One of the great things about the Amerisleep AS5 hybrid is that there is very little motion transfer. This is great when you sleep with someone else, or when you use the mattress with an adjustable frame. It provides the right amount of support and keeps motion isolated within a limited area for maximum comfort.

Sinkage and firmness: There are those who love a plush mattress and those who like it firm. The Amerisleep AS5 hybrid is one that falls on the soft side of the scale. There is plenty of give that will allow it to conform to your body even when paired with an adjustable bed. Regardless of its softness, there is no lacking in the support or durability of the Amerisleep AS5 hybrid.

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Upgrade Your Sleep Hygiene with an Adjustable Bed

For those suffering from back pain or recovering from an injury, an adjustable bed can be the best purchase of your adult life. Adjustable beds allow you to get the lumbar support that you require to get a good night’s sleep.

If buying a whole new bedroom set is out of your budget, you can use just about any non-innerspring mattress paired with an adjustable base.

For those who are looking to upgrade their mattress, the Amerisleep AS5 hybrid makes an excellent choice. It is perfect for combination sleepers and side sleepers. The mattress is also great for back sleepers looking to upgrade their lumbar support.

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