Can I Use King Sheets on a California King Bed

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Are you tired of fighting with your partner for space on the bed? If so, upgrading from your current bed to a California king may be the right option. Not only will you have more space on each side, but you will also have more length to stretch out your legs comfortably. While most people have heard of a King-sized bed, not too many are familiar with its cousin, the California King. According to Overstock when California king beds were first introduced, they were typically used only by celebrities and athletes (the assumption being is that they were extra-tall).

It is worth noting that while they are both bigger than a standard or queen-sized bed, there are some size differences between them. Today we will talk about those size differences and how to properly dress your California King in the right linens.

What is the Difference Between King and California King Sheets?

So, you need a bigger bed and have decided to upgrade to a king-sized mattress. Of the largest options available, king and California king will top the list. While both are bigger than queen size beds, it’s important to understand the differences before making a purchase.

King size beds and California king-size beds differ in both length and width. King size beds are 80 inches by 76 inches while California kings are 84 inches by 72 inches. The key difference is that one is much longer but slightly more narrow. The other is wider but shorter.

For tall users, a California king bed will be ideal while those looking for more space on each side will be better off with a regular king-size bed.

King Sizing Explained

King-sized mattresses are 76″ x 80″ which is basically the size of 2 twin beds pushed together. This bed is also referred to as an Eastern king in many areas. It is great for families that like to co-sleep or for couples who prefer extra width on their sleeping space. This is the largest bed in the industry with a surface area that totals 6,080 square inches.

King beds and linens are easy to find in just about every state. They are perfectly suited for large master bedrooms and even come with a split king option. They do tend to fall on the heavier side and can be more costly than other bed options.

California King Sizing Explained

California king-sized mattresses are 72” x 84” which is basically the size of 2 twin XL beds pushed together. Cali king beds are also called Western kings depending on where you shop. Most people who are taller than average, or 6 feet and up will do well to invest in a California king bed to accommodate their size. Of all beds, it is the second-largest and has a total of 6,048 square surface inches.

California king beds can be a bit tough to find in certain styles, but linens are not always readily available. It is good for tall users and couples who like sleeping closer to each other. Like a regular king-size bed, split options are available. Due to the size, a California king may be harder to move than other sizes.

Can King Sheets Fit on A California King Bed?

A California king and a king-size bed may share a name, but their dimensions differ greatly. A standard king bed is four inches shorter and also four inches wider than a California king so the sheets won’t be interchangeable.

Specifically, fitted king sheets won’t have enough elastic be long enough to fit around a California king mattress. The bed skirt of a traditional king bed will also be too short and too wide to fit the frame of a California king bed. Flat sheets usually have a bit more give in terms of fitting, however, the length and width differences will make for an odd fit that is not aesthetically pleasing. You will have to buy a specific set of linens crafted for a California king bed for the right fit.

Does a California King Bed Need Special Bed Sheets?

King size beds and California king beds are both luxurious choices for your home. However, while you can make a king-size set of linens work for a queen-size bed, the same is not true when dealing with a king and California king bed. There is a 4-inch size difference in length between the two models which means that you will have to purchase special linens to fit your California king bed.

Thankfully, there are a lot of great options available on the market to ensure your California king bed is as comfortable as possible. Most larger department stores will offer a range of sizing options in most linen sets. You can also check out some of the high-quality California king sets Dream Care has to offer.

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For everyday use Linen Market has a diverse range of colors and styles to choose from.

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If you are in the market for something a bit more luxurious, consider Mellanni California king linen sets. Boasting more than 280,000 reviews and a solid 4.5-star rating overall, this Mellanni bed sheet set has everything you could want including extra deep pockets.

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What Thread Count is Best for Sheets?

By now you have probably heard more than enough about linen sizes and are curious about thread counts. The thread count of a bed sheet is basically the number of threads that run both horizontally and vertically per fabric square inch. The higher the thread count the softer and more durable fabric will feel. Of course, lower thread count fabrics can also maintain a level of softness depending on the material type.

Choosing the right thread count for your bed linens will depend on a few different factors.

Heavy use beds or linens that need to be washed often can have a lower thread count while decorative or occasional user sheets can stick to the higher end.

Daily use bed sheets are typically between 200 and 500 threads. They are both comfortable, durable, and can stand up to regular wear and tear.

600 to 1,000 thread counts are ideal for those who love luxury and are not used as often.

For example, kids’ bed sheets will probably need to be washed every 5 days whereas the sheets in a guest bedroom for adults may be washed every other week. The Good Housekeeping Institute wrote that because of these germs and allergens, sheets should be washed weekly. Higher thread counts are also more costly which will factor into your final purchase decision.

How To Pick The Right Sheet For Your Cal King Bed

California King beds are larger and narrower than regular king beds. Ensure that you have a comfortable night’s sleep and that your mattress is protected, it is important that you choose the right type of bed sheets for your California king.

The mattress of a California king bed is 183 x 213 cm which is approximately 72 x 84 inches, so keep this in mind when shopping for linens. Let’s go over how to shop for the right sheets for your California king bed.

Step 1: Use a California King Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is the first layer that will go on your mattress. It is intended to fit snugly around your mattress and uses elastic to secure the fabric. A California king fitted sheet should be 183 x 213 cm or approximately 72 x 84 inches. Its specific sizing allows it to complement the dimensions of your mattress exactly. A too-small sheet won’t fit, and one that is too large will fall off. When shopping, look for fitted sheets that specifically say they are made for a California king or one that is listed as having 72”x 84” measurements.

Step 2: Next, Use a California King Flat Bed Sheet

The flat sheet is the next layer on your bed. Flat sheets do exactly what they say, they lie flat on your California king mattress. Unlike fitted sheets, they need to be much larger than the surface of the bed so that extra fabric can be tucked on the sides and bottom of the bed. A California king flat sheet should be 259 x 284 cm or approximately 102 x 112 inches. Shop for a flat sheet that either has these dimensions or one that specifically states it will fit a California king bed. You can choose the same color as your fitted sheet, or you can opt for a contrasting color that matches your decor.

Step 3. Choose a California King Duvet or Comforter

A duvet is a thick blanket that is intended to trap heat and promote warmth. It is not the same as a comforter and is available in a wide range of materials and colors. They also have a cover sheet that can be removed for laundering. A California king duvet should be 244 x 277 cm or approximately 96 x 109 inches.

If you’re in the market for a duvet cover set for your Cal King Bed, check out Wake in Cloud – a 100% cotton lightweight duvet cover featuring a lively botanical-themed print with yellow and green vines.

Wake In Cloud – Botanical Duvet Cal King Cover Set

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This linen will cover the entire bed and should hang down over the bottom of the mattress. This is usually the first part of the bed; a person will see when they enter a room. If the duvet is too small, you will see the mattress or even the box spring. If it is overly long, it will drag on the floor and collect dust.

According to Bedding Style, a California king comforter should be 102 x 86 inches.

Step 4: Make Use of California King Bed Skirt (Optional)

The last linen you will find on a bed is the bed skirt. For most people, this is an optional part of their bedroom decor, but it is standard in formal bedroom sets. A California king bed skirt should be 183 x 213 cm or approximately 72 x 84 inches. This is used to block the area between the floor and the mattress from view. It doubles as being able to hide the box spring on a bed as well as maintain privacy if you choose to store things under your bed.

Finally, a California king bedspread size should be 114 x 120 inches, and a California king blanket size should be 108 x 90 inches.