What Color Sheets Go With a Grey Bed? [+12 Great Options]

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If you already have a grey bed but are in the mood to change up your look, spring is the perfect time to go about it. Grey has been trending recently and with so much online interaction, it has fast become the mood color of choice for calm evenings. Regardless of which gradient of grey you have on your bed, it is important to choose the right bed sheets to complete your desired aesthetic.

There are a lot of great colors sheets that go with a grey bed, such as:

  • Dark Green
  • Burgundy
  • Baby Blue
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Beige

Identify Your Personal Style

A dark grey bedroom interior with a grey bed and pale pink and coral bed sheets.

Always take your personal style into account when choosing what color sheets to pair with your grey bed.

If you are a fan of modern aesthetics, then it is a good idea to choose dramatic but deeper colors to pair with your grey bed. To bring the whole look together you can even add glass and metal decor to your room to complete the look.

For gray beds that have a more traditional or vintage look, it is a good idea to consider picking lighter sheets such as baby blue or other muted colors. No matter what your style, you are sure to find something that matches your personality from our list below.

12 Bed Sheet Colors For a Grey Bed

1. White

A grey bedroom interior with a full length mirror and a grey bed with white bedsheets.

White sheets over a grey bed are a perfect way to make your room look elegant without taking away from the muted appeal of the main color choice. Not only will white sheets brighten up your bedroom, but they will also create an eye-pleasing contrast to an otherwise monochrome bed. If you want to get a bit more creative, consider using white bed sheets that have embossed patterns or even detailed embroidery along the edges.

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2. Beige

Queen Size Sheet Set - 4 Piece Set - Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets - Extra Soft - Deep Pockets - Easy Fit - Breathable & Cooling - Wrinkle Free - Comfy – Beige Tan Bed Sheets - Queens Sheets – 4 PC

Most people who choose grey beds do so for the classic appeal that the color offers. Pairing your grey bed with beige bed sheets will give your classic look a luxury feel. Rich creamy tones paired with a muted slate backdrop of a gray bed are high society vibes that you can capture in your own home. Consider adding texture by tossing fringed pillows or adding a plush rug at the edge of your grey and beige bed ensemble.

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3. Lighter Shades of Grey

Modern grey bedroom interior with big bed with grey sheets, pillows and linen.

It may seem silly to pair grey with even more grey, but when you choose a different tone, the results are breathtaking. Think along the lines of ash grey or bandicoot bedsheets to pair with the grey on your bed and headboard. Grey on grey will create an earthy feel in your bedroom which is perfect for mental peace and long nights of restful slumber.

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4. Dark Green

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Dark colors are a great way to break up the monotony of a bed with a grey headboard and frame. With dark green, you can still get the soothing aesthetic you are going for while also adding some bits of life to the room. If you are looking to get a bit more creative, consider using dark green bed sheets with simple patterns. You can break up blocks of dark green and add creative visuals to your room without your muted aesthetic being swallowed up.

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5. Dark Blue

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Dark colors like dark blue bed sheets are an interesting way to add strong masculinity to your grey headboard bedroom. Dark blue satin or cotton bed sheets with light blue piping will give your grey bed a classic and hard style to forget. Consider using a simple patterned dark blue bed sheet to add contrast and interest to your grey bed, or even toss a few throw pillows or a duvet in dark blue to bring the whole look together.

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6. Gold

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There is nothing more regal than the color gold, but on its own, it can quickly become overwhelming and trite. Pairing luxurious gold bed sheets with a grey bed will give both colors dimension while maintaining the look and feel of upscale luxury. Both colors offer a visually appealing contrast that will delight your eyes and invigorate the senses.

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7. Baby Blue

Royal Tradition 100 Percent Bamboo Bed Sheet Set, Queen, Solid Blue, Super Soft and Cool Bamboo Viscose 4PC Sheets

What better way to soften the harshness and austerity of a grey bed than with a soft baby blue set of bed sheets. Baby blue is both calming which will help you fall off to sleep more quickly, and soothing to the eye. After a long day at work or even a stressful day around the house, everyone wants to relax in their inner sanctuary.

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8. Burgundy

SONORO KATE Bed Sheet Set Super Soft Microfiber 1800 Thread Count Luxury Egyptian Sheets Fit 18 - 24 Inch Deep Pocket Mattress Wrinkle-6 Piece (Burgundy, Queen)

Having a grey bed doesn’t mean that your bedroom has to be dull. In fact, grey beds are the perfect backdrop for passionate colors. Burgundy bed sheets are just one example. On their own they can seem rich, however, when paired with a grey bed and matched white bed linen they will give your bedroom a stylish look that is not only passionate but also uplifting.

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9. Orange

Grey can seem dull and drab, but when you pair it with a lively color your entire bedroom will be transformed. Orange is the perfect color to add a slice of energy into any muted room. You can go for a soft milky orange made from satin for a smooth, elegant look. Another option is bright citrus orange bed sheets paired with a few green throw pillows for an overall invigorating aesthetic.

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10. Blush Pink

Royal Tradition Solid 300 Thread Count, 100 Percent Cotton 4PC Queen Bed Sheets Set with Deep Pockets, Blush

Choosing a grey color scheme will allow your room to remain analogous and harmonious, but adding a splash of pink will bring life back into the bedroom space. Pink will allow you to create an elegant and cohesive look without overloading the room with color. If you prefer bold pinks, just remember they can easily take over the room, so limit bolder pinks to only the bed sheets for a much need splash of color to break up the grey.

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11. Purple

Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set Twin for Kids Purple - Twin Size Cooling Bamboo Bed Sheets for Boys and Girls with Deep Pocket 3PCS

You can go with a rich purple, however pastel purples are known to promote harmony in a space. When you have an analogous color like grey, using a similar tone such as soft purple will help bring a sense of relaxation into the bedroom. Of course, if bold is more your style, opt for a deeply saturated royal purple. This will help maintain harmony while also highlighting the grey of the bed itself

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12. Yellow

Super Soft 1800 Series Cotton Touch Microfiber 4 Piece Sheet Set (Yellow, King Size)

When you have a muted-toned bed, a great way to liven up the room is with bold, saturated bed sheets. Bright yellow offers a powerful punch of saturated color that pairs well with all tones of grey. Make sure to choose a matching tone of yellow, for example, if you have bold grey, then gold for a bold yellow. On the other hand, if your bed is a pastel grey, then a light yellow will look more aesthetically pleasing.

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Does Sheet Color Affect Sleep?

Sleep Color Psychology Chart

For those who notice they are having trouble falling asleep, or tend to wake up often in the night, consider changing your sheets before taking a pill.

The color of your bedsheets and your bedroom, in general, can have a dramatic effect on how well you are able to sleep at night. Your bedroom should be like a cave for the best sleep possible. Get rid of LEDs, install light-blocking shades, and be careful in the selection of your bed clothing.

Calm shades such as muted grey, green, silver, purple, blue, and neutrals can help reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Too many bright colors can increase anxiety which will lead to poor sleep habits. Even white sheets can disturb your sleep since they reflect any light in the room. A study done by Travelodge showed that people with a blue bedroom managed to get the most sleep per night topping 7 hours 52 minutes of restful sleep.

What Color Walls Go With a Grey Bed?

Grey is a sleek and modern choice for any bed, but it is important to pair your bed with the right color walls. Darker, earthy greens are lovely for bedrooms that have grey beds and furniture.

Stylish bedroom interior in dark green walls and light grey

You can pair a beige or lilac wall with a grey bed for a sophisticated look, or you can opt for darker hues of teal and burnt gold for a more classic look.

For a minimalist yet modern bedroom look opt for dark shades of grey or charcoal.

A comfortable bed with linen, pillows, a blanket and an open book on it in a grey style bedroom interior. Green plants and vases as decorations.

Consider adding patterns to your walls for a monochromatic look and to add more character to the bedroom space.

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