What Color Sheets Go With a Black Bed [13 Great Options]

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If you already have a black bed, or if you are in the market to replace your current bed with one that is black, it is important to have a decor plan in place. Some colors present unique challenges when choosing the accompanying decor, and black happens to be one of them. Dark-toned wood and black painted beds are a stunning way to draw the eye and create a dynamic look in your bedroom. Knowing which sheets to pair with your black bed is the best place to start.

There are a lot of colors that pair well with black beds such as:

  • Dusty Rose
  • White
  • Bright Orange
  • Turquoise
  • Rich Purple

Dark-colored beds and black beds can have a stunning visual effect when paired with the right colors. Matching your linens to your floors, walls, and other decor is the best way to highlight your black bed without allowing it to overpower the room. Decorating your black bed can seem intimidating, but with our list of matching bedsheet colors, you can create a cohesive look with minimal effort.


13 Brilliant Sheet Colors To Pair With a Black Bed

1. White

Modern white and gray bedroom in classic room with wall moldings, parquet, double bed with duvet and pillows, minimalist bedside tables, mirror and decors. Interior design concept

Black and white are the original Ying and Yang colors. Pairing white sheets with a black bed will ensure balance in the bedroom while also creating a visual contrast. Both colors play off of each other to highlight the best of both worlds, even while you relax your way to dreamland.

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2. Dusty Rose

Light pink or dusty rose is the perfect color to soften the harshness of a blunt black bed. Black is masculine and dominant by nature, but by pairing it with a soft muted color the whole aesthetic is transformed. Consider adding other dusty rose-colored accents around the room to pull the look of the sheets together.

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3. Light Beige

Modern Bedroom Stone Washed Walls Black Queen Bed and Cream Bedding

There is a reason that coffee and cream look so alluring in your cup in the morning. Pairing beige with dark black will create a classic look that softens the overall tone of the bed. Black is dramatic and beige is traditional, when you mix them together they create a modern aesthetic that will delight the senses.

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4. Stony Grey

Modern bedroom with light grey walls, black bed frame and stony grey bedding

Bedrooms that are cave-like support the healthiest sleep. If you are battling insomnia or just need to create a more restful atmosphere, consider pairing stony grey bedsheets with your black bed. This color will also give your bedroom a very crisp and clean look while also keeping your color scheme intact.

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5. Emerald Green

Modern green colored bedroom in classic room with wall moldings, parquet, double bed with duvet and pillows, minimalist bedside tables, mirror and decors

Rich emerald green bedsheets will give your black bed an upgraded modern look that also offers creative appeal. Think along the lines of a lucky Irish theme minus the overt golden tones. You are left with a sleek black bed topped with a rich splash of color to comfort you all night.

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6. Gold

Chvonttow 4 Piece Satin Sheets King Size Luxury Silky Satin Bed Sheets Set, Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant, 1 Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet + 1 Flat Sheet + 2 Pillowcases (Yellow)

Black and gold is a classic combination that has been around for centuries. It makes sense that adding a nice splash of sunshine to a dark background will create such an aesthetically pleasing look. You can go bold with a neon yellow or mute it down with a milky hazy yellow or gold. Either way, you go you are sure to create an eye-pleasing delight that will soothe you as you sleep.

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7. Bright/Red Orange

There is something to be said for those who prefer black furniture. It is easier to hide scuffs and marks and overall it emits an air of secrecy. A great way to lighten the mood is by choosing bold colors for your bedsheets. Bright red, orange, or red/orange will showcase your spicy personality and exude warmth to your bedroom. Black is the exquisite color to pair with bolder hues to help temper and prevent them from overwhelming the space. If you are not into solids, consider geometric prints on your bedsheets to create a visual treat.

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8. Purple

Modern violet colored bedroom in classic room with wall moldings, parquet, double bed with duvet and pillows, minimalist bedside tables, mirror and decors

Purple is the color of royalty and also one of calm. Many people choose black beds to help reduce stimuli at night and make sleep come easier. You can take that idea a step further by pairing your black bed with a set of soothing purple bedsheets. This will increase the calming effects in the room by evoking a soothing atmosphere that exudes peace and serenity.

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9. Turquoise

The point in buying a black bed is often to promote a soothing environment in the bedroom that helps reduce stress. One way you can complement a black bed is by pairing it with eye-pleasing turquoise bed sheets. The soothing color will help you turn off your mind and release the stress from the day.

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10. Blush Pink

Mohap Bed Sheet Set 4 Pieces Double Brushed Microfiber 1800 - Breathable Cooling Luxury Soft Bedding - Queen Pink

Many masculine bedrooms feature black beds, but you can add some romance to the room with the right bed sheets. Blush pink will soften the look of masculine colors and lines in the room while also adding a touch of elegance. Satin or silk blush pink sheets are not only easy on the eyes, but they will also feel delightful on the skin.

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11. Lime

Solid Color Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Luxury Bedding Set High Thread Count Long Staple Sateen Weave Silky Soft Breathable Pima Quality Bed Linen (King, Lemon Lime)

Black beds are the perfect base for vivid colors. You can bring life into your bedroom with lime-green bedsheets atop your black bed. The brightness will capture the eye and add life to an otherwise overwhelming color story in the bedroom. If you are worried about the brightness, consider a pastel lime instead of a saturated color.

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12. Navy

VCNY Home - Twin XL Bed in a Bag, 5-Piece Reversible Bedding with Matching Sham & Pillowcase, Soft & Cozy Room Decor (Lincoln Navy/Grey, Twin XL)

Mixing navy and white on top of your black bed will give your bedroom a regal look. Not only does black in the bedroom look modern, accenting it with a dark, but the contrasting color will add character and warmth to an otherwise oppressive color scheme. You can even use patterned sheets to break up the monotony.

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13. Cream or Off White

UNILIBRA Twin XL Bed Sheet Set,4 Pieces Super Soft Brushed Microfiber Sheets Set for Twin XL Size Bed, Luxury 1800 Thread Count, 16 Inches Deep Pockets, Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Cream Sheet Sets

Black is a very intense color, but one way to take the edge off is by pairing it with neutral colors. Off-white, cream and khaki are perfect for bed sheets and throw pillows. If you toss down a matching rug or some interesting wall art in the same color, your bedroom will look unified.

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How Do You Color Coordinate Bedding?

When it comes to your bedroom, designing the perfect look is the best way to create a space that meets your needs. Aside from choosing the perfect paint and the most elegant furniture for your most private space, you also need to coordinate your bedding. The color coordination of bedding is not overly difficult, but if done improperly it can easily turn your bedroom into an eyesore.

The best way to color coordinate bedding is to use colors that complement each other and that fit in with your whole aesthetic. The layers should make you happy but also blend with each other.

For example, a black bed paired with contrasting bedsheets and a complimentary colored duvet or comforter. Start with colors that you love and will appreciate over the long term.

Avoid colors that will disrupt your sleep or clash with the rest of your room.

One easy rule of thumb is to select the primary color of your bed and then layer darker and lighter shades of the same, or contrasting colors to capture the eye.

What Color Walls Go With a Black Bed?

Placing a black bed in your room is a creative way to convey dynamic character in your bedroom. When paired with the right color bed sheets and matching room decor, you will have a unique aesthetic that is both homely and dramatic at the same time. In addition to choosing the right color sheets, your walls should also complement your furniture choices.

Some of the most appropriate colors to paint your walls if you plan to have a black bed are cream, off-white, teal, or even a patterned silver & black or gold & black mix. Not only will these colors complement your furniture, but they will also pull the whole look together.

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