Men’s Bedrooms Ideas – From Dull To Sleek [And How To Re-Create The Look]

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What are the best men’s bedroom ideas? In the 21st century they don’t include what was once the clichéd idea of a guy’s space: centerfolds, beer lamps and empty pizza boxes. As many men as women these days care about what their most personal of personal spaces looks and feels like and are open to making use of home decor tips and tricks to achieve a look that suits their needs and their personal aesthetic.

There is, of course, no such thing as a one size fits all perfect man’s bedroom. But there are lots of things you can buy, and do, to create a bedroom space that works for you on both a practical and a visual level. While masculine décor is rarely featured as much in trendy decor magazines as feminine or ‘couples’ styles it’s still a topic that is increasingly important to men of all ages.

Not sure where to start? Given the lack of coverage we just mentioned that’s really not surprising, especially for those who have rarely turned their hand to home décor before.

However, here we’ve got you covered, with decor inspirations, tips, product suggestions and more to help you achieve the masculine bedroom of your dreams.

Men’s bedroom decor ideas

1. The Statement Headboard

In most bedrooms, whether they are a man’s domain or a woman’s, the bed serves as the focal point of the room’s decor. But beds in themselves are rather flat, boring things. A statement headboard is a great way to add bold, visual interest to your bedroom space.


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Recreate the look: headboard (similar)

Here the headboard adds depth, structure and even a little texture, with no pesky DIY or huge amounts of assembly required.

Headboards like this one are available to fit queen and king beds and while this one is nicely neutral, adding patterns and more color is a possibility if you prefer, as is the case in the image below, in which a simple geometric patterned fabric on the headboard adds even more visual interest without overpowering the space.


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2. Go Luxe Without Breaking the Bank with Better Bedding

As it is supposed to be your serene sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the world, adding a few – or a lot – of luxe looking touches in the form of bedding and accessories can be an excellent way to transform a cold, empty space – which is how all bedrooms begin – into something that is a delight to head to at the end of a busy day and doing so is not as difficult, or as expensive, as you might expect.

Bedding and bedding sets are one of the easiest ways to add luxury to a masculine bedroom in a matter of minutes. A thick, quilted comforter surrounded by throw pillows and even larger bed pillows – with the appropriate pillow shams is a great way to add dramatic visual interest that looks expensive and luxurious, and adds a very sophisticated air to the space, without spending huge amounts of money.


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Recreate the look: striped bed set (similar)

Here simple stripes and masculine shades of green – along with textured throw pillows and shams – are nicely neutral but still add a luxurious look that is minimal – minimal is a great look for men’s’ bedrooms – that will be simple to ‘put back together’ in the morning after a great night’s sleep.

The good news is that there are lots of ‘bed in a bag’ options that can help you recreate a look like this without having to match up separate linens and buy multiple items, which can get confusing – and expensive – for anyone.

If you want to keep things very simple – but still sophisticated and stylish, a dark neutrals bedding set like the one seen in the image below can be a great choice too.


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Recreate the look: dark neutrals bedding set (similar)

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3. Add a Statement Art Piece

As we mentioned earlier, the days of walls adorned with ripped centerfolds taken from ‘certain’ magazines are thankfully over in the world of men’s bedroom décor, but you can, and should, still make use of statement art pieces to add both general visual interest and a representation of your personal aesthetic and interests into your bedroom.

The options available to you are almost endless, but there are some general rules of thumb to keep in mind in order to ensure the art you add to your room enhances it rather than overwhelming it and making it look cluttered and disorganized.

Artwork over the bed in place of a headboard is one very interesting choice to consider:


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Recreate the look: framed images (similar) // bed side lamps(similar)

Here a blank wall has been transformed into a bedroom-based art gallery.

Simple framed images on a neutral colored shelf are highlighted by a simple painted circle, that, when balanced by the very practical bedside lamps creates an instant art gallery that can be used to show off your favorite images in style.

Alternately you can make use of one, large piece of statement artwork to replace a traditional headboard altogether, as seen here.


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Recreate the look: statement artwork (similar)

Making use of this men’s bedroom décor trick is also a great way to add representations of interests you might not think really belong in a bedroom – like your love of video games or certain movies – into your personal bedroom space in a very grown up, sophisticated way.

Recreate the look: shadow box frame (similar)

You can even keep your favorite comic books on display if you add them to a subtle shadow box


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4. Create a Flooring Focal Point

A bedroom rug is a must in most bedrooms, especially as many have hardwood flooring that can be very jarring to step out onto as soon as you wake up. The clever use of bedroom rugs is something that interior designers have been making use great use of for decades, and yet it’s a simple, and inexpensive, way to create a flooring focal point with ease.

This is also another way you can easily add sophisticated style to your bedroom without going over the top.

When it comes to bedroom rugs that can lend all kinds of masculine vibes to your bedroom the choices are almost endless. If you want to keep things neutral and understated, a large, textured rug in a subtle monochrome shade, as seen here, is an easy to find, easy to implement choice.


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Shop the look: abstract rug

You can add a welcoming sense of warmth to your bedroom, as well as color and depth, by making use of traditional Oriental rug. Even though these styles quite literally date back thousands of years, they never go out of style and their gender-neutral patterning makes them an excellent choice for a man’s bedroom that can be transplanted into a couple’s bedroom with ease.

A good Oriental rug can be a little more expensive than other options but as they last for decades the ROI on your purchase will be excellent.

Recreate the look: oriental vintage rug(similar)

Animal skins are another popular bedroom rug décor choice that has been in use for decades, but it’s a décor choice that has to be used carefully in any bedroom to avoid creating a look that is too dark or that overwhelms the rest of the space.

Careful shopping – and choosing faux materials that still have a realistic look – real animal skins are NOT cool – can solve these problems though.

If you like to see more animal themed bedroom decor ideas see our blog post 15 Animal Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Adults.

Here a very simple faux animal skin rug looks perfect in a minimally decorated bedroom space and even adds extra light as well as subtle visual interest:

Recreate the look: faux cowhide area rug (similar)

Prefer something bolder, and even a little whimsical? A silk-screened fabric rug like this one can add a subtle jungle vibe without harming anyone or anything, including your wallet.

If yours is a more rustic aesthetic, a faux animal skin rug might look too fake, but a high quality sheepskin rug can be an excellent alternative, with the added bonus that stepping onto a luxurious faux sheepskin rug on a cold morning can alleviate a lot of that ‘getting out of bed shock’ that can be so jarring, especially if yours are chilly hardwood floors!

Shop the look: faux sheepskin rug

5. Plant Based Decor

There are a lot of scientifically backed reasons that adding some greenery to your bedroom space can be great for your health, but a little living color can also be an excellent way to add visual interest and texture to your bedroom space as well.

You don’t have to go for overly feminine flowers of course, as there are lots of houseplants and even indoor tree plants that fit perfectly into a more masculine decor scheme.


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Recreate the look: rubber plants (similar)

Rubber plants are a very popular choice, and not just because they are very hard to kill! Their deep green leaves match almost any décor and their size means they can be used as a central décor focal point, not just as a harder to notice accessory. You can also make use of smaller versions – they come in lots of different sizes – to add to nightstands or desks.

If you want to add even more greenery – plants add oxygen to the room and help remove impurities from the air around you so why not? – then creating a plant shelf above your bed is a way to create a stunning natural headboard that still has a rather manly vibe. Making use of bright and dark green trailing plants as seen in the image below, can be particularly effective.

Recreate the look: hanging plants (similar) // hanging wood shelves (similar)

Elegant wood shelving, especially if it’s thin and tall, – ladder shelves are great – can be a great way to add a little more furniture to a big empty space with ease and very affordably too! In addition to plants you can display a favorite book, a great knick knack and more without things looking too cluttered or out of place.

Recreate the look: ladder shelves (similar)

Not all flowering houseplants are overly feminine either, and some can fit perfectly into men’s bedroom décor to add pops of natural color, something you may really need if you have opted to create a neutral colored space, as many men do.

For example, a dark purple dahlia will add real drama, and as they are available well into the fall, can be used almost all year round. Once cut they also last for days, so you won’t have to replace them as often as some other floral options.

And sunflowers are always an excellent choice, even if you have to make use of silk alternatives when these bright beautiful flowers are out of season. You can add them to vases to use as bedside accents, or simply to place on side tables or on windowsills to add a bright burst of color that is as cheering as it is elegant.

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