10 Stylish Laura Ashley Bedding Sets to Make Your Bed Cozy and Inviting

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Your bedroom should, ideally be your little safe haven from the big, bad outside world. A place to de-stress, relax and, of course, to dream. A large part of creating this special sanctuary is choosing the right bedding, and for more than seventy years people all over the world have been choosing Laura Ashley.

Why choose Laura Ashley bedding sets? In a word, because they are beautiful. There are more reasons than that though. Founded in Wales in the early 1950’s by (you guessed it) a housewife called Laura Ashley, the company’s designs – they also produce clothing, drapes, upholstery and the headscarves made famous by Audrey Hepburn that launched Laura Ashley’s worldwide success – hark back to the quintessentially English style of the 19th century country home and, even in the 21st century, add modern elegance with just the right amount of romantic retro.

As you might imagine, after more than seven decades in business the number of Laura Ashley designs you can choose from is more than extensive. And as almost all Laura Ashley bedding makes use of 100% cotton it’s easy to launder and cool and comfortable too sleep on.

Our focus here is beautiful bed linen and we are going to take a look at ten stylish bedding sets from Laura Ashley you can buy online to make your bedroom cozy, inviting and maybe even a little more romantic.

1.Laura Ashley Amberley Cotton Reversible Quilt Set

Laura Ashley Home - King Quilt Set, Cotton Reversible Bedding with Matching Shams, Home Decor for All Seasons (Amberley Biscuit, King)

For those who like their mornings to be as easy as possible this Laura Ashley quilt set might be the perfect choice. It comes complete with a soft cotton quilt and two matching pillow shams, allowing you to top even the most boring of sheets with some serious style. The quilt is 100% cotton which means it’s cool sleeping without being too flimsy.

Because patterns are such an important part of the Laura Ashley brand there are, as we mentioned, lots of them. The Amberley design is a delicate bamboo-colored leaf and vine print on a crisp white background, with the reverse side of the quilt being a light bamboo calico. This means that you can add a delicate floral to your space without creating an ambience that is too girly or feminine, a plus when you are sharing the bed!

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2. Laura Ashley Charlotte Blue Reversible Quilt Set

Laura Ashley - King Comforter Set, Cotton Bedding with Matching Shams & Bed Skirt, Stylish Home Decor (Charlotte Blue, King)

If you have even seen delicate blue Wedgewood china patterns (which are also from the U.K) then you know how striking and elegant they are. The Laura Ashley Charlotte print reminds us very much Wedgewood china; a bold, but not too bold, blue on a bright white background, with leaves and branches flowing throughout the pattern.

The reverse side of the quilt, which offers just the right amount of coverage for warmer nights, makes the most of the delicate blue, using it as the main hue which is enhanced by tiny white flowers. The overall effect of the set, visually, is to add just the right amount of traditional English country house charm without overpowering the room. This is also a three-piece st, featuring the quilt itself and two matching pillow shams.

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3. Laura Ashley Adelina Reversible Comforter Set

Laura Ashley Home - Queen Comforter Set, Reversible Cotton Bedding with Matching Shams, Stylish Home Decor for All Seasons (Adelina White, Queen)

On colder nights there is little better than being able to sink into a thick, warm comforter and the luxury 100% cotton comforter included in this set is the perfect example of the kind of elegant winter comforter that would, thanks to its bright white, subtle sculptured patterning fit in well with almost any bedroom decor.

We often think of white as a summer color, but it can be just as suited to the colder months, as its light is a great contrast to the darker skies outside and will sparkle in the bright, but cold, winter sun.

This comforter has a textured, dimension feel, thanks in part to the ruffled diamond appliquéing applied to one side, making it a great choice for a shabby chic style room or one that you would prefer to keep as neutral – and tranquil – as possible.

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4. Laura Ashley Paisley Patchwork Blue Quilt Set

Laura Ashley - King Quilt Set, Reversible Cotton Bedding with Matching Shams, Farmhouse Inspired Home Decor (Paisley Printed Patchwork Blue, King)

Patchwork is a classic bedding design used for centuries on both sides of the Atlantic, but this quilt highlights the softer, more muted colors that are typically found in English patchwork patterns. One of the hallmarks of Laura Ashley designs are their subtlety, and this is an excellent example of that.

That being said, this is a true patchwork design, with complementary squares of a variety of blue prints – everything from bold flowers to more subtle trailing vines – matched together to create a look that is homey and inviting without being boring or too cutesy. It would be a great choice for a teen bedroom or even a stylish one for your guest bedroom space.

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5. Laura Ashley Annabella Reversible Duvet Cover Set

Laura Ashley - Queen Duvet Cover Set, Reversible Cotton Bedding with Matching Shams, Lightweight Home Decor for All Seasons (Annabella White, Queen)

Americans are just discovering the beauty of a duvet, but its charms and comforts have been well known to Europeans for decades. A thick, but never constricting duvet is perfect for the summer or the winter, thanks to its channeled construction and breathable fill.

Every duvet does need a cover though, and as an everyday elegant choice we love this Laura Ashley Annabella Reversible Duvet Cover set. It comes complete with a matching pillow sham – or two for Queen and King sizes and is the kind of sparkling bright white associated with the most luxurious of hotel rooms.

One side of the duvet cover is accented with delicate lace and the other is a plain, but still attractive calico. The button closure features makes it easy to take the duvet itself in and out and it’s crafted from 100% cotton, so it’s simple to launder and cool to sleep under.

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6. Laura Ashley Ahoy Reversible Soft Quilt Coverlet Set

Laura Ashley - Queen Quilt Set, Cotton Reversible Bedding with Matching Shams, Home Decor Ideal for All Seasons (Ahoy Blue, Queen)

Laura Ashley bedding designs are not just delicate florals, as these jaunty, nautical themed set demonstrates perfectly.

The light, 100% cotton quilted coverlet – perfect for warmer summer nights – is adorned with a playful, colorful yacht design featuring bobbing boats in soft shades of blue, red and yellow on a crisp white background. The reverse side features a light blue gingham check that is every bit as summery and fun, giving you two great options for stylish summertime sleeping.

The set comes complete with matching pillow shams, also featuring the charming yacht design and this light, 100% cotton coverlet can be tossed in the washing machine, tumble dried on low and back on your bed within the hour!

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7. Laura Ashley Weekly Getaway Bedding Set

Laura Ashley Weekly Getaway Bedding, Full/Queen, Mint

If you do like to be beside the seaside, but don’t have the time to get away that often you can still enjoy some sunny seaside dreams thanks to this lightweight summer bedding set.

Featuring a 100% cotton soft quilt coverlet and matching pillow shams that are cool to sleep on and easy to launder, this set features a unique and charming seaside print that is filled with shells, seaweed and sea creatures to add a truly beachy feel to any bedroom. Its subtle

We love how delicate the colors are – the set features shades of seafoam, sand, coral and mint – but the print does not fade into the background in any way and the set can be used to instantly transform a dull bedroom into a beachy summer hideaway in just a matter of minutes. And if you want a quick change, simply reverse the quilt to its subtle, needlepoint quilted seafoam side!

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8. Laura Ashley Coral Coast Soft Quilt Coverlet Set

Laura Ashley | Coral Coast Collection | Quilt Set - Ultra Soft All Season Bedding, Reversible Stylish Bedding with Matching Sham(s), Queen, Coral

Staying on a seaside theme we also love the Coral Coast Soft Quilt Coverlet Set for summer. The three-piece set is a beachy vision with both the pillow shams and one side of the light, 100% cotton quilt coverlet adorned with a pink coral pattern on subtle light sand colored background.

The switch up of the colors is a nice surprise, the vibe is beachy without sticking to the usual greens, blues and yellows usually associated with beach decor. It would be the perfect choice for a summer themed bedroom of any size or even as a nap blanket for your Florida room. The reverse side of the quilt is slightly fleeced, meaning that while this bedding set offers cool sleeping comfort it’s still cozy enough for those breezier end of summer nights.

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9. Laura Ashley Chloe Reversible Duvet Cover Set

Laura Ashley Home - Queen Duvet Cover Set, Reversible Cotton Bedding with Matching Shams, Lightweight Home Decor for All Seasons (Chloe Blue, Queen)

Prefer your florals to be a little bolder? Then the Chloe Reversible Duvet Cover Set may be the perfect choice for you. Designed to accommodate a standard duvet, and complete with matching pillow shams this 100% cotton bedding set showcases the bolder side of Mother Nature.

The pattern features large bright blue flowers and purple leaves rendered in a watercolor style that looks arty without being too pretentious. Its florals at their least ‘girly’, which means as a choice for a shared bed that still offers Laura Ashley signature style it’s perfect.

The reverse side of the duvet color is a much subtler choice, featuring tiny grey flowers on a crisp white background, allowing you to turn up/ or turn down the ‘volume’ on this colorful duvet cover as you please.

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10. Laura Ashley Lidia 3 Piece Reversible Soft Quilt Set

Laura Ashley Lidia Collection Quilt Set-100% Cotton, Reversible, Lightweight & Breathable Bedding, Pre-Washed for Added Softness, Queen, Pink

Finally, if you really want to experience classic English country cottage style in your bedroom as only Laura Ashley does it then the Lidia 3 Piece Quilt Set is the perfect choice for you.

The bold red, pink, white and green patterning is made up of bright, beautifully rendered roses, and overall gives off the 19th century cottage vibe that first made the brand’s bedding famous. It’s charming, feminine and certainly makes a bold statement.

One of the best things about this set however – aside from the fact that you still get matching pillow shams and the wonderful soft feel that only 100% cotton can impart – is that it is reversible. Flipping the quilt reveals a quieter, dark pink quilted poplin side that can be used to set a more neutral tone for your bedroom decor, when needed, in seconds.

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