15 Good Feng Shui Bedroom Design Ideas and Examples

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The Chinese words “feng” and “shui” mean “wind and water”, respectively. This term is derived from an ancient poem that speaks of the relationship between human life with the world around it. The philosophy that has become feng shui deals with the placement of items in an around your home – or office – to create the greatest harmony between the space and its occupants.

While some people scoff at the idea that where they place their furniture can really improve their life – and that is a personal choice – many of the principles of feng shui make a lot of sense from a general design and functionality standpoint too. So, even if you do not really believe in it it is often worth learning more about feng shui to help your space flow better and make it a more attractive place to live.

The Top 6 Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where most of us spend a lot of time. In fact, according to experts we spend about 25 years sleeping over the course of our lifetimes, and as most of that time is spent in our bedroom then it really is an especially important place.

Feng shui does, of course, offer advice for using its principals to improve your experience there. Here are some of the most important feng shui tips for your bedroom.

1. Place Your Bed in a Commanding Position

In feng shui your bed is considered central to your ‘sleeping space’ – which it is – and therefore should be placed in a ‘commanding position’ close to the center of the room. It should face the door but not be exactly lined up with it. Lining up a bed with the door is referred to as the ‘coffin position’ in feng shui and yeah, that just does not sound nice.

If there really is no way to avoid placing your bed in line with the door then you can stop the flow of bad qi it might cause by placing a hanging crystal ball between the bed and the door.

2. Get a Headboard for Your Bed

If your bed does not have a headboard, feng shui principles state that you should add one. This is because a headboard adds strength and support and is considered to be especially important for shared beds to help strengthen the relationship. A solid headboard is preferred in feng shui as a slatted or open version may let qi– good energy – escape.

3. Don’t Store Clutter Under Your Bed

Is there a bit of a cluttered mess under your bed? If so, you are, according to feng shui blocking the flow of qi around your bed and that may be causing restlessness at night and robbing you of restorative sleep. It is OK to place things under the bed, but ensure they are well organized and there is an ‘open channel’ available so good qi can flow around your bed as you sleep.

4. Add Well Spaced Nightstands to Either Side of Your Bed

Feng shui does state that there should be space between your bed and other objects at both sides and at the foot of the bed. However, the space at the sides does not have to be more than a few inches, and the addition a nightstand at either side will improve the asymmetry in the room and create harmony, again, considered especially important in a shared bedroom. As this also makes sense from a design point of view, this is one tip you should seriously consider implementing in your own space.

5. Be Mindful of Color

Color psychology is powerful stuff, both in general and in in feng shui, and the colors you choose for your bedroom can make a difference to the vibe it gives off.

Blues and greens are considered the most restful colors for a bedroom, while earth tones warm and welcoming and considered nurturing to a relationship in a shared bedroom. Speaking of which, if you are single you may want to consider adding more peaches or pinks to your bedroom, as feng shui states that both colors are excellent for ‘attracting’ and developing intimate relationships.

6. Keep Your Bedroom Toxin Free

This is another ancient feng shui principle that just makes a lot of sense, even in the 21st century.

Keeping your bedroom as pure as possible helps good qi flow more freely and, feng shui says, will lead to more restful sleep and a more harmonious relationship for co-sleeping couples. From a practical standpoint science tells us that clean, pure air the bedroom is best too.

To purify the air around choose low VOC furniture and bedding and look for a mattress that is as eco-friendly as much as possible too. Don’t use artificial air fresheners in the space – try an essential oil diffuser instead – and adding a plant or two to freshen the air naturally – plants absorb toxins – is good for your health and for feng shui.

15 Feng Shui Bedroom Design Ideas

Need some visual inspiration to help you put these feng shui tips for the bedroom into place in your sleeping space? We’ve got you covered!

How cool is this? Repurposed doors serve as a striking headboard that works for feng shui purposes and serves as a stunning design addition to the bedroom.


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No room to add a headboard? That’s OK, a simple wall decal in the shape of a headboard is, most modern feng shui practitioners say, an acceptable alternative, and as you can see they look rather good too.


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This is a great example of a very balanced bed in terms of feng shui. It has a sturdy headboard, the underbed area is completely clear and there are balanced nightstands on either side.


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Feng shui can be incorporated into any décor style. Here is a splendid example of Eastern principles meeting very Western rustic décor.


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Feng shui does not state that the nightstands you use to balance the placement of your bed have to match, so you can feel free to mix things up if you have two pieces that do not quite match but look great together.

A hanging crystal to block the flow of bad chi does not have to be expensive or complicated. You can make your own relatively simply, and it will still get the job done.

Bedroom decor
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You don’t have to add sparkly crystals if that’s not your style. A very earthy hanging crystal like this one can add warmth to your bedroom décor while also warding off bad qi from the doorway.

You can even add multiple hanging crystals if you like, to capture even more bad qi.

That matt attracting peach does not have to be feminine or girly, as this bold shade demonstrates amply. The cat is likely to help too though…


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This salmon pink wall is very unisex too, and that nice chunky headboard should supply even more good qi to help a budding partnership grow or keep an established one vibrant.

This very blue, very nautical bedroom is a wonderful balance of great feng shui and unstated, sophisticated style that anyone – whether they believe in feng shui or not – will appreciate.


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This soft blue bedroom is ticking all the right feng shui boxes and just looks so relaxing and comfortable that the extra good qi would just be another advantage.


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Blues, peaches, a headboard, nightstands. This bedroom really has a lot of great feng shui going on and looks warm and welcoming without being too dark.


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Clever underbed storage like this leaves lots of room for qi to flow and still keeps things neat and organized.

Bedroom organization ideas
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Do dogs under beds block qi? We don’t think so, especially if they seem to have lots of room to move like this cutie does.


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