10 Cynthia Rowley Bedding Sets

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Tired of your bedroom look? Longing to give it a makeover? The bedroom is, in fact, perhaps the one room in your home you can give a new look in just a few minutes, simply by replacing your bedding.

While you could spend ages shopping for everything you need for your bed – sheets, pillows cases, comforters etc. individually – an easier and often better way to get a brand new, coordinated look for your bed, the center of any bedroom decor is to purchase a bedding set, and Cynthia Rowley bedding sets are some of our current favorites.

You may have seen fashion designer Cynthia Rowley appearing on one of your favorite TV design programs as she has been a Project Runway judge several times, was a favorite guest of David Letterman and has shown up on a number of HGTV design programs too.

The West Village, NY born Rowley has become famous for her signature ‘pretty meets sporty’ aesthetic and her clothing and eyewear designs are loved by women of all ages.

Bedding is a more recent addition to the line. The Cynthia Rowley Bedding line is an extension of that design style and is clever enough to manage to add style to a bedroom space that couples, and not just women, love. The collection includes sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, quilts and more.

There are lots of wonderful Cynthia Rowley bedding sets to choose from, and to offer you a little design – and shopping – motivation here’s a look at ten of our favorite Cynthia Rowley bedding set choices that will transform any bed’s decor from blah to fab within minutes of you taking it out of the box!

1. New York Wildflowers Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley New York 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set Wildflower Floral Pattern in Red Pink Yellow Taupe on White Comforter Quilt Cover Bedding 100% Cotton Luxury, Full/Queen

If you are a fan of florals but prefer your bedroom blooms to be a little more on the sophisticated side, then this wildflower inspired bedding set is a wonderful choice. The bright white duvet cover is adorned with striking, oversized poppies, daises and other blooms to create a wonderful combination of reds, taupes, yellows and muted purples. The pillowcases match the main design to add even more elegant but somewhat understated color.

This is a super sophisticated look that will lend a very urban air to your bedroom while also brightening it up, thanks to the crisp white background the florals are set against.

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2. Paisley Moroccan Medallion Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley 3pc Full Queen Cotton Duvet Cover Set Paisley Moroccan Medallion Coral Red Blue Taupe (Queen, Teal)

If you dream of sleeping in a sultry, exotic bedroom that evokes the mysterious Far East than adding this Moroccan inspired bedding set to your room offers a great start, allowing you to add some dramatic style to your sleeping space, wherever you happen to live!

The bold blues and greens that make up the majority of the duvet cover design are rendered as bold swirls and intricate medallions, placed on a bright white background, a look the pillowcases match perfectly. As an added bonus the duvet cover is reversible, offering a softer taupe and white paisley pattern on the other side.

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3. Floral Paisley Medallion Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley Full Queen Duvet Cover Set Large Floral Paisley Medallion Turquoise Pink Navy Coral Green (Queen)

This bedding set is almost the perfect combination of our previous two choices, offering the muted colors of wildflowers in combination with a striking paisley pattern. Muted shades of blue, pink, purple, green and coral come together to create a sophisticated floral look that will add a touch of summer to your bedroom even in the depths of winter.

This set features a pair of pillow shams in addition to the duvet cover and these not only add an extra shot of visual interest but also a touch of formality that will leave your bed looking very ‘well dressed’ every morning after you get up!

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4. Reversible Pink Medallions Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley Bedding 3 Piece Full / Queen Reversible Duvet Cover Set Salmon Pink and White Medallions on Gray

Pink can be a beautiful choice for the bedroom, and not at all overly feminine or childish if done right, as it is here. A bright white duvet cover is adorned with bold pink medallions that look a lot like summer daisies and they are rendered in soft shades of salmon and red. Matching pillow shams complete the look.

The reverse side of the duvet cover is a muted grey featuring traditional paisley medallions for those days when you feel like adding a slightly quieter, subtly sophisticated look to your bedroom.

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5. Grey Retro Farmhouse Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley Bedding 3 Piece Full / Queen Duvet Cover Set Solid Gray Retro Textured Mini Bubble Ruched Rustic Country Farmhouse Pattern

Sometimes there is great beauty in simplicity in bedding décor and this bedding set is a perfect example. It is not patterned or embellished, simple offered in a dove grey that is wonderfully neutral and calming, offering a simple welcome at the end of a long, hard day.

The duvet cover also adds texture to your décor, as it features a slightly quilted bubble pattern that lends it its retro feel.  The theme is repeated on the matching pillow shams and this is great look for a shared adult bedroom or even a guest room likely to be used by both males and females.

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6. Bohemian Blue Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley Duvet Cover Set Vintage Ornate Large Medallion Bohemian Blue White Cotton Bedding (Full/Queen, Blue)

Boho style can look fabulous in the bedroom, but only when done right. Add too many elements. Or too many colors and it starts to look messy rather than eclectic and stylish! This duvet cover set, however, offers you the perfect way to add a bohemian vibe to your bedroom without going too over the top.

The duvet cover commands attention, in a good way, with its bright white and china blue and grey paisley pattern which has a dreamy watercolor effect that is as charming as it is stylish. The matching pillowcases feature a patterned border to create a very pulled together effect.

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7. Geometric Stripe Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley New York Duvet Comforter Cover Set, Full/Queen Size Double Bed Luxury 3 Piece Printed Geometric Striped Pattern Black Red Gray on White with Black Sewn Tufts, Bedding - Rue

If you are looking for bedding with a slightly more urban, even perhaps masculine vibe this is a great choice. Rendered in bold shades of black, brown and grey on a pure white backdrop this duvet cover set simply screams understated urban sophistication that is discreet but never boring and will blend seamlessly with all kind of bedroom furniture and accessories.

As an added bonus, this set adds some fun texture to your bedding too, thanks to the rather fun and funky black tassels that trim the edges of both the duvet cover and the matching pillow shams.

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8. White Pines Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley New York 3pc Flannel Duvet Cover Set Holiday Woodblock Pattern Graphite Gray on White Pines Holly Reindeer 100% Cotton Luxury (Full/Queen)

It can be fun, and rather charming, to match your bedroom and bedding to the season, but at Christmas no one over the age of three really wants a bedroom filled with Santa Clauses!

This bedding set however, with its white pine and wildlife patterning – we particularly love the deer – offers a great way to add cozy seasonal style in a very grown up and attractive way! The chilly whites, greys and muted browns convey a cozy winter vibe and add a seasonal touch to any bedroom with ease.

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9. New York Floral Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley New York Full/Queen Floral Quilt - Pink Red Burgundy Orange and Green Rows of Flowers

A quilt is a great alternative to hefty comforters and duvets in the warmer months and this one is the perfect example of a modern take on a very traditional quilting style.

This thin, but not too thin, quilt is a bright white adorned with warm red, yellow and orange blooms, creating a look that is very nostalgic but in no way dated or old. Instead it’s cozy, inviting and very stylish, all things we love and we’re sure you will too.

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10. New York Bubble Fish Bedding Set

Cynthia Rowley New York Bubble Fish Quilt - Full/Queen

Our final choice is a great choice for a teen bedroom or just for someone who wants to add a little whimsy to their bedroom décor. This cozy quilt features colorful – but not too bright – bubble fish and an adorable stripe and floral motif set against a bright white background. This a great choice for upgrading a child’s bedroom when they are looking to graduate to something a little more sophisticated or for adding a quirky touch to a guest bedroom.

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