Best Calvin Klein Bedding Sets For A New Bedroom Decor

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Calvin Klein has been a major player in the fashion industry since the mid 1970s, when he launched a line of jeans that made such a splash they have become a part of pop culture legend. In the more than four decades since the brand has expanded into perfumes, watches, fine jewelry, and home decor, with CK’s signature bedding sets at the heart of the latter.

As there are now dozens and dozens of different Calvin Klein bedding sets available, with more added all the time, which of them make the best choices? There is no easy answer to this question though, as while the Calvin Klein aesthetic – easy, minimal, comfortable luxury – can be seen in all of them which might be your favorite bedding set will depend very much on your personal tastes and the existing decor in your unique bedroom space.

That being said, here we are going to take a look at our choices for the top 14 luxury Calvin Klein bedding sets, and we are quite sure you will find at least one or two sets – probably more – that you will love as much as we do. Ready to take a look? Let’s get started.

1. Moonstone Bedding Collection 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Calvin Klein Moonstone Duvet Cover Set, Full/Queen, Pebble

Casual, often unisex, elegance is the hallmark of the Calvin Klein brand and this bedding set certainly fits that aesthetic.

Featuring a subtle marble pattern this gray and dusty rose sateen cotton – which is super soft to the touch – duvet cover set is a perfect choice for a contemporary bedroom and is suited to a masculine space as a feminine one.

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2. Tulip Midnight Bud Collection 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Calvin Klein Tulip Midnight Bud Sheet Set, Queen, Shadow

Floral bedding sets can be terribly busy to look at and can also date quickly, as ‘vintage’ Eighties decor often demonstrates. That is not the case here though.

These tulips are darker and more abstract, perfectly suited to a dimly lit bedroom and will lend it a quiet, tranquil shot of style, but the print is also striking enough to still look great in the bright light of day.

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3. Classic Logo Duvet Cover

Calvin Klein Classic Logo Duvet Cover, Full/Queen, Heathered Charcoal

The ‘classic’ Calvin Klein waistband logo – that simple black text that has been a fixture on the brand’s iconic signature underwear for decades – remember Marky Mark? – is transplanted to bedding for this set, and the effect is both subtle and memorable.

Perfectly suited for a guy’s bedroom the heathered gray fabric is soft but sturdy and despite the monochrome color scheme is anything but boring.

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4. Ray Duvet Cover

Calvin Klein Home Modern Cotton Ray Duvet, Full/Queen, Black/Cream

Lots of us have a favorite Calvin Klein t shirt at the back of our drawer or closet some place. One we slip on to relax and chill without looking too sloppy or underdressed.

The Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bedding Collection – of which the stylish Ray Duvet cover is a part – makes use of the same modal heathered fabric as their t shirts, which means sleeping under this subtle, monochrome color block bedding is supremely comfortable.

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5. Watercolor Bloom Duvet Cover Set

Calvin Klein Watercolor Bloom Duvet Cover Set, Full/Queen, Amethyst

Prefer your florals with a little more color, but not too much? Then this bedding set should interest you.

The bright white duvet cover is adorned with poppies rendered in a dreamy watercolor style and featuring subtle shades of dusky pink, violet and purple. The overall effect is one that is subtly feminine and very modern, although neutral and contemporary enough that its style should never date.

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6. Quartz Duvet Set

Calvin Klein Home Quartz Duvet Set, Queen, Fog, 3 Piece

As is the case for many of the best Calvin Klein bedding sets, this choice is very much inspired by nature, in this case the stunning natural marbling of a cross-section of quartz stone. Rendered in subtle grays, browns, and blues against a crisp white backdrop this set will add eye-popping visual interest to your bedroom space without being too ‘loud’.

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7. Jared Bedding Collection

Calvin Klein Jared Duvet Cover, Full/Queen, Heathered Grey/Charcoal

Great bedroom decor calls for texture as well as color, and the deep raised pinstripe featured on both the duvet cover and pillowcases in the Jared Collection add that beautifully, along with the versatility of a darker, reversible smooth side to the duvet cover. A part of the Modern collection this bedding is made using soft tonal t shirt material and is as comforting to sleep under as it is striking to behold.

Co-ordinate them with the Calvin Klein Jared Duvet Pillowcases (sold separately) here on Amazon.

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8. Modern Cotton Julian Bedding Collection

Calvin Klein Home Modern Cotton Julian Duvet Cover, Queen, White

Sometimes the simplest styles are the most appropriate choices for bedroom decor and the Julian Bedding collection – which features both duvet covers and sheets and pillowcases is remarkably simple.

Rendered in bright crisp white or an elegant salmon pink this soft cotton bedding set will let the rest of your bedroom decor shine while still looking perfectly pulled together and offering lots of cool comfort.

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9. Sandstorm Flora Bedding Collection Comforter Set

Calvin Klein Home Sandstorm Flora Comforter Set, King, Parchment

The Sandstorm Flora Bedding Collection offers another take on a sometimes hated bedroom decor trend – florals – and by sticking to earthy browns and delicate grays, and utilizing an impressionist like design offers a modern twist that is quietly stunning and supremely suitable for use in a modern, unisex bedroom space. And don’t let the name fool you, as visually stunning as this bedding is there is nothing too loud or stormy about it!

The sheet and pillowcase set are sold separately, found here on Amazon.

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10. Baltic Bedding Collection Comforter Set

Calvin Klein Baltic Comforter Set, Full/Queen, Tide

Decorating experts often suggest adding cooling colors that remind the viewer of water to your bedroom space to improve your sleep, and the Baltic Collection would be the perfect choice for doing just that. Rendered in cool crisp shades of sea green, lime green and white the bedding features bands of tonal, textured color that are as relaxing to look at as they are striking to see.

The matching bedding sheet and pillow case set is separately on Amazon.

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11. Modern Cotton Body Solid Duvet Cover Set

Calvin Klein Home Modern Cotton Body Duvet Cover, Queen, Grey

Returning to the Modern Cotton Bedding collection, this solid, pattern free duvet cover is as close to sleeping under a soft, stylish Calvin Klein t shirt as you can get, without actually cutting up your own t shirts that is! Rendered in classic heathered gray, this bedding set will serve as a stylish base for almost any bedroom decor scheme and can be dressed up or down as you see fit, just like the classic clothing it is inspired by.

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12. Modern Cotton Strata Duvet Cover Set

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton STRATA Bedding, Queen Duvet, Heathered Marble

The Strata bedding collection takes the t shirt concept a step further, adding bolder textures and subtle marbling to create a heavier looking – but still lightweight to sleep under – decor effect that is bolder and more striking.

Still rendered in gray – but a lighter shade with distinct black and cream heathered striping – this bedding will add a very subtle, but powerful, contemporary vibe to your bedroom space that would match particularly well with metal and wood furnishings.

Complete the set with this matching 2-piece standard pillowcases found on Amazon.

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13. Gene Duvet Cover

Calvin Klein Gene Duvet Cover, Full/Queen, Indigo Wash

The Gene bedding collection has the makings of a true Calvin Klein classic. Its striking indigo coloring – which reverses to a subtler gray – is a nod to the brand’s iconic jeans collection, but the fabric is the soft tonal cotton of the t shirts, so you really do get the best of both worlds. The collegiate CK monogram on the gray side of the duvet cover is truly striking as well and would make this an excellent choice for a stylish college dorm set up as well as a modern bedroom.

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14. Lennox Duvet Cover and Pillow Shams

Calvin Klein Home Lennox Bedding, Full/Queen Duvet, Grey/Cream

Our final pick on this list of the best Calvin Klein bedding sets takes another timeless Calvin Klein fashion look – the striped tank – and transforms it into a soft bedding set with a ton of modern, striking style.

Rendered in grey and white with thin horizontal stripes of both, this set will make the perfect addition to a contemporary bedroom and add just enough visual interest to be used as the focus of your bedroom decor to be built around or as a very stylish backdrop to bolder looks.

Complete the set with this stylish matching pillow sham, standard size found here on Amazon.

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