15 Bed On The Floor Ideas You’ve Got To See

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Often when people think of a bed on the floor – or one very low to the ground – it conjures up mental images of tranquil, Zen like Japanese bedrooms and the mystique of the Far East. However, the bed on the floor concept is catching on fast here in the West, perhaps especially with those who were spurred into more minimalist, clutter free living by Marie Kondo’s Netflix shows.

Aesthetics aside there are also other benefits associated with moving your bed onto the floor. Some people who suffer from chronic back pain find that the positioning a bed on the floor creates relieves their pain and hot sleepers often find that they are a lot cooler when they sleep closer to the ground.

Interested in exploring the idea of moving your bed to the floor? There is no one right way to add a bed on the floor to your sleep space, but there is a wealth of wonderful ways to do so.


Here we are going to take a closer look at 15 bed on the floor ideas we love, and that we think you will too.

1. An Easy Asian Twist

This very simple, but stunningly elegant look is certainly heavily inspired by the Japanese bed chambers a bed on the floor is most closely associated with, but this a very modern, Westernized look created around a simple mattress topper!

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2. DIY Eco Friendly Elegance

This bed on the floor is a mattress set on simple wooden pallets atop a charming shabby chic rug. A very minimalist idea, but when added to a space filled with the greenery its eco friendliness helps to preserve, the effect is tranquil, uncluttered and very calming.

3. Bright, Bold and Colorful

This Canadian illustrator’s bed on the floor set up is bright, bold, colorful and wonderfully eclectic. Not everyone would consider matching a striped blanket with a rug covered with graphic triangles and a gaggle of bright solid-colored pillows, but here the combination works beautifully.

4. Low Bed, High Style

This bedroom is as luxurious and high end as any penthouse sleep spot. We love the silky bedding and the attached to the bed base low dresser. It’s the bed on the floor concept elevated to a level of sophisticated style that may make you forget about ‘regular beds’ for good.

5. Small Space, Big Style

Some people turn to the bed on the floor concept because they are so short on space that they really do not have room for a bulky box spring or platform. But as this example demonstrates perfectly that does not need to be a problem sand even in a small space you can use a low bed to add big style.

6. Attractive Attic Elegance

A low attic is another spot that can really benefit from a low to floor bed and here the simplicity of the set-up is stunning. We particularly love the plank like bedside table and the mirror on the floor, and that big pink coverlet looks so comfy…

7. Urban Cabin Cool

We love the ‘cabin in the city’ vibe that this sophisticated set up gives off.  The perfect choice for a guy’s bedroom, this is a simple but very stylish look that would not be hard to achieve with just a few key décor pieces – in addition to a good mattress of course.

8. Cozy Corner Comfort

A cozy corner set up like this one would be perfect for a smaller space, or even for a dorm room (especially a shared one). The mix of patterns and solids is eye-catching and as easy as this would be to recreate it’s a bed on the floor option perfect for singles in small spaces or teens who want a bedroom with a greater cool factor than before. The small faux sheepskin rug (find similar here) is especially stylish.

9. Home Office Comfort

We’ve heard the phrase “I’ll have to sleep on the office floor” uttered by busy professionals before, but this bed of the floor takes that literally and does so in high style. For studio apartment dwellers who are work from home this would provide a great way to do so efficiently – and elegantly – while also ensuring that they get the rest they need too!

A cozy floor desk office in the bedroom
Photo: Home My Design

10. Amazing Alcove Sleeping Space

This low to ground bed turns a cramped corner of an attic into the kind of comfortable, cozy sleeping space that would make the pros on those HGTV tiny house programs drool, and we certainly love it too, especially the ‘living’ headboard attached to the plank bed platform.

11. Perfect Privacy, Satisfying Sleep

A macrame curtain, a mattress on the floor and a few well-chosen Eastern inspired accessories turned this sunny space in the perfect sleeping nook for two. The crisp, creamy linens only serve to heighten the bright but cozy effect and we love the stylish side table!

12. Bookworm’s Boudoir

Books are not only great fuel for your mind, but they also make for great home décor! This comfy book filled sleeping nook looks like a peaceful paradise that any bookworm would love, and the lush bedlinens make us feel like diving right in, with a good book in hand of course.

13. Bold Textures and Super Storage

This simple bed on the floor arrangement is made spectacular thanks to the addition of the bold and bulky textured blanket (find similar here) that looks oh so comfy. The naturally styled storage bins are great too and would offer a way to efficiently store all kinds of things in a smaller space in style. The copper vase adds wonderful warmth too.

14. Crate Comfort

This is another great example of how you can make use of simple palette crates to create a low platform for your mattress that is as stylish as it is practical. The plain wood platform offers a slight lift from the floor and compliments the rest of the eclectic décor to a T.

15. A Bed Fit for a Pretty Princess

A bed on the floor is not just a great idea for grownups, it can be the perfect bedroom fit for older kids too. We can imagine that any little girl would be thrilled to sleep in this bed on the floor arrangement that transforms a simple mattress into a sleeping space fit for any pretty princess.

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