15 Animal Themed Bedroom Ideas for Adults [+ How to Recreate the Look]

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Are you thinking about redecorating your bedroom? If you have a love of animals, bring that into the décor theme. Animal designs provide endless inspiration for revamping the look of your bedroom.

Many animal designs work in the bedroom, from wall-art to bed sets and headboards. Whether you’re looking for religious or spiritual ideas to soothe your soul or a hunter displaying trophies, there are dozens of design choices available.

We picked out our top 15 animal-themed bedroom ideas for adults. Choose one that matches your taste and style from the options in this review.

15 Animal Themed Bedroom Ideas For Adults

1. Hindu Heaven Theme

Recreate the look: throw pillows (similar)

This room’s cold, grey walls would provide a gloomy look if it weren’t for the dazzling matching elephant prints hanging side-by-side.

We like the way the designer incorporated the use of colorful lamp shades, accenting the elephant prints. The Ethnic Indian throw pillows on the bed blend well with the prints and the wall, mixing bright colors with neutral tones.

The subtle use of bright and warm colors on the bedding and throw rug collection makes it easy to dress up this room into a warm living space.

2. The Golden Zebra Theme

Recreate the look: baroque armchair (similar)

This bedroom design blends elegant yellow-gold paint on the walls and drapes, finishing with a quilted throw for the bed. The zig-zagging visual effect of the zebra patterns engages your senses, creating texture to the décor.

The black-and-white zebra theme of the sleigh and rug accent the gold tones, providing a luxurious look. The gold-yellow colors brighten the room, allowing light to bounce off the walls.

The black tones in the zebra hide absorb the sunlight while the white reflects it, creating a perfect contrast for the modern bedroom. Create the same effect in your bedroom using this Zebra accent chair.

3. Peacock Themed Bedroom

Shop the look: bedding set

The color tones in this design blend seamlessly, creating a feeling of peace with the use of blue and turquoise hues.

The darker colors on the percale accent the lighter turquoise sheets, providing a focal point in the room away from the lighter walls.

The cotton peacock percale bed set adds character to the visuals, creating an refined look, and the large yellow throw pillow is an excellent highlight providing an exquisite touch to the décor.

4. African Bedroom

A beautiful rustic design african bedroom depicting a jungle fever.
Photo Credit: Source

Shop the look: plant baskets // coastal rugs (similar)

This design gets creative with natural bamboo around the bed. This bohemian-style bed blends an authentic look into a modern space using traditional materials.

The off-white color theme mixed with green and oversized plants brightens up the room adding a splash of color and allows more sunlight to bounce off the neutral colors on the focal wall.

We like the use of woven straw plant pot covers giving more texture to the room while accenting the focal wall. Natural wood  is a great material in this example, providing a rustic look to a modern décor theme.

The addition of the coastal rugs made of natural jute provides the perfect finishing touches to this rustic African bedroom.

5. Palm Paradise

Recreate the look: bedding set (similar)

This bedroom gets a tropical island theme with the use of indoor plants and palm trees. We like the use of wood in the side tables and bedframe, extending the room’s natural look.

The white walls bring in plenty of light, and the floor-to-ceiling windows give the impression of being outside.

We like the use of the palm leaf bed set, with the white blending into the background, making the palm leaf design pop. The earthy tones in this room provide the eco-friendly vibe of a beach camp.

6. Driftwood Decor

A white bedroom featuring leafy plants and driftwood
Photo Credit: Source

Recreate the look: driftwood branch (similar)

This urban jungle and driftwood design gives this bedroom a new look, cutting the overbearing use of white in the room. The light, earthy tones of the wood create a contrast against the white walls and bedspread, creating a focal point above the bed.

The driftwood branch wall cuts the bed and side tables’ clean lines, bringing more visual character into the room. It’s a great choice for beach houses and an affordable way to change the décor.

7. Elephant Ecstasy

Recreate the look: bedding set (similar)

The light colors on the floor and walls make the dark grey bed frame poop in this example. The elephant bed set’s pink tones contrast the greys in the animal design and the bed.

The intricate patterns in the bed bring more character to the room’s look, cutting the boring clean lines. The slightly off-white walls draw your attention to the duvet, creating a focal point.

8. Retro Reindeer

Recreate the look: throw (similar) //  cowhide pillow (similar)

Outdoor enthusiasts and hunters will love this bedroom design. The reindeer trophy on the wall sets the tone for the décor, providing a focal point on the wall.

We like the faux fur throw on the foot of the bed, adding to the theme while cutting the duvet’s plain white color.

The hide pillow accents the throw blanket extending the theme. The use of grey brickwork on the focal wall makes this design pop, with the dark, rich tones of the trophy accentuated in the pillows and drapes.

9. Elegant Elephants

Recreate the look: decorative pillows (similar)

This design dresses up this room with a gorgeous Hindu elephant theme. The intricate patterns in the wall tapestry’s and bedding provide character, while the integration of lighter colors accentuates the overhead lighting.

We love the retro Hindu throw pillow, extending the Hindu theme with elephant designs in the room’s foreground and background. The light colors on the walls provide the tapestries with a 3D effect, and the materials offer texture.

This room might be small, but the patterns and designs incorporated with the lighting give the impression of more space.

10. Sophisticated Stag

Recreate the look: wall art (similar) // pillow shams (similar)

This modern design features clean lines with basic black-and-white colors. The result is a stunning display of contrasts, with the reindeer print seeming to rise from behind the bed.

The black wall integrates seamlessly with the deer antlers print, creating an illusion of space behind the bed. The contrasts in this décor are outstanding, with the layers of black and white providing a light-absorbing effect that makes the white in the room pop.

The minimalist abstract pillows provide an excellent finishing touch, balancing the rest of the décor design.

11. Rustic Reindeer

Recreate the look: headboard (similar) // table lamp (similar)

This rustic design is a great choice for a farmhouse or ranch. The wood paneling in the room features light tones that accentuate the darker Thai teak headboard.

The look effectively creates a focal space above e bed that draws your attention to the trophies. The lighter side tables match the bedding, giving the impression of more space, and the chandelier provides a classic, rustic farmhouse look.

The blown-glass side tables provide some color to the room, with the green tones providing a country feel.

12. Backcountry Buck

Recreate the look: headboard (similar)

This bedroom animal theme feels like it’s part of a ranch somewhere in New Mexico. The driftwood, trophy, and headboard provide a dry theme to the room, with neutral light tones matching the headboard and focal wall for a seamless effect.

We like the use of natural wood, giving an authentic look to the décor, with the side cabinet offsetting the rustic wooden headboard. The bedding in this design reflects light, casting shadows on the focal wall, adding texture to the room’s look.

We like how the designer cuts the white with diagonal black lines, causing your eyes to drift upwards toward the focal wall.

13.  Floral Flamingo

Recreate the look: mirror (similar)

This bedroom spells vacation all over it. The bright, vibrant colors create a mesmerizing focal point on the bed, with the white walls making the duvet pop.

We like how the use of yellow and turquoise draw your attention, and we love the matching turquoise side lamp in this design. The sunburst mirror provides an interesting design element. Hanging it next to the window gives the impression of the piece pushing light into the room.

The dark, hardwood floors seem to provide the bed with a floating effect, contrasting beautifully with the lighter tones on the walls.

14. Zebra Zen

Shop the look: Zebra print rug

This zebra floor print rug creates an exciting animal design element to this bedroom. The black-and-white visual effect of the hide causes light to bounce around the room.

We like the contrast of the hide on the grey floor, providing a 3D effect to the floor that draws your attention.

The use of white on the walls and bedding accentuates the grey flooring, and the green in the pot plants cuts the color in the room, providing a natural look to a modern living space.

15. Leaping Leopard

Recreate the look: leopard pillow (similar) // banana tree (similar) // deer skull (similar) // striped throw (similar) // bedding (similar)

This modern design provides a stunning visual effect to the room. The use of the white bedding and white couch offers a seamless transition in this living space.

The black-and-white patterns on the pillows and duvet add texture, while the dark headboard draws your attention to the focal wall.

We like how the hanging trophy reflects the plant’s colors, and the leopard hide throw pillows create stunning visual contrast.