Best Mattress Protectors for Hot Sleepers

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While most people know that mattress protectors can be an incredibly good idea for lots of reasons they do worry that adding a mattress protector to their bed will make for hotter sleeping, which is, of course, the last thing anyone needs when trying to get some high quality sleep.

What you do need to know then is which mattress protectors are likely to best meet your needs. Which is something we are going to explore here, along with some of the reasons you should consider a mattress protector for your bed in the first place. Ready to find out more? Then let’s get started.


Do Mattress Protectors Make the Bed Hot?

Can mattress protectors make you sweat? Do they make the bed hotter? The good news is that no, as long as you make the right shopping choices, a mattress protector won’t leave you a sweaty, sleepless mess. In fact, some may even help hot sleepers sleep cooler.

How do Mattress Protectors Work

If you have recently bought a new mattress – or are considering doing so – you know it’s not a small investment to make, with many running over the $1,000 mark and even the ‘budget’ options leaving very little change from six or seven hundred dollars. So, like any sizeable investment in home furnishings, you’ll want to protect it. Which is what, as their name suggests, mattress protectors do.

They offer more than just a way to keep your actual mattress clean and stain free though, although they do that very well. They can also add an extra layer of comfort without affecting how supportive your mattress is, or the way it feels, while, as we mentioned earlier, helping to keep you cooler as well. Many are also antibacterial and bug resistant and making use of one will also extend the life of your mattress, improving the ROI in it overall.

In very basic terms, most mattress protectors act like a bigger, more robust version of a fitted sheet. Most don’t cover the mattress completely, but they do cover the important parts and (very importantly) are much easier to clean efficiently than the mattress itself.

Which Mattress Protectors are the Best?

Just as you did – or will – when making a mattress choice, you’ll certainly get the best results if you shop around a little and take the time to find the mattress protector that best suits your personal sleep preferences. You’ll also need to make sure that it will fit your mattress correctly and that the materials used in its construction.

To get more specific here’s a look at some of the best mattress protectors available right now, chosen with the help of our own ‘skilled’ sleep testers and the reviews left by previous customers online.

Best Overall Cooling Mattress Protector: Eli and Elm

This mattress pad keeps you warm when you are cold, and cool when you are warm.

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Eli and Elm is a well-known name in the modern bedding industry in general, having long offered high quality pillows, sheet sets and pillowcases. So, it’s no surprise to anyone familiar with the brand that their mattress protector is great as well.

The Eli and Elm mattress protector – which is available in sizes ranging from twin to king – is our top overall choice for lots of reasons. It’s water and stain resistant and pillow-y without being too thick or bulky. It’s crafted from a hypoallergenic polyurethane blend that is designed to repel all kinds of moisture – sweat included – and prevent them from seeping into the mattress itself, which causes permanent damage.

This mattress protector  also boasts cooling properties, so not only will it not make you hot when you sleep on it but it should help keep you cooler and as it is available in a wide range of sizes will fit your mattress perfectly, staying put while you sleep, even when used under another fitted sheet.

Best Organic Mattress Protector – Nolah Organic Cotton Mattress

Organic Cotton Mattress Protector

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An increasing number of people are choosing to shop specifically for all kinds of products that are organic in nature, which is a wonderful thing for the planet, as well as for them.

The Nolah mattress protector is all natural, crafted only from 100% certified organic cotton. This means that it has all the great properties that cotton naturally has – it is cool, it is easy to launder and take care of and it naturally wicks moisture away to keep you drier and your mattress protected.

This mattress protector is also very ‘breathable’ and can help keep allergens like dirt, dust and pollen at bay and may even help repel nasty bed bugs. It’s deep enough to fit up to 16” beds, each corner has elastic bands so it stays secure and is 100% waterproof. This noise-free mattress protector is available in sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen and king.

Best Bamboo Mattress Protector – Nolah Bamboo Jersey

Cooling bamboo mattress protector for hot sleepers.

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It is only relatively recently that consumers in the West have discovered what those in the East have known for decades; bamboo makes great bedding. And this is especially true when it comes to mattress protectors.

Woven bamboo is naturally cool and breathable, water resistant and retains the powerful natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that bamboo is famed for. It is also incredibly tough and durable when woven into cloth as well as naturally cool.

As an alternative to their great cotton product, Nolah have taken all this good stuff and created a bamboo jersey mattress protector that is not just water resistant but waterproof, sleeps cool, feels soft and can still be laundered with ease. Available in sizes; twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king and fits any regular size mattress from 8″ to 16″ tall.

Best Waterproof Mattress Protector – Layla Cooling Protector

Cooling protector for people sweat

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Why would you need a waterproof mattress protector? We have one word for you: kids. Kids drink in their beds, and often yours as well, and they often spill as much as they consume. A waterproof mattress protector helps stop those spills from damaging the mattress beneath permanently. It can also be a smart choice for very hot sleepers who might sweat a lot in their sleep.

The Layla cooling mattress protector is an excellent choice. Not only is it waterproof but it’s also stain resistant – again, great for kids – and antibacterial. The polyester blend it is crafted from is cool sleeping, easy to launder and hypoallergenic. It is available in six sizes and fits even those very ‘tall mattresses’ that some people now prefer to add to their beds.

Best Mattress Protector for Adjustable Beds –Plushbeds Organic Cotton Protector

100% waterproof Organic Cotton Mattress Protector that is also cooling

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Adjustable beds are great, but as those who own them know finding bedding that stays in place and does not bunch up when the bed is adjusted can be something of a challenge.

The Plushbeds mattress protector – which is made using organic cotton over a hypoallergenic, waterproof polyurethane underside that protects your expensive mattress from liquid spills, sweat seepage, dust mites, allergens and more.

Importantly for adjustable bed owners it is available in a wide variety of sizes and can even be used on a split king with ease, meaning that it will adjust just fine to use on your bed and can be laundered as often as you like without yellowing or losing its shape. It’s available in 11 different sizes including twin XXL, full XL, split queen, split king and split Cal king and fits mattresses up to 14″ deep.

Best Noiseless Mattress Protector for Deep Mattresses: Nectar

very durable and protective mattress protector

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One complaint that some people have about mattress protectors is that they make an annoying rustling sound, and as they must be larger to accommodate them that can be especially true for deeper mattresses. Noises of any kind can be terrible for your chance of getting a good night’s sleep, so they are the last thing you want to introduce unnecessarily!

The Nectar mattress protector is 100% waterproof but is crafted from a softer Tencel and cotton slip- resistant blend that hugs mattresses – even deep ones – and so won’t get noisy if you move around. In addition to being quiet it is also stain resistant, features a soft pillowy top and sleeps cool, thanks to its all-cotton upper.

Will a Mattress Protector Make a Mattress Feel Softer?

Some mattress protectors do feature a soft, pillowed top but the basic idea behind them is that they protect your mattress without affecting the way it feels. The main function of a mattress protector is to help keep it cleaner longer and reduce general wear and tear. If your mattress is a little too hard for your tastes, but you do not want to replace it you could consider adding a mattress topper over your mattress protector, as these can add the extra softness and support you might be looking for.

Are Mattress Protectors Washable?

The best of them are. As they are there to take all the ‘abuse’ instead of your mattress – dirt, sweat, liquid spills etc. – it is important that you choose a mattress protector that is easy to launder, as all the options we included on our list are.

Can Mattress Protectors Prevent Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are nasty little things, and it is not really true to say that anything can prevent them from infesting a bed completely. However, adding a mattress protector can certainly help prevent them from doing so as far as possible. This is especially true if you choose one crafted from a material that resists bugs and allergens, such as cotton or bamboo.

How else does a mattress protector help, apart from this bug resistance? In the unfortunate event that some of these pesky mites do make their way onto your bed a mattress protector will prevent them from getting into the mattress itself, where they can be almost impossible to remove. By making use of a mattress protector it is all that will need to be cleaned or discarded, instead of the whole mattress.

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