Best Ceiling Fans For Cooling Bedrooms

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A hot and humid room temperature has the power to transform what should be a restful night’s sleep into a nightmare of constant tossing and turning. If you don’t have AC, investing in a cooling fan is a necessity during the hot summer months to ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible, every night.

Something as simple as a cooling fan is often overlooked but brings the much-needed help you and your family needs to fall asleep and remain asleep all through the night.

The cool breeze and the sound of a rotating fan can be soothing which will eventually lure you to rest your brain and fall asleep. There are many of these on the market, and so you need to be careful when selecting a the quietest cooling fan for sleeping.

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Which Ceiling Fan Is Best For Your Bedroom?

Like any other gadget, it is essential to follow various steps or consider some factors to ensure you get the most suitable one to suit your needs. Here are important considerations when selecting the best-performing cooling fan.


Some fans function by swinging back and forth to circulate air in a room. These have a better output that non-oscillating fans but again, it depends where and how you want to use them. Some fans come with different strengths of oscillation and programmable speeds where you can set your preferred function.

The settings vary from high to low such as a light breeze or a strong constant wind. If you are not sure of the kind of air you need to sleep, then oscillating fans can work for you. You can go through the various settings and select one that matches your needs.

Easy access

No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to turn the fan or change the settings. It can be frustrating and will fail to keep the promise of keeping you asleep all through the night. On this note, you ought to choose a fan with remote control access so you can switch speeds by the click of a button.


The two major groups of fans in the market are the table top and between-the-sheets fans. The latter is suitable for people that suffer from hot flashes and cannot sleep cool on a usual night. This type of fan blows fresh air between the sheets or in the comforter keeping you more relaxed than the bedside fan.

Motor Volume

This factor varies from one individual to the other. If you sleep well in light noise, then you should choose a fan that can adjust to the appropriate setting. If you are sensitive to all sounds, a silent motor may be best for you. When selecting based on the volume, you should also keep in mind that a loud fan will block out noise from the surrounding and possibly keep you asleep all night.

Finally, the suggested bedroom temperature should be set to a relatively cool 60.98 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.

Reviews of the Top 8 Fans for Sleeping

1. Westinghouse 24″ Ceiling Fan: Best Ceiling Fan for Small Rooms

Why you’ll love it: If you are looking for a ceiling fan for a small room, then you should consider Westinghouse 24″ indoor ceiling fan with frosted glass. It will be a focal point for your small crib. You will love the counterclockwise feature to keep cool when the temperatures hit high in a confined apartment room.

The six-blade fan comes with a sleek gunmetal finish featuring black blades. It is a small piece of style packed with great functionality for your small room. The fan is ideal for rooms with an area of up to 80 feet. Also, it suits rooms with standard 8-foot ceilings. It has a 153 by 9mm silicon steel motor with a dual capacitor.

The fan functions on three modes that are low, medium and high. It also features a reversible switch to keep you comfortable while reaping the benefits of a cooling fan. When the room stays hot, you can run the fan on the counterclockwise setting to cool down the temperatures. When it is cold, you can run it in a clockwise direction to recirculate the warm air in the room.

With this fan, you do not have to worry about switching speeds or settings. It can be operated using a remote control for convenience and comfort. The good thing is the fact that the fan can work well regardless of the season. With the functions, you can switch it up to suit the indoor conditions and keep you comfortable.

Pros: High quality, perfect for small rooms, easy to install, three-speed modes

Cons: Dim light

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Lasko 3300: Best Portable Cooling Fan

Why you’ll love it: A suitable fan should deliver all year round in different modes and speeds. This is what you get with the Lasko 20″ Wind Machine 3 Speed Cooling. It comes in a lovely design and features high performance all year round. You will love the three high-performance speeds that you can switch to your preference.

The cooling comes in a rugged design and construction, but its energy efficient operation will ensure the temperatures are cool keeping you comfortable. It comes fully assembled, so you do not have to worry about fitting accessories for it to work. One of the main design features is the pivoting head on the fan. It makes it turn and direct the air as you like.

The fan is portable, and you can move it from one room to the other. The easy-grip handle makes it easy to carry around without worrying about dropping it in the process. You need to plug it into a 120-volt outlet to run the fan. If you are looking for a fan that gets out a considerable amount of air, then this Lasko will do.

It has three-speed levels that you can switch depending on the amount of air and noise you need. When it is hot, the high-speed level drives out warm air and helps you to sleep cool. The slow speed circulates the warm air inside while balancing the temperatures for comfort. The fan is not noisy in an irritating way but loud enough to block other sounds that may distract your sleep.

Pros: Quality construction, three speeds, portable, fully installed, steady air flow

Cons: Too loud on high settings

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Holmes 12″ Blizzard: Best Space-Saving Cooling Fan

Why you’ll love it: The Holmes 12″ Blizzard fan with remote control is a great addition to your home or apartment. It comes packed with high-performance features, and the quality construction ensures it lasts for a long time. One thing you will love about the fan is the rotating grill that ensures air circulates throughout the room.

The fan is compact and takes up little space. This, however, does not mean it has less power compared to bigger fans. It has a slim design which ensures it takes up as little space as possible while providing the fresh air needed in the entire room. The style is detailed and will add up to the décor accessories for your room.

The fan functions at three different speed levels including high, low and medium. Also, it has sleep and breeze modes which make it suitable for use as a bedside fan. The fan has an automatic shut-off timer and operates on a remote control. It is, therefore, easy to operate and use in any room.

The fan has a carry-on handle that is large enough for moving it around the house. It is small and lightweight which makes it suitable for travel and trips. It has easy-to-control settings for optimal cooling and comfort.

Pros: Compact, perfect for small rooms, three speeds, two operating modes, easy to switch, remote control

Cons: Trips backward on high settings

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Chillout Fan: Best Budget Pick

Why you’ll love it: The Chillout 2 speed personal fan is an awesome choice for your bedroom. It brings style and comfort which couple up with the high performance it carries. You will love how compact it is, stable design and the fact that you can take it around the house for various needs. 

The construction features a plastic and metal combination to deliver a lightweight yet a sturdy fan. The design features a rotating grill which ensures air circulates throughout the room. It comes with two different speed settings. The high setting brings about extra cool air when the temperatures hit high.

It is easy to start with just a fix in the usual power outlet. It has a supportive stand at the bottom that ensures it stays still on the table even on the high setting. It does not tilt like most free standing fans do making it a suitable option to use around kids and pets.

This fan is quiet and hence suitable for people that do not like loud ones. It has a slight wind-like sound which can soothe you to sleep earlier while reaping the cooling benefits of the fan. However, it is important to note that there are people that cannot sleep even with the low sound of this fan.

Pros: Compact, easy use, two speeds, portable, quiet, stable stand

Cons: Few settings

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Hunter Watson 34″ Fan: Best Ceiling Fan

Why you’ll love it: The Hunter Watson 34″ Ceiling Fan is an excellent addition to your bedroom if you like high performance but quiet movements. It is designed to circulate the right amount of air without distracting your sleep with the noise. You can be sure to love everything from the style, performance, and ease of use.

The fan has a reversible motor which gives you the option to switch the direction of the air. The downdraft position works best in the summer by driving cool air downwards from the ceiling. The updraft position works best during the winter which ensures warm air circulates well in the room.

The design features five reversible blades with a natural wood tone for extra style. The degree of the blades ensures a uniform flow of air and optimal performance for a cooling sensation when it is hot. Also, the fan features 3″ and 2″ down rods to ensure the right distance from the ceiling.

The fan has a pull chain included allowing switching the speeds and putting it on and off. The good thing is that you do not have to install the light kit for the fan to function. It is super quiet for night time use and is recommended for indoor use only.

Pros: Easy to set up, high performance, quiet, beautiful design, light included

Cons: Only for indoor use

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Honeywell QuietSet: Best Tower Fan

Why you’ll love it: The Honeywell QuietSet 8-Speed Whole-Room Cooling Fan combines the style of a tower fan and the high performance of an oscillating fan. It is designed for small spaces, and the many functions make it easy to set up and switch modes. You will love the sleek design and the multi-speed features for comfort.

The design of this fan makes it suitable for any room that needs extra air circulation. It is packed with high power and quiet operation which makes it appropriate to use all year round. It has 8-speed settings to get you the perfect one depending on the conditions. Each speed has a different rate and suits the specific indoor conditions.

The fan also has 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours auto shut-off timer which ensure you do not have to wake up to switch it off. It has a touch button electronic control and operates on the remote control as well. This oscillation fan is easy to use, and no tools are needed to assemble it.

Pros: stylish, high performance, eight speeds, quiet operation, remote control

Cons: Not entirely quiet

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Rowenta 12″ Table Fan: Best Quiet Fan

Why you’ll love it: The 4-speed Rowenta 12″ Table Turbo Fan is one of the best tabletop fans you can get for the office, bedside or living room. It has four different speed levels and boasts of high performance in keeping the conditions bearable for quality sleep. You will enjoy the high airflow and the silence when it runs.

The design features five quiet blades. The control panel has three medium to high settings with a Turbo boost feature to boost the performance. The oscillating fan head tilts up to 90oC with positions on the left, right, up and down. This allows you to move it in a suitable position for the right circulation of air.

The head of this fan has an integrated handle to help you move it around the house. It is considerably quiet which ensures you sleep while enjoying the cool breeze at the same time. It has a manual control dial to switch the speeds for a comfortable experience.

Pros: Sturdy construction, quiet, four speeds, easy to install, Turbo boost, safe handle

Cons: Manual Dial

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Opolar 8″ Desk Fan: The Slimmest Cooling Fan

Why you’ll love it: The 4-Speed Opolar 8″Desk Fan comes with great functionality regarding speed and air flow. It has four different speeds and an additional natural wind function for you to find the perfect one. You can be sure to enjoy the adjusting function where you can increase or reduce the speed from a one to four rating.

The design of this fan features seven blades that operate silently to ensure you sleep or engage in activities quietly. The blades ensure the air flows smoothly and uniformly while maintaining the speed that you set. Couple with a motor, the fan reduces the noise to 40decibels which bring about a whispering sound even on high settings.

Additionally, the fan comes with multiple power options including an AC adaptor and a USB cable. That means the fan can operate when plugged in any USB port including laptops, power banks, etc. The supplies for these charging modes are provided in the package.

More to functionality and convenience, this fan comes with a timer feature. It ensures you never have to wake up to switch the fan off or change the speed. Timer modes are 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours.

Pros: Sturdy construction, timer, two power option, four speeds, natural wind function

Cons: Clicking rotating sound

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Final Verdict

For a great night’s sleep and optimum room temperature, go for the Honeywell Tower Fan. If you want to spend less and are a light sleeper try the Rowenta Turbo Fan for a low-noise and powerful cooling fan.