10 Awesome Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak

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A bed frame is an important part of a good bed set up for lots of reasons. They keep your expensive mattress – and box frame if you use one – raised off the floor, and keep fresh air circulating around it to help prevent mold and mildew, something a mattress set on the floor would be very prone to as they are so rarely moved.

Placing a mattress directly on the floor will also often decrease both its overall comfort level and its useful life. It also robs the bedroom’s owner of the under bed storage that becomes available when you make use of a bed frame, and for those living in tighter quarters, or who have a lot of ‘stuff’, that storage can be essential to maintaining a clutter free bedroom. And as science says clutter can disturb your sleep, keeping it at bay is a must.

Bed frames can also, however, be a significant source of annoying squeaks. A squeaky bed frame is not only a potential sleep disturbance for you but for others as well. And an ill-fitting, sharp edged bed frame can cause all kinds of damage to the costly components above. So, investing in a good one – especially one that does not squeak – is a must.


Is a wood or metal bed frame better?

Most bed frames are either crafted from metal or wood. A handful make use of both. But which is better?

The fact is they both have their pros and cons. Metal bed frames tend to be more affordable, they are lighter and less susceptible to damage from things like mold, mildew or general nicks and scuffs.

On the downside, their screws can often loosen easily, meaning they may need quite a bed of regular maintenance to stop them from becoming unstable and metal bed frames are often a larger source of squeaks and other noises than their wooden counterparts.

Wood bed frames are generally sturdier, often making them a better choice for larger beds, and their construction is often more robust in general. They are however prone to being damaged by humidity and bugs like termites or wood lice. They are also usually more expensive than metal bed frames.

When it comes to squeaking, under normal circumstances wood bed frames will often squeak a lot less than metal bed frames, but there are exceptions to that worth noting. High levels of humidity in the bedroom – either from the heat of the summer or caused by powerful heating systems in the winter, can cause wood bed frames to expand and even warp, changing their fit to mattress and resulting in squeaks and even in instability.

There are excellent bed frame options available, that have been crafted to overcome many of these concerns, that are available in both wood and metal. As we mentioned earlier, some bed frames make use of both.

Here we are going to take a closer look at ten great bed frame options that are not only squeak free but also offer a firm, efficient but comfortable, base for that all important mattress of yours.

1. PlushBeds’ Quiet Balance Bed Frame

Noise free metal bed frame
Quiet Balance Bed Frame on PlushBeds

PlushBeds have become a well-known name in the bedding industry and their Quiet Balance bed frame is designed with their mattresses and box springs in mind, but will works with any foundation.

This sleek and elegant metal bed frame makes use of sturdy recycled steel and offers edge to edge support, something that helps prevent sagging and uneven wear of the components above, while also preventing squeaks. It sets up easily and has rounded edges, something that not only looks nice but also prevents your box springs from getting scratched or snagged.

The PlushBeds bed frame sits on stylish, wedge shaped feet and offers several inches of height from the floor, providing you with that especially useful extra storage and negating the need for a dust ruffle, as its base is more than stylish enough to be put on full display.

Check out this durable metal bed frame on PlushBeds

2. ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

A quiet and sturdy mix of metal and wood bed frame
Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed With Headboard on Amazon

If you want a bed frame that’s not only sturdy, squeak free and easy to assemble but also immediately elevates your bedroom’s decor, then this option is an excellent choice.

The frame itself is crafted from a durable, black coated steel and assembles in minutes. It can be used with or without a box spring and provides excellent edge to edge support for mattresses of all sizes, which will help prevent uneven mattress wear, sagging and unwanted noise.

The included matching headboard is a mid-brown wood affair that offers a sleek and contemporary look and coordinates with a wood panel on the frame itself. There is no need for an extra dust ruffle as this bed frame offers a pulled together modern decor vibe you will want to show off.

Check out this elegant metal and wood frame on Amazon

3. DreamCloud’s Bed Frame with Headboard

A stylish but squeak-free bed frame with headboard
Upholstered and Wooden Bed Frame with headboard on DreamCloud

DreamCloud is another well-known name in the mattress industry but its bed frame offering can be used with any mattress. As the metal bed frame is topped with sturdy wooden slats it acts as a box frame itself, meaning that you will not need a separate one, potentially saving yourself quite a bit of money.

The frame is easy to assemble and once in place, the wood slats are not only designed to provide extra support and prevent mattress sagging but also to stay in place to prevent squeaks. The slats are sealed with a durable glaze so that stray splinters do not damage your mattress in the way that cheaper wood slats can.

The included headboard is upholstered, buttoned, and padded, making for a bold style statement that is suitable for unisex use and available in two colorways – black or a soft off-white linen. The frame is also raised high enough from the floor to offer ample under bed storage.

Click here to see this timeless design bed frame on DreamCloud

4. Puffy Bed Frame

High quality bed frame that doesn't squeaks
Puffy Wooden Bed Frame on Puffy

The Puffy Bed Frame is another all in one bed frame and box frame offering, but this one is entirely crafted from wood. It is offered as a companion to the Puffy Mattress but can be used with any sized mattress from other manufacturers as well.

The Puffy Bed Frame features sturdy wooden slats over a box style construction and once assembled these pieces are designed not to shift, making for a nice, quiet, squeak free night’s sleep.

The attached headboard is an upholstered affair and both the outside of the bed frame and the headboard feature a modern, quilted square design that it subtly stylish and very contemporary. The only disadvantage for some may be that the frame sits very close to the floor, so there is no room to store anything underneath it. Plus Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial to try it and see if it’s the one for you!

Check out this high quality bed frame on Puffy

5. Leesa Platform Bed

Easy-to-assemble platform bed foundation
Birchwood Platform Bed on Leesa

If you are looking for an affordable bed frame to use with a mattress alone that offers remarkably simple style, durability and is squeak free then the Leesa Platform Bed may be the right choice for you.

It is designed so that your mattress sits directly on the wooden platform, which is made up of tight – once assembled – wooden slats and a gray upholstered box surround. Its birchwood feet screw into place easily and provided you assemble it properly – especially when it comes to ensuring the feet are secured very tightly – the Leesa Platform Bed is a great way to get your mattress off the floor and add a simple, modern look to your bedroom that will complement almost any bedroom decor.

Click here to see this birchwood bed frame on Leesa

6. Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation

It's quiet, very sturdy & easy to put together
Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation on Amazon

This all metal heavy-duty mattress foundation replaces a more complicated bed frame and is an excellent, and very affordable, choice for guest rooms, kids’ rooms and more. It has a spring assembly to support the mattress, but the coated coils are designed to stay in place and not to squeak. It’s quiet, very sturdy & easy to put together.

The bed frame is a pop up affair, meaning that it assembles in minutes and while it is not the most stylish of bed frames it is a very inexpensive way to replace an old bed frame and box spring and is raised off the floor high enough to offer lots of efficient storage that can be hidden from view, as can the frame itself –  by an attractive dust ruffle.

Click here to check out this heavy-duty bed frame on Amazon

7. Luma Sleep Slatted Wood Foundation

Free Standing RTA Slatted Wood Foundation & Cover
Wood Slat & Ultra Suede Foundation from Luma

Luma designed this foundation – which replaces a traditional bed frame and box spring – for use with its bestselling mattresses, but you can use it with any mattress that fits its dimensions.

The foundation is made up of a wooden frame with tight fitting slats and, unlike many other bed frames it comes with a covered top, something that can minimize noise in general, not just squeaks, as it reduces the friction between the frame and the mattress. The whole thing is ultra-suede wrapped and has nine wedge shaped wooden feet that add to the very contemporary overall look of the assembled piece.

As the foundation sits close to ground there is no under bed storage, but for those who want a bed frame that looks like a piece of furniture rather than just a simple support for their mattress then this may be an excellent choice.

Check out this slatted wood foundation on Luma

8. Bear Frame

Sturdy and durable bed frame
Bear Bed Frame from Bear

This is a very sturdy, quite simple metal bed frame that is designed for use with a separate box spring and, of course, a mattress.

The frame is matte black, crafted from exceptionally durable fiberglass infused resin and the whole thing assembles very easily and very quickly.

The big selling point of this frame is its strength. It can support up to 2500 lbs. without – the manufacturers claim – any noise or motion transfer and will help prevent the mattress sag that can shorten its useful life.

In terms of looks, the appearance of the Bear Frame is a quite simple one, but great for highlighting the rest of your bedroom decor, especially attractive bedding sets.

Check out this unbelievably strong bed frame on Bear

9. Layla Frame

We were impressed with this frame
Layla Bed Frame on Layla Sleep

The Layla Mattress is known for its simplicity, and the bed frame that was designed to complement it offers the same thing. Crafted from a very durable powder coated stainless steel this metal frame comes in molded sections that snap together in minutes to form a sturdy, noiseless platform for any mattress without the need for an extra box frame.

Low to the floor, this simple bed frame can support lots of weight – up to 1000lbs – and while there is no under bed space its chunky wedge feet are rather stylish and will suit a contemporary bedroom to a T.

See this sleek design bed frame on Layla Sleep

10. Nectar Sleep Frame with Headboard

Headboard + Bedframe
Bed Frame + Headboard on Nectar

If you like the pulled together look of a bed with a headboard then this all in one bed frame form Nectar Sleep is another wonderful choice well worth your consideration.

A sturdy metal frame is topped by wooden slats, a set up that offers a great deal of noise free support and the whole thing is upholstered in a mottled fabric that is available in a heathered gray or in off-white, allowing you to better match the bed frame to your personal decor tastes. The headboard also features a subtle padded and buttoned design for an extra shot of very contemporary style and the whole thing assembles very quickly, which is another big plus.

See this nice looking and well-constructed bed frame on Nectar

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